Political Caption Competition


Who loves authoritarian communism with total mass surveillance powers and no human rights concerns?



  1. 2026

    NZ police and NZ Defence look to China to supply police and defence forces, due to “skill shortages” and “budget cuts” and they provided the lowest tender to help supply more police and mercenaries to NZ streets and waters…

    Mr Jian Yang, the new Prime Minister dismissed opposition objections as racism and xenophobia and said that they were unable to find the right skills in NZ for the work, and significant savings would be made by the new model.

    • New PM Jian Yang stated that it was no longer suitable to hire New Zealanders for the Police or Defence Forces because employers were telling him they were unable to pass a drug test.

  2. North Korean soldiers demonstrate their undying allegiance to the Dear Leader in a violent and provocative military spectacle.

    Oh shit, sorry, my bad! These guys actually belong to the other murderous and oppressive dictatorship in East Asia – the ones who are our great mates and trading partners.

      • Australia certainly has its faults, but I prefer them to the organ harvesters and concentration camp overlords shown above.

        • Australia has concentration camps with some erstwhile Kiwis in it. As for the rest, that is akin to WW2 in Nazi Germany. I don’t know which big country, and many small, has not been grossly at fault.


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