Political Caption Competition


If the Christian right in NZ were a colour, it would be ‘Cross Burning’


  1. Dear New Conservitives. Please mainline with my blessing as much of Steve Price’s stash of Darkside amphetamines as you can get.

  2. From brochure – usual doublespeak that observation of conservative religious helps to decode. Leader Baker is determined to see NZ succeed, with strong families, true democracy and a justice system that works. Deputy Ikilei suggests stop being polite and make a stand for what is right. He’s working with at risk youth, is a proud father, husband and advocate for protection of our most vulnerable (doesn’t specify which group applies), and against political correctness. Worthy ideals and ideas, but the rub is the how and where and by and to whom? Sounds like more right wing ideology and religious strongman leadership (women in their place behind).

  3. Dear New Conservatives,
    After gifting the country such amazing, forthright Christian soldiers as Graham Capill and Colin Craig, I wait with bated breath to see which upstanding, moral giant will be leading your movement this time around.

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