Waatea News Column: If you are frightened by the COVID virus, wait until you hear about the latest from the climate crisis


The Arctic is on fire: Siberian heat wave alarms scientists

While the New Zealand mainstream media are focused on attacking the Government over failures at the border, there is a far larger threat to New Zealand that is rapidly approaching us with almost no fanfare.

If you are frightened by the Covid virus, wait until you hear the latest from the climate crisis!

Right now, vast parts of Siberia, which is usually frozen solid, is experiencing a heatwave that is thawing permafrost and causing wildfires in a way that has never been seen for thousands of years.

The speed of climate change is so extreme and unprecedented, scientists are scrambling to understand what is happening and how it impacts the rest of us globally.

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What we are seeing is the end result of the planet paying lip service to environmental policies and doing nothing to stop the human pollution that is causing the planet to superheat.

At a time when we have been forced to pause because of the pandemic, we must acknowledge that the climate crisis and the abrupt changes it can create are a far bigger threat to us than this virus.

Auckland is running out of water and the impacts of a rapidly warming climate risks hurting the most vulnerable amongst us first.

The pandemic should serve as a warning for the kind of disruptions we are likely to see more and more of in a climate crisis future and demand forward-thinking and a reimagining of New Zealand society as a response. A sustainability mindset of living in harmony with nature that first nation peoples have as their core values.

We require Māori voices in leadership positions espousing those core values of living in harmony with the biosphere more than ever before.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. Maori who extincted the moa and burned 50% of our forest cover?

    I think you will find them afflicted with the same human condition as the rest of humanity.
    You seem to be “ethically remembering”

    Auckland is clearly not sustainable and an overuser of resources, maybe cancel it, or a series of marches. Probably good farmland if we bulldozed all the concrete off it.

  2. At least before we perish, someone may have reclaimed the word cunt. Sarcasm.

    Seriously the Greens party have never found a worst time to go off task.

    Remember when NZ skies went orange from the OZ bushfires?

    We have had earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, landslides, droughts and tornados in NZ… shouldn’t we start listening to Mother Nature… cos we can see from Covid that we can’t control everything and things can change really quickly from nature…

  3. The Green Party have watered down their message but are the only party to have the message as their mainstay policy consideration.
    Why did they waters it down – because the stupid public respond to the misinformation that doom cannot happen.
    It will and we are making it happen.
    Politics is about the wealthy getting wealthier and consumerism driving perceived comfort but ignore completely the need to scrap all that and change the message the public need to believe.
    World Non Renewable Natural Resources are dwindling fast. we are polluting the planet and the CO2 released from fossil fuels will kill off human kind and thousands of other species the present ecosystem relies on.
    Stock market reports daily are proof of the how sick we are as a nation.
    The Greens will need to step up their message and organisations such as Greenpeace, NZ forest and Bird, and heros like Mike Joy get backing to spread the message.
    A raft of scientists and activist need to combine their efforts and commandeer space to project the message to the public.
    NZ can only direct a change in our lifestyle but in doing so will send a message to other countries as we have with Civid19.
    The global public are swamped with BAU from a tiny group who must be replaced.

    • I can only imagine that Greens have watered down their message due to dirty politics and naivety…

      As for “the stupid public speeding misinformation” it is often the media spreading misinformation these days, and based on, paid for, trolling by governments and big business to destroy democracy.
      “Influencer Jenna Abrams, had an account with 70,000 followers, was quoted by mainstream media outlets like The New York Times for her xenophobic and far-right opinions, but was actually an invention controlled by the Internet Research Agency, a Russian government-funded troll farm and not a living, breathing person.

      Trolls often don’t care about the issues as much as they care about creating division and distrust. For example, researchers in 2018 concluded that some of the most influential accounts on both sides of divisive issues, like Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter, were controlled by troll farms.

      More than just fanning disagreement, trolls want to encourage a belief that truth no longer exists. Divide and conquer. Distrust anyone who might serve as a leader or trusted voice. Cut off the head. Demoralize. Confuse. Each of these is a devastating attack strategy.”


  4. So who are these Māori who’s voices in leadership positions could be espousing those core values of living in harmony with the biosphere then?
    Seriously, who are they? For Gods sake, get them on social media, behind microphones and in print?
    Because at this point all I hear is Blah, blah, blah?
    The other thing I read into the above Post @ MB is that you hope that by highlighting racial division it will lead to human unity. That, right there, is a non sense. That’s like saying “In order to save the village we must destroy the village.”
    The first thing, on that level , we should remember, is that we humans all came from one single genetic matriarch and she was African.
    So, hello Brothers and Sisters !
    Now, you racist lot who think you’re so tough and superior, let that sink in? Take a tab of LSD and go off for a wee walk in the bush but stay away from grave yards.
    Perhaps humanity needs a code of uniform. Far Right wing morons could have a blue uniform and give them a sash and a medal to keep them happy and the rest of humanity could wear ordinary clothes of our choosing.
    That way, we would know who to not invite to the barbi and whom we could. And in so doing, we at the barbi could nut out a proper set of guidelines to save our arses without The Blues fucking things up by trying to make a dollar out of everything but most especially, out of human suffering. Is that not so banksters and insurers?
    Sometimes, the only way to defeat the enemy is to starve them to death so we must stop feeding the enemy. The enemy is the bankster.
    They did this. They set fire to Siberia.

    • Hang the banksters then cut their balls off ( the males that is) by instituting state run banks with no shareholder but the people of the state. Yes the women can be treated differently without being sexist.

    • Taika has done well but is a youngster yet so give him time.
      His quirky humour is much like his grandfather’s

      There are many Maori voices who can add to what we need.
      Try Hone who has shown his colours in Parliament.

  5. We are rocketing towards oblivion with Covid 19 showing just how vulnerable we are to any external shock.
    Climate change is here now and will be an unwelcome visitor who will not leave our comfortable existence.
    Tick tok tick tok

  6. The MSM misinformation system is still working almost perfectly. It’s not much of a challenge in a largely scientifically-illiterate society dominated by money-lenders and corporations.

    Okay, the blatant liars and deniers don’t get the kind of exposure they used to get -even when the science was absolutely settled; the lies and denial are more subtle these days.

    We’ve probably got a couple of years, maybe three, before the sea ice disappears in the Arctic every September. And then every August to October. And then every July to November…..

    • I mix with a group of ex DSIR scientist who have been looking at what the future holds, for nearly 50 years and the outlook just gets more certain.
      In spite of the many studies and findings the business side of the human species are incorrigible———-* liars and push for faster degradation of the planet in the name of profit which they euphemise with honeyed words and phrases.
      Our chance to avoid a well tested and modeled predicted crash but a few years off at best, is zero.

      There are just far too many interdependent changes happening at a faster rate each year.
      So as industrialization fails and needed resources dwindle below scarcity then food, shelter and survival will not be provided by society but if you have prepared perhaps small groups will evolve to support a few families in pockets of hope. Food will be grown locally and rationed as best as can be allowed with years long food supply being beyond many groups.
      Our most vital resource will be community resilience and support but none of that will come from capitalism or wealthy cronies. Much more likely found is socialist based groups with like local Govts
      NACTS and the like need not apply.
      Population will fall as will life expectancy after a period of increasing hardship as the world runs out of the things humans have squandered.

    • The AO/NZ islands supported less than 100,000 people at 1800 when the bush, wetlands were prolific , the rivers well stocked and the seas teaming with fish.

      Since we have stripped the bush drained the wetlands killed off the native wildlife, fouled the rivers and ground water, stripped the oceans and introduced a plethora of pests.
      So without reliance on the temporarily available tools of harvest then our chances of supporting even 100,000 won’t be for long.
      Think about it and as you come up with various scenarios note what resources they would need to happen and how that could be sustained.
      We do have a few crop plants which will be vital to even small numbers surviving but we are not preparing.

  7. Sustainability is an environmental science joke! We are way past that point, you have to have healthy systems to live in a state of sustainability. What we need is a restorative culture. Promoting sustainability is lip service, we need to inspire action! Regeneration!

    • We virtually can’t restore of regenerate while we continue with business as usual.
      Time is very short and radical change with restoration and much less dependence on harvested energy.
      But capitalism will need a radical bypass in stages as a better cooperative system is learned. The basics of socialism will not be enough alone as mother earth has to be included.

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