2pm today on MagicTalk Radio THE THUNDERDOME OF TALKBACK – Chloe Swarbrick vs Sean Plunket vs Damien Grant vs Bomber


2pm today on @MagicTalkRadio
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Chloe Swarbrick vs Sean Plunket vs Damien Grant vs Bomber

This show was the first to call the severity of this pandemic – find out where we believe things go now.

– the latest Colmar Brunton poll.
– How does David Clark keep surviving?
– The demise of the Auckland Light Rail project.
– The AJ Hackett Govt bailout.
– Quarantine blunders.
– Liverpool win the EPL.
– User pays quarantine.
– The ‘noose’ in the NASCAR drivers garage.
– Renaming Eskimo Pies and Eskimo lollies.


  1. Please stress the fact that the border blunders is an operational matter and a failure of the Department of health and not of the Labor Government. Its Bloomfield responsibility and Ministers to hold him responsible.t. If Labor did not set adequate policy or protocols they could have been blamed, but in this instance it is clearly an operational failure and not something for the minister to be involved in. Or the next time somebody exceeds the speed limit the police fail to act on it the minister of police should resign. Just stupid what the MSM is doing and we all know you cant fix stupid!

    Never heard so much fake news from the MSM in a long time. Seems National is desperate and the media is playing along. Nice CA techniques with the homeless case and OECD report on NZ economy by the national mp, all labors fault, whilst it is due to NZ dependence on tourism which puts it in a worse position tan AUS. Trying to make a list of all the CA dirty tricks at play.

    Same with the polling, previous results cooked to get rid of Simon and create the illusion National is on a comeback. This was done in 2016 with Little too.

    Not for publ

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