The Liberal Agenda – Alternative Aotearoa Political Left Election 2020 Conference


A one-day seminar for the Environmental, Social and Economic Transformation of Aotearoa

Attendance Free
Register via email to: bronwensummers@gmail.ocm

Organisations presenting include:
Greenpeace, Better Futures Forum, Child Poverty Action Group, State Housing Action, School Strike for Climate, Extinction Rebellion, Unite Union, Council of Trade Unions, Migrant Workers Association, Just Speak, Quality Public Education Coalition, Action Station, Auckland Action Against Poverty, People Against Prisons Aotearoa . . . and more


  1. So will there be any “gender critical” women, lesbians or gay men speaking at this event? Or will this “broad left” bow to the totalitarian, authoritarian left in deciding who on the left can be censored and no-platformed?

    Many of us currently have no left wing party to vote for, because both Labour & the Greens want to disappear sex-based rights, and the biological basis of sex from legislation – a very regressive move, labelled as progressive. Those of us who disagree are called names, and not allowed a public voice.

    So how truly broad and left wing will this meeting be?

    • KI

      Maybe those organizing the event are more interested in bringing people together than starting a TERF war?

        • Karol certainly has a different opinion to mine!

          I don’t believe that it is my place to dictate others gender identity for one thing. But I am glad that she duplicate posted on this thread. So that we didn’t have to clutter up Bradbury’s with this issue; that is almost certainly not going to be settled to everyone’s satisfaction here and now.


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