MEDIA WATCH: Ummm, I don’t know if School threatening to call Police for Black Lives Matter protests is the smartest branding exercise



Marist College Principal threatens students with police action after Black Lives Matter posters torn down

In a recording of a Year 13 assembly, leaked to Newshub, principal Raechelle Taulu chided students for their behaviour and threatened to bring in police.

“I’m talking to a few of you who have an amazing cause but are going about it in a non-Catholic way … This is not the way of Mary and this is not how we do things at Marist … I know I took down posters and I will take them down again.”

While she agreed with the Black Lives Matter message, Taulu told students they must seek permission to post activist posters at the school.

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She then threatened the students with police action over claims of racism within the school.

“I’m contemplating whether or not I’m going to the police, because I’m feeling like it’s actually a defamation of my character … The only way I will stop that is if you stop.”

Taulu also scolded students for printing the posters, which went against the school goal of no paper printing.

What on earth is this Principal of Marist saying?

Chiding students for using paper and putting up posters? Threatening to call the Police? Is this Principal named Karen by any chance?

I get that some Principal’s are a bit fuddy duddy but bitching about paper printing and posters when police are killing people of colour like dogs on the street seems to be the enforcement of petty procedures for the point of being petty.

As for calling the Police over Black Lives Matter protests, how tone deaf can an educator get?


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  1. Well like the wuhan virus, this Black Lives Matters uproar was totally preventable but we have failed to live up to our own laws and standards and it’s just highlighted major fundamental flaws, incompetence and hipocracy inherent in every aspect of the system and try as this principle may to convince herself that she is doing the right thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if next year student enrolment at Marist Girls collage halved. Get woke go broke suckers.

  2. Its called rules and guidlines.
    Black lives Matter Posters didnt get special treatment
    No big deal

    Dont be so precious.

      • 100% WK
        ‘The police state is well and alive’; shades of the police over-reach of Nikky Hargar and Martyn Bradbury’s homes homes and families; – just because they reached out to us with the truth that ‘some’ didn’t want to be told.

  3. Not really unexpected given how precious some schools are over the most mundane things. Over the last 10 years the main story in the media has been about hair length in boys schools. Our son was sent from the classroom because his hair touched his collar. Luckily, it was because he was wearing product to straighten out his naturally curly hair. A quick wash and back to curly…no problem. In fact he ended up growing a fairly large afro as a protest. Then went to short back and sides for 1st year of Uni. In this case it seems to be about respect for authority while missing the chance to have a teachable moment about racism. I feel for the kids who see injustice and want to fight it, and I feel for the Principal and staff who have been branded as racists. The go to plan for traditional High schools always seems to be threats, which is a shame in the information age. My kids were given a choice of Liberal or Traditional High Schools on the basis of Liberal will treat you as an adult so expect you to self motivate to learn while traditional will treat you as a child and will insist on motivating you with rules that must be obeyed. Funnily enough, they both decided on traditional which served them well on education and also gave them pause to question if the rules are always fair.

  4. Well put Sam. Cleangreen puts it better than me.

    I listened to a radio interview with Nia Cherrington a few days ago. She is the young woman student at Marist College who organised the BLM posters and I was so impressed with her. She highlighted the systemic racism and bullying within the college which this issue has highlighted. She is another example of an intelligent young woman who is a leader and who stands up for what she believes in. I absolutely applaud her and her fellow students. One of the comments she made was that one of the teachers at the college had said, to justify ripping down the posters, that all lives matter. Well of course all lives matter but the point is, black lives matter too and for too long they have been disregarded. Furthermore, BLM is a metaphor for so much of the appalling way African-Americans and other indigenous races have been and still are treated. Look at the way Aborigines in Australia have been treated.

    Roy Edwards – You miss the the point completely. But now that you have posted your comment I remind you that over the decades many rules have been broken (if in fact putting up posters was breaking school rules – I think not) and positive change has resulted. Take Rosa Parks for example. Rosa Parks was a civil rights activist who in 1955 refused a direction from a white bus-driver to surrender her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She was arrested for violating some racist rule but her defiance sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Its success launched nationwide efforts to end racial segregation of public facilities.

    Anyway, Wild Katipo has responded to you far more succinctly than I have.

    • Yes, agree.

      After reading your comment I believe Marist Girls Collage Principle Mrs Taulu made a second more greivious mistake. Not only does Black lives matters but pakeha are equally revolted and even scared of police just as any normal person would after locking eyes with George Floyed.

      My issue is that the Black Lives Matters movement is leaderless, and it’s leaderless precisely because those speaking out are inexperienced in civil rights law and they’re young, and the people who should know better like Principle Taulu have no where near the leadership qualities of Martin Luther King and even less leadership qualities for her students, yet her students and anyone with a cursory knowledge of the situation can smell the bullshit.

      Yes Black Lives matters and so to do pakeha have grave concerns for there own lives. But because Taulu dosnt even have half the skills of Martin Luther King she has made her second and most grievous mistake by assuming that the pakeha reaction was one of being under assault from Black Lives Matters when in fact any normal person are just as revolted as any other normal person, and Taulu’s reaction to all this was to threaten the most vulnerable people amongst us purely out of incompetence.

      For me how ever I have a massive blind spot. I’m still really angry about what happened to Floyd so I don’t know if I’m wrong about anything because I 100% believe this whole tearing down Black lives Matters posters and threatening to call the cops is pure 100% grade A bullshit. But just like Jews need ti be told when they’re wrong so to does black people or anyone else need to be told when you are wrong.

  5. It seems some of the most judgemental people in our communities are religious people. Many seem too quick to judge ,too quick to point the finger and condemn others and some like the principle at this Marist school are even very controlling.

  6. The principal threatened to bring in the police because she conflated pupils saying there was racism at the school with an accusation she was a racist.

  7. Who was Sandra Scheuer ?

    Heck I didn’t know… until this song popped into my head late at night for some inexplicable reason…all I knew when I was growing up is that it was a sad song I liked… Turns out she was an innocent passerby shot by the National guard in the Kent State killings…

    Have a listen then, – some of you will be old enough to remember it. 1972 was the year of her death, a 20 year old with a future cut down before that future could ever be a reality.

    Hey Sandy

    Hey Sandy – Antiwar Songs (AWS) › canzone

      • WK – Thanks. Inhuman bastards firing into a crowd of kids.
        They carpet bombed Cambodia but kept it from the MSM.
        Cambodia had done nothing, NOTHING to the USA.

        • Geez I’m glad someone picked up on the irony , how things don’t change…it just struck me as a classic case of whats going on in the USA today… yet that young woman is all but forgotten except by her siblings… as I doubt her parents are still alive…

          State bullying of its own people…

        • Yeah , the more I look into whats going on in the USA, the UK, and even here,… it gets kind off scary…

          I can try to extrapolate on, I can try to expand the definitions thereof, I can try to equate with…I can draw comparisons to , yet none of it quite measures up to…

          And it leaves me with an ominous parallel with authoritarianism and the coming deep economic depression on the horizon…and how govts will react ,…different circumstances but the same dictatorial approach to mass social unrest…

          Neil Young – Ohio [Live At Massey Hall 1971]

  8. Ok, travelling on , with more of Neil Young…as a much older man yet just as savage,… so what is he really saying and how- oh how- does this relate to the principal at Marist college? Or our over zealous acceptance of current ”Rules and guidelines”?

    I’ll let you decide…

    Neil Young with Crazy Horse – Shut It Down 2020

  9. From memory ….. I think it was the Dalai Llama who said (to paraphrase) that all religions are good except for the fact that for many followers, it becomes more about the rules and ritual than the faith and belief. And that the followers of one particular religion come to think they’re exceptional and therefore superior than others.
    Seems to me that doesn’t just apply to religions

    • Buddhism is not really a religion as it has no supernatural entity, so the Llama fella in exile may be just musing.
      But yes those who run their lives by rules or beliefs that are not sympathetic to the rights of others and fairness within society, may well consider themselves superior or even chosen ones.
      Empathy cannot be dictated by religious dogma.

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