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  1. Living in English speaking democracies in the free world is no sinecure, for women. Oh where did the fine goodwill and loving sisterhood go to when it comes to women, babies and children, and embracing and helping young families as in post WW2 and women as in post 1960’s feminism. The lamp was rubbed, the genie popped out and then dissolved into thin air.

    What now? When will business stop this gig economy approach and commit to employing good people either full-time or as part of a portfolio of jobs that a reliable employee could work with.

    In a statement, NZ On Air confirmed a man who was a convicted paedophile was hired to work as a freelance cameraman on What Now in 2018 and again in 2019.
    A NZ On Air spokesperson said Whitebait Media, which produces What Now, “vetted presenters, as the people who had the closest contact with children, but not the crew”.

    People working with children would be sensitive to such stuff wouldn’t they? Or are they just generics, the child show is one of their gigs, and at night they work on the lucrative porn circuit? I presume it is lucrative, it seems a growing market. Actually it appears to brutalise the senses, and is connected with the growth of ‘choking’ requiring legal strictures around the habits of the sated sexual society that produced Grace Mullane.
    Keep the kids cool will you, and allow them to become aware about sex with appropriate early info but let them find out for themselves when they’re older, not with Dirty Dick or indeed Kamikaze Kutie hanging around.

  3. NZ is a SHIT country run on the exploitation of immigrants and lies of a growing economy, Jacinda is like Key part of the same plan and problem.

  4. This from the Telegraph:
    Far better, he thought, to ask people to keep their distance, work from home, self-isolate if anyone in their household fell sick. Why pass needless laws and ask the police to pursue workers, lovers and dog-walkers? It’s better, he said, to level with people. Give them the facts, offer advice and trust them to do what’s right.

    Only now do we know how well this was working. Most people were staying home on government advice (and their own concern). The virus seems to have peaked by lockdown on 23 March. None of this was known at the time. Instead, we had panic and Prof Neil Ferguson saying that 250,000 would die unless rules were mandatory. So politically, the Prime Minister had no choice….

    Educate the entitled, don’t teach them anything in the Humanities ie about people, what one is as a person, a human being, and you get an equivalent replicant. Professes to live according to science rather than religion, by custom and preference rather than science, and you end up with circular thinking and a hollow-minded ignoramus, who feels entitled to pronounce about anything another might say or think.

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