Why defunding the Police makes sense


The shock at the enormous backlash that the continued casual murder of unarmed civilians in America has ignited is truly glorious.

Finally arguments about naked police brutality are being openly debated.

‘All lives matter’ is ‘God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve’ level logic.

Many of our colonial Police forces formed out of racist militia, add to that the militarisation of police as billions were spent enabling domestic police departments to buy surplus military hardware left over from the Gulf war and you get Police Departments staffed by angry men who believe anything less than total respect and submission can be met justifiably with lethal force.

Fuck that.

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Money for mental health budgets and homeless budgets and poverty budgets get slashed in favour of more spending on police. Police then take up these extra programmes and responsibilities with total military over kill and the results are civilian deaths and abuse of power.

Defunding the police so that money can go back to poverty, homelessness and mental health programmes is EXACTLY what should happen because Police are not trained well enough to do anything except enflame a situation and lash out violently.

The myopic focus on funding brute force to deal with complex social issues that require nuance and care is a type of political concussion that America is collectively suffering, but the problem is with all police forces and societies that direct social policy from a place of fear and anger.


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    • Yes Seattle just proves human nature to go all “lord of the flies”.
      Protest to remove the oppression to instigate your own if you are an Antifa zealot.
      It’s a lesson in what would happen if the hard left did carry on their war on everyone else and defund the police.

    • RB

      Have you got a source for that which isn’t from a Bulgarian based distributor of pro-russian propaganda? It may be accurate, but I have other things to do than fact check zerohedge.

      • Can you fact check this please?…and tell us where it is wrong

        …otherwise are you just one of the ‘blame all Americas’ ills on the Russians’ brigade?

        …in other words are you an anti-Russian ( Soros fan ) conspirator?

        • I actually don’t think there is any appetite at all to disbanding big city of police departments. Even among these so called veto-less activist council/parliament majorities claiming that they’re going to defund the police or effectively disband police departments come in straightaway with proposals of some sort of community group that protect each other and that’s a bloody police force anyway.

          But there are definitely aspect of policing that can be defended straight away like militarised boarder forces who’s only reason for being is to deport crimals who’s only crime would receive a maximum penalty for burning trash in your back yard only cops are coming in and arresting you with full tactical gear like its fucken 2004 Bagdad.

        • No, I just don’t see what the temporary occupation of a portion one USAn city has to do with arguments; for, or against, defunding the police in Aotearoa. Except for that occupation having; “Defund the Police!”, as one of its many demands/ slogans. I do admire the mayor Durkan; who is telling Trump to stay out of it, at the same time as she is facing demands for resignation from the protestors – that’s an impressive commitment to de-escalation!

          99 days to the NZ election. I have better things to do than waste my time analysing zerohedge pieces. From what I read in The Guardian, it all has a very Pratchettian Night Watch feel about it:


          • Forget now: “I have better things to do than waste my time analysing zerohedge pieces. From what I read in The Guardian….”

            Wry amusement in this household that you’d question the accuracy and lack of bias of Zerohedge, yet accept what the Guardian prints, as if it’s the fount of all truth and unbiased reportage. As if it’s ever been, as far as I can tell…..

            • D’Esterre
              I trust the Guardian enough to click on links to it without worrying too much about it installing malware on my devices. I have no such faith in zerohedge, so I asked RedBuzzard for an alternative source; which they were unwilling to provide.

              I would say that the Guardian is fairly good; except when dealing with UK politics, where there is clear bias. At least they have actual reporters and it’s sometimes amusing to see how NZ political storms are viewed from the other side of the world.

              • Forget now: “….except when dealing with UK politics, where there is clear bias.”

                Not just UK politics, from what I’ve seen. Some time back, I was obliged to point out its bias to a leftie relative. Nowadays, I stay away from it.

    • A total strawman. Defunding police refers to the replacement of existing police departments on the basis that their culture is beyond repair. A new police force from the ground up, rather than an attempt at internal reform from the top down by apppointing new bosses.

      • Yeah, well, that probably sounds way better when you say all that to yourself in your head than actually designing policy, avoiding the man traps, appointing people to oversee this new policy, funding it while avoiding a mini police state with closed boarders. But what the hey, build the wall correct?

      • SPC: “A new police force from the ground up…”

        I’m yet to see substantive evidence that the current police force – in the US, a fortiori in NZ – is so damaged that it must be disestablished and rebuilt in some fashion. Anecdote doesn’t constitute evidence.

        It seems to me that any new force, confronted with the problems facing the current force, will pretty swiftly morph into exactly the organisation being damned right now.

        In any event, it isn’t clear how such a task could be carried out. Who would do it? Whence would staff come, if presently-serving police officers are deemed too enculturated into the current police culture to be considered for re-employment?

  1. It makes an enormous amount of sense if one is a criminal. The best news ever in fact.

    Otherwise defunding an all ready underfunded police service in this country suggests to me we have broken the sound barrier in reaching peak woke.

    • xray: “….defunding an all ready underfunded police service in this country suggests to me we have broken the sound barrier in reaching peak woke.”

      Broken the sound barrier in reaching peak woke? Hahahaha…..just hilarious! Wish I’d thought of that.

      But surely nobody with half a brain is seriously suggesting that the NZ police force ought to be defunded? I can certainly see a notion like that coming out of the US. But not here. The utopian vision, which will turn into a dystopia quicker than anyone can say emergency. Or crime.

      Tells us everything we need to know about the intellectual capacities of those who propose such a thing.

      If a police force didn’t exist, somebody’d have to invent it: oh right, the Peelers, remember?

        • “Where a US police department was defunded and replaced with a new body it was very successful”.

          That is one immensely vague claim.

          So out of the 18000 or so police departments in the US, which one was it? And exactly how was this success measured?

          And in reference to your other claim defunding, as is being proposed for the NYPD for example, has the dictionary meaning, to take money away from its budget, pure and simple. It has nothing to do with overhauling, ground up rebuilds.

          • Xray: “That is one immensely vague claim.”

            I agree. Some evidence is certainly needed. A link perhaps?

            “…defunding, as is being proposed for the NYPD for example, has the dictionary meaning, to take money away from its budget, pure and simple. It has nothing to do with overhauling, ground up rebuilds.”

            Exactly. If overhauling were the aim, one wouldn’t use the term “defunding”.

  2. Red Buzzard: “Anonymous Berkeley Professor Shreds BLM Injustice Narrative.”

    Many thanks for the link. Very good reading. I’ve passed it on.

    A relative remarked that it’s a pity that nobody in the US who ought to, or who’s in a position to influence the narrative, will read it and act upon it.

    There’s a real risk that a whole new bunch of mistakes are about to be made in the US. Possibly here as well, unless common sense prevails.

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