Will Trump just steal the election?


Watching Trump thrash around this week as the enormity of the electoral loss he is facing becomes less and less possible to ignore, I have been wondering of late how Trump manages to twist the current stresses wrecking America into an electoral advantage.

America is in terrible trouble.

Trump’s Leadership: Don’t underestimate the enormous damage Trump has caused vast tracks of the State Department by simply halting it with no leadership or the enormous damage he’s caused America’s reputation globally.  Trump’s ceaseless psychological harassment of the American people is an evil all of its own and his corrupt Leadership has to be acknowledged as a trauma in its own right. Trump will use the bruising nature of politics as a means of forcing neutral people to turn away in disgust and to bless every dark angel of his Republican base.

100000+ dead: The country is in shock losing more to this virus than died in any of their modern wars. With the virus ready for a second wave, experts are already claiming a further 100 000 will be dead before the election.

43 million unemployed: The fallout economically on an economy already swollen with speculative debt is destroying generations of wealth.

Race riots: The collective fury of everything else combining with Police murdering unarmed black men in America has sparked protest around the globe.

China: The ongoing revelations highlighting how duplicitous China was in hiding the pandemic creates an easy scapegoat for Trump.

So how does Trump win? I’m not sure Trump has the frontal lobe capacity to strategise his way out of where he currently is. Manufacturing civil disruption or causing conflict with China requires a level of focus Trump and his team simply lack. Trump can’t plot 5 moves ahead when he’s gotten bored with making the first move because the first move didn’t flatter him enough to hold his attention,  but I do believe Trump is someone who will cheat to win without even blinking.

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My guess is you will see Trump using the pandemic and the civil disobedience to choke off and suppress the vote itself…

‘A giant warning siren’: Concerns about November’s election grow after Georgia’s disastrous primary

A perfect storm of Election Day problems made parts of Georgia the new poster child for the perils states face as they adapt American voting procedures to meet the needs of voters during a pandemic.

In many ways, Georgia’s chaotic experience — which was concentrated in densely populated Fulton and DeKalb counties — was predictable. A high volume of in-person voters and absentee ballots combined with fewer available poll workers and polling locations due to virus fears were all widely anticipated problems that states like Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania had experienced in their primaries in the weeks prior.
But the state’s inability to prepare and rectify them underscore for many election officials, activists and experts the need to quickly ramp up funding, preparedness and training ahead of the November general election.


…Trump’s incompetence has exacerbated the pandemic in America and his spiteful malice doesn’t work when people are dying in huge numbers for a problem many suspect he’s contributed to so all he has left is simply killing off the ability for Democrats to participate in the process.

His ugly divisive Presidency is a plague as insidious as Covid 19.


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  1. I mean yeah. Republicans are under no obligation to repeal gerrymandering rules at all. He can still declare martial law, designate all protestors on the streets as open air prisons and prisoners can’t vote or any other number of gerrymandering rules put in other the centuries to suppress progressive blacks. And it all gets okayed by the silent American majority because the lie will be that China is funding the rioters.

  2. To me Trump looks like an attention seeking mentally unstable and unsound of mind little person who loves being the centre of attention.
    Even in the above photo he looks like someone who loves being in the middle of a photo opportunity whilst surrounded by goodness knows how many security people.
    He may as well be the American equivalent of Adolf Hitler.
    But I guess Americans just love a guy(Trump)who insults and demeans others whilst standing on the podium and thinking “Aren’t I fantastic? Just look at ME! I am the best thing America has ever had….” And Americans that support this imbecile cheer at perhaps the orders of those who tell them to.
    And so just recently this clearly to the rest of the world insane little man holds up a bible outside a church he probably hasn’t been a regular church-goer of even whilst sitting directly across the road from it since January 2017. .
    Now I am not a Christian and wouldn’t ever claim to be so but for Donald Trump to be holding up a bible whilst inciting hatred upon others shows he isn’t exactly worthy of being seen holding a bible. His actions are not Christian-like or acceptable.
    America has got what they voted for. And they must live with their actions throughout all that has happened. But whether they MUST hold such accolade upon an insane little man like Donald Trump renders America to becoming the laughing stock of the entire world.
    Jamie Farr from MASH once referred to America as being the ‘citadel of the free world’. But that was long before Donald Trump and what America has become is something no country in the world would ever want to be like.
    For too many years and long before Trump America has been viewed as “trigger happy” due to the number of guns in its boundaries. But it also has a very trigger happy Police force nationwide. And that is something America should hold its head down in shame about.

  3. I remember when I was in America during the course of the primary season. Polling booths were few and far between in this particular state, South Carolina. We were in this one community of about 6-5000 people and the one polling booth was a temporary set up in the corner of a general store. I had to laugh at people going in, buying their big bags of pork scratching, big bottles of diet Dr Pepper, 6 packs of Pabst and taking time out to nominate the man who could well go on to be the leader of the free world of they could be blowed. Most didn’t.
    Another reason I love AO/NZ for all it’s faults.

  4. ‘His ugly divisive Presidency is a plague as insidious as Covid 19’

    Follow the money trail. Money is power and power is money. And divide and conquer still works.

    Trump is certainly a serf-serving liar and is utterly incompetent as a leader but he has unseen support in high places:

    ‘Trump is the best thing ever to have happened to the new American oligarchy, and not just because he has given them tax cuts and regulatory rollbacks.

    He has also stoked division and racism so that most Americans don’t see CEOs getting exorbitant pay while slicing the pay of average workers, won’t notice giant tax cuts and bailouts for big corporations and the wealthy while most people make do with inadequate schools and unaffordable healthcare, and don’t pay attention to the bribery of public officials through unlimited campaign donations.

    The only way systemic injustices can be remedied is if power is redistributed. Power will be redistributed only if the vast majority – white, black and brown – join together to secure it.

    Which is what the oligarchy fears most.’


    On the other hand, there is speculation the mayhem that has erupted in the US is likely being stoked by the anti-Trump sector.

  5. Meh – the american election comes down to 5 million working class swing voters in 10 mid-west, southwest and south east states.

    In those states overall Biden holds a slender lead but not so much different than Clinton had. Covid-19 and race riots don’t really affect these voters more so the state of the economy and their job prospects. If the economy holds up/starts improving then it’s a 50/50 proposition that will come down to voter turnout. It will be interesting to see if BLM energizes the black vote, if it does it will likely be landslide. Look to the GOP to focus on Biden’s relationship with racist southern politicians over the next few months – unfortunately for all you Trump haters Biden has some bad form in this.

    • It’s quite incredible that a population as large as Americas can’t find anyone better to go up against Donald Trump than Joe Biden.
      And you are correct to say that a large amount of dirt will come out against him in the coming months. Do you think the American voter will be any more willing to hold of their nose and vote for the lesser of two evils than they were in 2016? I think it was about 43-44% who didn’t vote at all last time.

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