Political Caption Competition


White privilege never looked so pink.


  1. “There’s no way that Woodhouse’s homeless man is moving in here after he’s finished living it up at the Crowne Plaza for two weeks!”

  2. Create your own caption? Sure thing. It turns out that this couple are:

    – Registered Democrats
    – Joe Biden Donors
    – Lawyers
    – Representing a BLM member who claims to have suffered Police brutality.

    Oh – and according to their own attorney, “the agitators responsible for the trepidation were white”

    The “agitators” having smashed through a gate to get this close to the couple. Contrary to MSM reports that crowd wasn’t on the street beside the house.

    Still, it looks like they haven’t been Red-Pilled yet and will vote Democrat all down the ticket in November.

    Personally I hope their wealthy, priviliged White butts have to suffer that beautiful mansion being burned to the ground. They might wake up them but if they don’t it’s still all good.

  3. We’ve got stone griffins and everything. We’ve worked hard to get this house, and we’re not afraid to come outside with guns cocked and show the neighbourhood we’re determined. We might be mad, but we’ll go in comfort

  4. The most disturbing thing about this image is that rich people still wear pink shirts and white shoes this century.

  5. The year is 2030 and David Seymour is married to the gun lobby. His “guns in every classroom” legislation has just passed successfully, but he feels uneasy. He can sometimes be heard muttering, “Shoulda stuck with twerking, dammit”.

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