National are the Party of ghouls.

National can only win if NZ loses the war against the virus.

National know they can only win the election by painting any breach of quarantine as Jacinda’s fault hence the explosion of using information in questionable ways.

Firstly Woodhouse irresponsibly withheld information about a quarantine breach overnight so as to use it as a political smear in Parliament the next day (seemingly based on information Chris Bishop had) and now we find out that the claim again by Woodhouse of homeless people scamming 5 star hotel rooms was a lie…

Housing Minister Megan Woods hits back at National Party over alleged homeless man isolation breach

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Housing Minister Megan Woods has hit back at the National Party for making claims a homeless man entered a managed isolation facility.

On Tuesday, she sent a letter to National MP Michael Woodhouse urging him to shed further light on the alleged breach.

Earlier, Woodhouse stood by his claim that the homeless man wandered into the Crowne Plazza isolation hotel and enjoyed a two-week taxpayer-funded stay.

His affirmation followed a comment by Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield on Tuesday that the claim could not be verified and appeared to be an urban myth.

…so National are happy to manipulate, lie and put the rest of us in danger if it gives them a political advantage?

This is desperate stuff from National and we aren’t even in the campaign yet.


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  1. What did the investigation into this story/invention cost?

    And what resources were diverted away from real Covid19 prevention measures to investigate Mr Woodhouse’s imagination?

    National themselves have a lot to answer for.

  2. Smearing, divisive undermining and devious misrepresenting is all National has. It’s their election campaign summed up. They are of course being substantially assisted by the NZ media. The daily press conferences are a farce. People playing “Gotcha” and running interference for National while masquerading as journalists is the sickening status quo.

    Last year, National Party HQ decided to run a campaign against Ardern alleging she knew all about the alleged farcical sexual abuse and covered it up. A diabolical and unprecedented allegation against a NZ PM. They demanded Ardern step down as PM. It mattered not one jot to National that there was not a shred of evidence against Ardern and as expected, the complainant was later exposed as a bare-faced liar. What mattered to National was damaging Arderns reputation and public perception. It worked and Labour dropped significantly in the next two polls. When the truth was exposed, National made no apology to Ardern and suffered no consequence for their reprehensible dirty politics. Ardern could have hung them out to dry but felt to do so would discourage genuine sexual abuse victims from coming forward.

    Yesterday, Megan Woods did something Labour should have been doing since day 1. She made the vile Michael Woodhouse accountable for his damaging but bullshit allegation that a homeless man had been living it up in quarantine. They need to do similar regarding the skullduggery involving the two UK sisters released from quarantine on compassionate grounds without being tested. The Latrine Rodent involvement and potential consequences again highlighted what scum-sucking maggots the National Party really is.

    Todd Muller makes Slime-on Bridges look like a decent guy and opposition leader. He’s a nauseating individual not fit to look after a pet hamster. What a sad but fitting indictment it is on National that he’s the best they can come up with to lead them.

    • Yes Labour needs to fight back, more often and stronger, not take this crap. The senior public servants are not their friends, a number of them appear to be National “snouts” in fact, going by some of the perfectly timed leaks. Dirty Tricks is their standard operating procedure.

      “The public” apparently wanted compassionate exemptions for people in isolation, and that is what they got!–with bells on. It gets forgotten that National would have entered lockdown (if at all really), later, and gone down the levels sooner, and want foreign paying students back in now–though conehead Muller is being a bit quieter on that right now.

      The press are meant to hold the powerful accountable, but the current lot of joyless “nag bags” seem to live for their next scabby morsel from Nat dirty tricks via “reliable sources”–Paparazzi like “gotchas” and “scalps” are their purpose in life. Whale may be taking a break, but the filthy two track strategy Key used is certainly not!

      • The media are blaming our trans tasman bubble downfall on our recent border mistakes when we all know that is utter bullshit. Victoria has rising cases because some people aren’t listening, their ears are painted on and so the virus is spreading. Our media are shit stirrers they are making some NZers anxious and national are lapping it up like lap dogs.

    • Spot on Jacfan.

      Just look at that photo sums the horrible little man up.

      All of a sudden he pops up out of the Ark, is he angling for the next National Party leadership ?
      Time for him to crawl back under the Rock he came from.

  3. If the national party is saying that our border security has been breached and that community transmission is now a real danger, surely they should also be advocating for a return to level 2 or 3 lockdown to protect the vulnerable. Has anyone asked Todd if this is the case? If they aren’t advocating that then what are they going on about? It is either one or the other isn’t it? The public are in danger or they are not. Can a journo stand up and ask some fucking relevant questions? Why is Todd now saying the ‘homeless man’ case should not be investigated?

  4. Some people will vote and cheer for national no matter what. And these people don’t care if people are homeless or have no jobs or food, they believe it is there own fault because they have made bad choices. This virus epidemic has shown us who is who. It (the virus) has and continues to show us who really cares and who only cares about themselves. There are a lot of very selfish people in our country and what they forget is just like a war, we are all in this together and we have to pull together. We need to think of the greater good. We did in those times of war with many making the ultimate sacrifice. Now is not the time for division, just like the lyrics in that song, ‘for united we stand divided we fall’ and if we see a second wave of this virus we will fall alright, lets not go there.

  5. This woodhouse thing? No one here should be surprised by the above events.
    It’s what the right wing do. Their mandate is power/money/control for their joyful perversions and cruelties and one of the enjoyments they get out of that is the fun they have lying to us, manipulating our media and generally fucking us on every deal imaginable. It.Is.What.They.Do. Weasels do weasel things and the right wing to do right wing things. It’s in their DNA.
    To further show you what I mean, look at trump? He’s the pus in the sore on the arse or America. That mope’s dragging good Americans into a deep dark sewer. Sound familiar?
    muller is a front man, and I use the word ‘man’ advisedly, for a deeper, darker plan. (And I’m prepared to wager, it’s not a plan of AO/NZ origin.)
    I think the natzo’s are up to something. This is more than being about the sham that is our general election.
    Can I ask? What are your thoughts on mandatory voting? Because if you do the research, mandatory voting is like a weed spray, sprayed on the right wing. The right wing don’t stand a chance against the vast majority of good people out there who don’t vote because they think no good can come of it and that, then becomes the new normal. Then no one votes because everyone thinks it’s a waste of time. Unless you’re wealthy and don’t mind driving past homeless people in your new Ferrari.
    That, is another right wing lie. ” Don’t bother with voting. We’ll take care of things. We know best. We’ll trickle things down. We’ll make millionaires out of you all. ”
    Compulsory or Mandatory Voting explained.
    Compulsory Voting.
    We AO/NZ’ers must be forced to vote to re jig our thinking after 36 years of awful tyranny from the right wing who’ve convinced us that they are the new normal. ( I may have repeated myself there.)
    I have this feeling of dread, that if the natzo’s lie their way into 2020’s government we can wave good bye to our AO/NZ.

  6. Woodhouse said this morning, “We wouldn’t have made these mistakes.” (at the border.)

    It looks like when National gets in every person, high and low, north and south is going to be perfect, not make mistakes, not do the things that humans do.

    The biggest mistake would be electing sleazy people like Woodhouse.

  7. If we are to believe Mr Woodhouse, I ask him “Show us the money Mr Woodhouse ”

    The action by Woodhouse could well lose National the election given his tactics are so right wing old.

  8. The media are blaming our trans tasman bubble downfall on our recent border mistakes when we all know that is utter bullshit. Victoria has rising cases because some people aren’t listening, their ears are painted on and so the virus is spreading. Our media are shit stirrers they are making some NZers anxious and national are lapping it up like lap dogs.

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