National-ACT Government = open borders & more machine guns


If National and ACT form the next Government, the two immediate policies we will see progressed is Muller throwing open the borders to appease National’s wealthy backers who exploit migrant workers, international students and pimp hyper tourism while ACT’s recent take over by gun fascists will mean repealing the new laws banning machine guns will their bottom line.

So that’s more Virus infection and more machine guns under a hard right Government.


We can be collectively angry at Clark for making Blomfield sad and we can be pissed off that there have been mistakes at the border, but please for the love of God understand what is at stake if we allow those frustrations to hand a win to National and ACT.

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  1. “Machine guns”?

    I used to think you made a lot of sense. But maybe it is just Gell-Mann amnesia

  2. Yeah we don’t want the Nats in power, – look at their last performance for Petes sakes!

    Speaking of that , here’s to Bill and his being proud of a low waged economy attracting foreign investment, here’s to Jonky and his tax havens, here’s to Paula and her meths house scams and motels for family’s and the un-payable debts they incurred, here’s to Nick Smith and his empty paddocks housing solutions ( was he thinking 1930’s style tent city’s? ) here’s to Brownlee and the security door barging and the Christchurch fiasco, here’s to our polluted rivers, here’s to the XKEYSCORE software spy programs ( thanks Mr Snowden for the Skype information ) no thanks to Pike River and the ‘turn a blind eye to health and safety issues’ and worm farms being a high risk activity, and the list of stupidity and ruthlessness goes on and on and on and on…

    And now wanting to open borders early and rorting our democracy by guaranteeing a party that gets under 5% every election who now is ruled by embittered gun lobbyists.

    They say there is a song for every occasion… maybe this will suffice…

    Kill Bill – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

  3. Yes we can and we should be working towards opening our borders to the many foreign students. But I think we need to clear the backlog of NZers coming home first and foremost. The universities seem to have a reasonable plan however they (the universities) may need to hire some good reputable security to keep their students and us the general public safe. Our current government have said they are working on this policy setting. So if all goes to plan maybe we might see our foreign students arriving in the next few months. This would be fair if we look at the economic benefits to us as a country and we if want to maintain our reputation and even perhaps boost it. I say this because we have let others in for economic benefits.

  4. It is not over dramatising to say that Mr David Seymour, has crossed a line with his encouragement of gun lovers and gun retailers.

    Sure, if they have a viable constituency it is better to have them out in the open, rather than hidden in their rural half round sheds and parents basements. A credible 21st century politician however, would not touch this reactionary group with a forty foot pole.

  5. I used to own a gun. I used to shoot that gun and sometimes I used it to kill animals with it.
    Then one day, along came a beautiful woman and shagged me relentlessly with great patience and understanding. Then she gave me a mythical ‘joint’ followed a short time later by this stuff called ‘LSD’, then a few very electric mushrooms then more shagging and music and ice cream and custard and pears and meeting beautiful souls and watching astonishing movies and reading captivating books and sitting and watching the boats come and go and wandering about in my garden and playing with my pooch and we had a cat and that cat went off to live a long life as a mountain kitten in the middle of nowhere by a river with other kittens and I learned to never tuck my T shirt into my trousers and expect to be taken seriously and it was ok to have close Gay friends and friends who were men who liked to dress as women and women friends who liked women and men and the sun shone down on a house full of love and the warm nor westers blew in the kitchen door and out through the lounge and the black boy peach ( No disrespect but that’s what they were called.) dropped ripe juicy peaches on the porch that I made from bricks and laid in a herring bone pattern and every weekend we had amazing people swing by for a cup of tea or a hairy chested coffee brewed the ‘old way’ as we all laughed and fell about under a deep aqua blue sky seemingly full of magic.
    The blessed thing about ‘death’ I’m hoping, is that [it] will reset the memory. We will forget the awful things we did to innocent fellow beings out of ignorance.

    It’s been my experience, that people who devotedly love guns and enjoy shooting living things with them are spiritually and psychologically half fucking cooked. They need to take good drugs and get laid repeatedly and immediately.

    national and act as a coalition gubbimint is such an abhorrence to comprehend… what a monstrous thing that would be?
    The collective ‘we’ must engage somehow to vote to keep that particular freak show from ever materialising.
    That’d be like waking up from a terrible nightmare to discover one was not asleep after all.

  6. The choice could not be clearer:

    Vote Tax increases – Vote Tax Cuts

    Vote Kindness – Vote Cruelty

    Vote Health – Vote Wealth

    Vote Life – Vote Death


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