We are now plague free because of Jacinda’s leadership! When the Right scream we shouldve been at Level 1 weeks ago, tell them to shut up!


And she’s done it!

We are plague free because of the leadership of Jacinda Ardern!

She has stared down the death cult capitalists who screamed and foamed that we needed to get back to work months ago, she has stared down the bosses who demanded she reopen us to infection, she has stared down the National Party who tried to blame her for being over cautious.

Well, her leadership has seen us being praised globally as the rest off the planet reels under the weight of the pandemic…

In awe of NZ: How world media reacted to New Zealand eliminating Covid-19

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The world has been left in awe of New Zealand’s successful efforts in eliminating Covid-19 – and Jacinda Ardern’s celebratory “little dance” has led global headlines.

Kiwis are no longer be required to social distance themselves after 17 days of no cases and the first day with no active cases.

Gathering sizes will have no limit and hospitality venues will be back to normal.

While we are celebrating Down Under, the world has looked on in amazement at our achievements, heaping praise on Kiwis and our Government.

…when the right wing talkback hosts, National Party and bosses all criticise Jacinda and claim we should have been at Level 1 weeks ago, tell them to shut up!

Her leadership has saved us and we are the envy of the world right now.

Death Cult Capitalists wanted us slaves back to work when there was risk to us getting sick and ill from this novel virus, don’t allow their greed and their wealth privilege dictate to the rest of us what must happen next.

We should celebrate this damned thing gone from our shores, we must guard our borders religiously and with a heavy hand so that it doesn’t come back and we need to rebuild our economy in this new reality tempered with the knowledge that the rebuild obligates us to consider the climate crisis as our blueprint.

Thank you Jacinda, you have served your nation with honour and distinction.

She has earned a second term.

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  1. Jacinda should just lock us down permanently, really mess with kids psychology and tank the economy. Only then could she get knighted for her services, like that war vet doing laps with his walking frame, or be eligible for a Thunberg Nobel in peace or medicine or something. The same threats exist now as they did last year, which is when some say the virus was active. If this is the case, then NZ should have suffered many more Covid deaths because it was already here before lockdown (certainly not the 80,000 deaths that Hendy was squawking about). That we didn’t wasn’t because of Michael Baker’s death stare or ‘PHYSICAL DISTANCING SAVES LIVES’ or ‘We went early and went hard’ or Michael Baker’s death stare, it was because there was no risk. There was more risk to the public in that Clarke Gayford TV advert showing a woman hiding in a fridge.

  2. The screaming of frustrated rabid right wing shows up the fundamental selfishness of that ideology.
    I remember back in the days when I was a Boy Scout.
    The Scouts were certainly an old fashioned nationalistic, royalist white boy institution but they did have some redeeming qualities – one of which was the motto to think about others before yourself.
    That is what this government did, and we should be grateful that they did.
    They must have been severely tempted to 1. not go into lockdown so early and 2. come out of lockdown earlier. They knew what the economic fallout would be (huge) and that the Hosking/Richardson forked tongued clique would wage a constant media campaign trying to undermine whatever decisions they made.
    And yet they decided there was no alternative but to put the principle of preserving life before the principle of continuing the mega million dollar free-for-all.
    And it showed that we had a prime minister who was a REAL leader, tackling her massive job with a calm empathy that inspired confidence and respect in most New Zealanders.
    As long as Jacinda stuck to her guns we KNEW we would get through it.
    Contrast that with the antics of leaders like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson and that should clearly demonstrate how lucky we were.
    The Brits had a PM who decided he was immune to COVD-19 (and nearly paid the ultimate price for his gamble) whilst the Americans had the bizarre spectacle of their president urging them to break the law.
    The milder political right generally bite their lips and admit that she handled it well, and it is only the rabid right that persist in their banshee wailings – and I like to cheerfully tell them to shut the f… up.

    • And Kate Hawkesby claim that the P.M. is still spreading fear, stating the term “team of 5 million” is a cringe fest whilst lauding Steven Joyce for calling level 1 “out of whack”, also falls into the category of shut the f…up!

    • I was in Sea Scouts – teaching young boys the difference between port and starboard since ages ago.

  3. The real crisis starts now. How to resuscitate the economy without international tourism and the great South East Asian immigration ponzi scheme?

    Call it death cult capitalism all you want – the cold hard reality is you need cash to pay for things. Quantitative easing (i.e. printing money) to stimulate financial demand is only ever a short term measure that over even a medium term has universally disastrous results (read South America and Africa). The real risk is that our economic position in 3 years matches Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece) at the present. This is not a position where economic transformation or reduction in poverty is achievable – at best you can only hope for reduced stagflation with a generous benefactor, which is where Southern Europe is at present. Southern Europe’s benefactor is Northern Europe – i’ll give you one guess who is ours and this will explain our international (Peters excepted) response to Covid-19.

    The current government, much the same if National was in power will follow the same tried and tested strategy – bribe the middle and pray that immigration/international tourism will come back quickly. The irony here that is people are still blindly thinking the response has been anything but political, it hasn’t much the same as people on the right believe the lock down was some form of extreme socialism – it wasn’t. The political hacks rightly assumed health trumps economy and have lead an exceptional and brilliant media-driven campaign that has resulted in the rump of the middle (read suburban housewives, economic immigrants and corporate office workers) moving almost exclusively to Labour.

    The next stage will require more than a marketing campaign – it will require hard work – a defined strategy that makes sense, is affordable and will have wide buy-in. If anyone can argue that the current response from the government is anything more than kicking the can down the road, short term fiscal stimulus and hoping for rapid and sustained economic growth both domestically and internationally then please, prove me wrong. The major advantage the government has is the current alternative from the opposition is nothing but the same. Effectively re-branding the same policies just with a blue sticker.

    There is lies the real risk to the government – by following the same economic fundamentals that Clark/Cullen and Key/English did will have end results will be much the same. If the economy rebounds (p.s. I’m backing it won’t) the best you will see is reasonable economic growth albeit with continuing and widening inequality. If the economy slows you will see economic carnage that will stuff the economy for years to come…..

    • Thou speaketh the truth Mr Tank.
      Too many partisan blinkers in NZ in love/hate with Ms Ardern to see the road ahead.

    • Agreed Frank the tank.

      Transformational Governance is required as that was Labour’s own policy pre-election in 2017.

      * so get gong Labour, bring it on.
      *And while your’e at it get our ‘east coast rail’ freight and passenger services going again.
      *As after the last eight years without rail is killing our regions economy and well-being and tourism.
      CEAC – Kiwi Rail Claimed In 2011 Gisborne “At Risk Rail Line Can’t Cope”.
      Saturday, 6 June 2020, 6:08 pm
      Press Release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre
      Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre

      Gisborne rail had increased freight demand by 21st December 2011 forcing the East Coast Kiwi Rail Manager to advise the committee at HB Regional Council Land Transport that “Gisborne rail at risk of closure can’t cope with increased freight demand and needing more ‘locomotives wagons and staff’.


      “A rail line under threat of closure is dealing with more demand than it can cope with.

      KiwiRail is contemplating mothballing or closing the Gisborne-Napier line, with a decision set for late next year.

      But in a briefing to the Hawke’s Bay regional transport committee yesterday, a KiwiRail executive said demand from Gisborne had increased. Hawke’s Bay manager Kim Salter said four extra weekly services would start next month and another potentially large customer had been turned away because of a lack of equipment and crews”.

      Several CEAC members witnessed this event in person on that day, as the National Government were threatening the closure of four “marginal” regional rail services at the hands of Steven Joyce Minister of Transport policy called “Kiwi Rail 10yr turnaround plan”.

      Now we are in June 2020, and last week in Parliament on Thursday 4th June 2020 during the second reading of the ‘LAND TRANSPORT (RAIL) LEGISLATION BILL’ we witnessed another un-believable statement from ‘National’s Spokesperson on Transport’ Chris Bishop as he was ‘railroading us’ into believing that the $6 million spent by the Labour coalition Government was a waste of money ‘as only one train went from Wairoa to Napier’.

      Chris Bishop must be correctly advised from us who live there, that it was Covid 19 that actually stopped any further trains when the Lockdown was placed on us all, – and ironically it came again just after trains had begun to run on that line for the fist time in over 7 yrs, as NZ First MP Ron Mark dismissed correctly Chris Bishop’s inaccurate comments, as later did Green Party MP Gareth Hughes.

      So once again our remote region of HB/Gisborne rail services are being threatened by National’s campaign of false information campaign to railroad us into believing rail is a waste of money – this time by Chris Bishop.

      CEAC now say; – National Party it’s time for this anti-rail campaign to end, and we ask you to support the new funding for rail under the final reading of LAND TRANSPORT (RAIL) LEGISLATION BILL’ again, for our communities collective health, wealth’ and well-being’ and regional demand for rail services demonstrated by increased support and the growing business activities and freight demand being placed on rail services.


    • International Tourism (about 20% of overseas income) is gone, some might return this year with Australia but the rest of our exports (agriculture , manufactured & brain power) are doing well enough & have the potential to improve so while this is a troubled time around the world our future is looking a lot better than many other countries. International disputes are likely but the same leadership that brought us through the pandemic is more capable of responding to those situations than any other political leaders in NZ.

  4. Wondering how National would have handled the pandemic?

    I have two words for you. Mycoplasma. Bovis.

  5. and first up on the right is Kate Hawkesby’s opinion piece that seems to infer that QR codes are some sort of government control exercise and that the govt wants to keep us in a state of fear…’make of that what you will’…Thanks Kate, what I make of that statement is that is just an opinion from someone living in a right wing bubble full of paranoia and hate. Hopefully the Herald didn’t pay too much for your services. Now for Mike, Duncan and Richardson and their spin. Laugh of the day was Corin Dann expecting NZ’s office blocks to be full by 7.30am this morning. What are they putting in the coffee at RNZ these days? Ask the question about office occupancy next week once people have had the chance to shift their desks and computers out of their homes. I’m expecting a call from my son any minute to borrow my van to shift back to his place of employment. Unless Corin was expecting reports of masses of people carrying desks, chairs and computers onto the trains and buses, the story just seems to push a narrative of failure.

    • sixfootfour Kate should belong to the “conspiracy mob;
      But first we should call for her to wear her “foil hat”!!!!
      “Kate Hawkesby’s opinion piece that seems to infer that QR codes are some sort of government control exercise and that the govt wants to keep us in a state of fear”.

  6. I have a feeling it’s not so much the middle urban liberals who switch every other election that labour has won though I don’t doubt labour have won a lot of them over, I think labour has won over many Nat voting baby boomers who scoffed at labour for years and haven’t voted Labour since probably Lange and ever since rolled their eyes at anything remotely left wing, National and the business community basically told the over 65 generations that their lives weren’t as important as their mates buisneses, I’ve seen and heard many many older gentlemen who absolutely scoff at labour prior to covid my whole life and older strangers in bars say “she’s saved this country” , sure the really well off ones probably still foam at the mouth but I’m utterly shocked at the kinds of people praising Ardern, though it’s hard to vote for the right when they are basically preaching eugenics re age “it only kills the elderly” so if this is the case national could be in a lot more trouble than anyone realizes cos this is the generation that always votes .

    • And if we had an honest, non (right wing) propaganda media, instead of the Presstitute lot at present, they WOULD have made that point continuously and especially when interviewing the latest ‘failure’ what’s his name again? He’s just so easy to forget as he’s just another egghead in a suit, ‘who was born on third base and thought he’d hit a home run’, to quote a great American expression.
      Sadly the right wing death cult capitalists get a relatively fee ride form the supposed fourth estate. Labour on the other hand ‘not so much’, though presently they get begrudging occasional positive remarks.

  7. Bloomfield and his pitchfork posse can jam their ongoing threats and hysteria up their arse as well (inciting fear, operating like a colonial death cult, kneeling on the neck of society). It’s over, go back to your entitled medical ingroups, human experimentation and overpayed existence you fucksticks, and take your little masks with you

    • Popeye – you’re clearly angry, and it looks like by your comments you don’t like or believe in science or science based research. Could you point to something more specific?

      Do you believe that Covid-19 is a real disease, or do you believe it’s a hoax? From your comments it looks like you lean towards the hoax side of things.

      Given this is a pandemic that has been deftly handled by our government, and New Zealanders have responded admirably there are no threats, no inciting fear, and the death cult seems to be the right who want us to open up early.

  8. Free of this hope one time virus,yet the centuries capitalist ruin of exploited humanity not yet,capitalism,its invasive greed uncaring exploit of eyes closed to its manipulated ruin of humanity for its god,profit.

  9. I do agree, Queen Jacinda is a sheer force of personality. But that only lasts so long. Here in Palmy we have been given a booklet stating no matter what – our property taxes will increase for waste management. Fair enough- for sure. But the booklet they sent out was a comic book full of emojis. We are being asked to increase our property taxes based on comics, fake, low quality graphics, and nothing to do with science. There has been no examples of the waste property plants they have modeled this on or the names or companies that actually researched this, only a guarantee that they will have to steal 850 acres (or more) for it to be successful. Who else is paying- who is paying? Welcome to the future.

  10. Do those renters next door pay council taxes,rates,of course,what egit,of course renters rent almost give home ownership,why,your tenancy rent pays your home ownership council rates.

  11. Everybody…arms in the air….lighters on…Rah Rah Jacinda…Rah Rah Jacinda…

  12. Day 19 of Todd watch: Paul and Lisa discuss knitting day. As a side note, when Paul stated that he would say the same thing to Grant, I was waiting for Lisa to say ‘is that because Grant is gay?’ but that would be cruel and unfair, so should be left to Tova to ask.

    • OMG! In just a few days, the Natz front bench have shown, by their deeds and words, they are racist (no Maori in their first-rank line-up), sexist and homophobic (Paora Goldsmith gave examples of both the latter, the Knit!)!
      How many more voters can you p**s off before September 19? Keep it up Natz, we’re loving watching your “awesome, talented, fantastic, experienced, united” party (to use your leaders’ words).
      Come back, Simon, all is forgiven!

    • i liked Goldsmith’s comment that ‘Jacinda is pretty tough’. Makes a change from the usual right wing rednecks who claim that shes weak.
      She’s got more steel & backbone than any opposition member.

  13. ‘When the Right scream we shouldve been at Level 1 weeks ago, tell them to shut up!’

    Too polite, Martyn.

    I’ll say it for you.

    When the Right scream we shouldve been at Level 1 weeks ago, tell them to fuck off! (and get a real job).

  14. Watch NATCCP start bleating about letting overseas visitors back into the country. Especially their buddies who so graciously created and spread the virus in the first place. No shame, no brain.

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