ACT – Gun fascists take over political party

Previously this was the most offensive thing ACT did.

Well, well, well.

What do we have here?

Election 2020: Thirteen firearms owners on ACT Party’s election list as it takes aim at New Zealand First

Thirteen licenced firearms owners are on the ACT Party’s election list of 56 that was released on Sunday.

It could be a sign that leader David Seymour is going after disaffected New Zealand First voters, and he said that party has “let down their voters”.

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ACT polled at 3 percent in the latest political poll, beating New Zealand First which was sitting at 2 percent. And, unlike leader Winston Peters, ACT has the luxury of a safe seat in Epsom.

“New Zealand First have let down a lot of people. I don’t think they deserve to be in any Parliament let alone New Zealand’s,” Seymour said.

The poll gives ACT four MPs, but that’s not the height of their ambition – Seymour said he wants “anywhere from six to eight” ACT MPs in Parliament.

“Passionate” gun lobbyist Nicole McKee catapults to third of the party’s list, and 27-year-old backroom ACT staffer Brooke van Velden has risen to deputy leader. Former deputy Beth Houlbrooke is demoted to 13th.

When you dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight, it isn’t the Devil who changes, you change.

ACT’s gamble to make themselves politically relevant again has imploded spectacularly.

Previously, ACT was a free market libertarian 20 sided dice geek glee club for University Undergrads flirting with Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, but Seymour’s decision to try and win support from gun fetishists has inadvertently turned into an armed take over of his Party.

Poor Beth Houlbrooke who has been ACTs faithful number 2 for years in the wilderness has been spectacularly dumped down to 13 on the List to accommodate the new 13 gun nutters who joined ACT in huge numbers and effectively rigged the party rankings.

Hooten’s ex staffer Brooke van Velden has taken Deputy and locks into place Hooton’s Dirty Politics that we’ve all come to know and love…

The 27-year-old van Velden recently resigned from her role as a staffer for Seymour in order to contest the election. Prior to working for Seymour she worked for Matthew Hooton’s lobbying firm Exceltium, and was at number 3 on the list in the 2017 election.

…ACT have gone from a fringe party espousing failed free market economic philosophy into full blown gun fascism with all the toxicity that comes with that.

ACT are no longer a political movement, they are a political threat.

They’re a manifesto away from an active shooter event. This isn’t a Political Party, it’s an armed militia.

There isn’t enough contempt in the world to drown this philosophical abomination in.


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  1. AND (lest we ever forget) they still want to privatise everything, watch Kiwis subsequently bled dry, and hide behind the myth of “market forces”.
    Kept alive by National, for National. Like having a Tasmanian Devil as a pet.

    • ”Like having a Tasmanian Devil as a pet”…

      I would have said tapeworm , with National as its host of choice.

      • You’re right WK, I did a disservice to Tasmanian Devils.

        A tapeworm however is a straight out parasite, offering little for the host to gain, whereas in the Epsom electoral rort National get something out of hosting the ACT nutters. The Hologram votes with them, and performs as the Mouth of Sauron for enunciating the privatisation policies the Nats want to pretend they don’t have!

  2. Never mind , Martyn , – they always knew Rimmer was a less than closet fascist on the Red Dwarf, – now we do too. But it still beggars the question how a hologram that one can walk straight through could have had that much clout to begin with , – stupidity we can understand in shooting his own foot by allowing a takeover by the gun kids – but really?

    I don’t know about you , dear reader, but anyone who parades around with a capital H on their foreheads must be looked at somewhat sideways…

  3. Nicole McKee’s gun lovers organisation is more an industry front than a grassroots lunkhead shooters organisation. I researched COLFO a few months back and they had links to the US NRA, via an International Sports Shooting Association, the link seems to have gone from their online presence recently.

    But make no mistake this is the NRA–NZ Edition. Gun City Arms importer and retailer David Tipple is the type of dangerous fuckwit we will be dealing with thanks to ACT’s reactionary vote herding. Seymour has provided a home for NZs Incel community, and now he wants to add the worst of the worst. ACT is now an active, rather than passive enemy of the working class, no longer misunderstood advocates of free speech. They deserve all they get from now on.

    • Tipple is a genuine ‘ye olde bibal thumper’. I’m not sure how that’s going to sit with Seymour’s advocacy for voluntary euthanasia (a policy I strongly support by the way), but I suspect it’s going to be fun finding out!

    • Such an interesting post from you Tigermountain- aside from reading as an actual threat and certainly hate speech possibly incitement, your diatribe is aimed at law abiding people seeking political recourse through the appropriate channels.

      Do you see the irony in your violent rhetoric?

      Such repulsive hate from you for a likely incoming female maori MP.

      The caring left and their identity politics.

      Watch ACTs vote continue to rise.

    • What a delusional load of rubbish, you should be ashamed of the lies dribbling out of your mouth. I get it, youre a socialist, youre trying to create division and hate, but by doing it by telling straight out lies makes you look stupid.

  4. Way to hype things up Martyn. This is a consequence of the governments rushed and ill conceived firearms law changes. The could have opted for consultation, reason and logic. They chose not to. You reap what you sow.

    • Hear hear @Angry Al. Apparently there will be an Outdoors party as well representing the Huntin, Fishin, and Shootin lobby. You know Bomber all those freshly minted criminals who did not hand in their firearms.
      Can’t have brand Jacinda being tainted by the reality of a large black market in firearms ( as predicted) and a closed public inquiry into the Christchurch massacre( what a fucking insult!!). The firearms legislation apart from Ron Mark’s sensible intelligent realistic amendments is a total fuck up and you know it.! But that’s what happens when you listen to the Police and not a well functioning country like Norway who has dealt competently with this shit.We reap what we sow.

    • Awww diddums.. Did they take away your manhood with the gun? Consultation, reason and logic were tried, and got nowhere with the shoot ’em up crowd.. Then, of course, and you may remember this, we were treated to an example exactly what will happen repeatedly if there was no action taken to curb the availability of military hardware designed specifically to kill humans in large numbers.. They tried, but your yeehaa buddies aren’t interested in anything but themselves, and that my poor self centred friend, is utterly unacceptable in a democratic, civilian, and non violent community… If you, and your gun totin’ fantasy boys really want to live that reality, move to the USA, or better yet, there’s a heap of targets in Africa at any one time that You boys can get amongst before they all get shot by their own governments, and private armies…

      • There are probably more legally owned firearms in NZ now than before the confiscation process, as much of the compensation was used to buy more firearms.

        The problem is its a poorly formed bit of legislation, conceived and passed in a panic (and it was not just adopting the Thorp recommendations, no matter how many times that is claimed).

        If the COLFO recommendations, from years’ back, to be more thorough in checking and vetting, and to make large capacity centrefire magazine an E-category part had been adopted, Chch almost certainly wouldnt have occurred. And the country would have had many millions of dollars to invest in the Police.

      • I did surrender and have firearms modified to comply with the new laws and my “manhood” is fine thanks. If you think “manhood” is represented by ownership of firearms (or anything else) you just might be the one with the problem. (you are also out of date and sexist).

        If you think consultation, reason and logic were tried, you clearly didn’t follow the process the government followed or you did and didn’t understand any of it.

        Availability of military hardware, specifically designed, blah, blah. So if we take the buy back figures (56K firearms surrendered) it would appear this military hardware is the most unreliable equipment ever made. As far as I’m aware none of these items has specifically killed humans in large (or small) numbers the whole time they’ve been in Aotearoa.

        The rest of your comments don’t even bear a reply. To be honest you sound like a racist nut case.

        • “As far as I’m aware none of these items has specifically killed humans in large (or small) numbers the whole time they’ve been in Aotearoa”

          Let me guess. You went into a deep sleep on 14 Mar 2019 and have just woke up.

          • Joe, sounds like you are projecting. I am of course referring to the 56,000 firearms that were surrendered during the buy back.

      • Oh nice comment re: “manhood” As someone who’s Trans, let me tell you that if you think the Firearms community are all hicks, you’re wrong. Shooting sports is the only sport where everyone is on the same level playing field, regardless of gender or disability. I’ve never dealt with any negativity whilst at the range or competition. So maybe you should check out a NZDA public day. You might be surprised at your own ill-conceived perceptions of people.

        As for consultation, COLFO and other groups were warning the Government about lax vetting and also the ability for anyone to buy large capacity magazines without a license for YEARS.

  5. This seems to be a bit of running with feelings while avoiding facts – ironically the approach espoused by the anti-gun lobbyists Gun Control New Zealand

    COLFO are miles from the US’s NRA – they are hopeless compromisers by 2nd Amendment standards (a good thing imo):

    * COLFO pushed for large capacity magazines to be included in E-category, not have them available to A-category licence holders (who could then use them to turn their firearm into something that should be E-cat). This would have stopped the Chch terrorist getting them. Police seemed uninterested

    * COLFO pushed for proper resourcing and application of the ‘fit and proper’ test and vetting – this would have almost certainly stopped the Chch terrorist. But it looks like this was not applied correctly.

  6. Perhaps ACT’s 13 gun nutters are preparing to be part of Seymour’s ‘end of life’ implementation squad.

  7. This isnt a very good reflection of the facts – although the anti-gun lobby argue not to focus on those so I guess its de rigeur

    COLFO are far from the US’s NRA, they’d be considered hopeless squishes on the 2nd Amendment:

    * COLFO lobbied years ago for large capacity magazines to be included in E-category, not freely available for A-cat licence holders to purchase then illegaly fit to A-cat firearms. The Chch murderer then wouldnt have been able to get large capacity magazines – what a difference that would have made. Police didnt support this

    * COLFO have worked for a long time to get Police to properly resource the ‘fit and proper’ test and vetting for Firearms Licences. Make it harder to get a licence. Media are reporting Police failed on both counts, and the Chch terrorist should not even have had a licence.

  8. The fascists are the people of both far-right or far-left who try and prohibit or regulate guns and leave people without defense, to be clear.

    ACT is trying to get the dominant provincial, arrogant, left-loony NZ opinion mired in the self-hating Dark Ages into the Enlightenment late 1700’s and from there, maybe the XXnd century.

  9. Yeah, too much focus on guns .. not sure about their party list either. Reconsidering my intention to vote for Act.

    • They arent focusing on guns at all. It is media and nut jobs like who wrote this article that are focusing on them.

  10. Ignore Act at your peril. David Seymour has identified a gap in the market and set out to fill it, and he has. There is a large body of people out here in the hinterland who are seriously aggrieved by the fire arms legislation, many more than the average urban dweller realizes or appreciates. Some here show by their comments the disstain in which these aggrieved are held. Who are the aggrieved? They see themselvez as carrying the DNA of Charles Upham, Edmund Hillary, Colin Meads, Barry Crump with maybe a touch of Hone Heke and George Wilder. The ultimate real, “get our and do it” kiwi joker. How do you recognise them? They drive twin cab utes.
    How many of those utes are out there? Multiply that by two and that is the constituency that David Seymour has tapped. Red necks, maybe, good old boys yes. Remember this is the demographic the brought Trump to power in the US.
    Act will do well at this election at the expense of ALL of the other parties.

    • Not to mention Labour and co’s dubious proposed “hate speech laws” that look a lot to me like an attack on free speech. ACT opposes that too. One of the few parties that’s showing any courage in this respect.

    • You forget families like mine, young urbanite gun owners and all their immediate family.

      Don’t try and paint all gun owners as hillbillies, or regressive red necks because we are not.

      Anti gun rhetoric and stereotyping of gun owners would be hilarious if it wasn’t so damaging.

  11. 3% I believe that’s where they are at and their support for free speech has not gone unnoticed by many. I’d take free speech over banana republic style “hate speech” laws of the kind we see in France and the UK> The latter which also seems to have a dislike of investigative journalists too.

  12. It is kind of a joke, to read ordinary citizens who are (or should have been, as we hear the Police have been negligent) thoroughly vetted as ‘fit and proper’, called gun fascists. Someone doesn’t know their subject at all

    Should we call the Automobile Association ‘car fascists’? If only drivers’ licencing was as complex as firearms’ licencing.

    • Yes indeed. I have seen far more dangerous things happen on the road on an everyday basis. I used to have a firearms license but decided hunting was not for me so I let it expire (the weapons were legally disposed of years previously). That said most of the hunters I came across were responsible people who took their ownership seriously.

      As you say if only some drivers had the same attitude.

      Not sure what to make of this article.

  13. What an awful piece of writing. Some of the comments here also show a complete lack of understanding of the firearms community here in NZ.

    I really cannot be bothered responding to all of the delusional and ill-informed commentary here, but categorizing New Zealanders who use firearms all as racist incel red necks is the most hilarious thing I’ve read. It’s clear that people who are anti-gun here have never engaged with the community and are only coming at this issue from and ideological position.


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