TWITTER WATCH: Now they have Hooton, isn’t it time for National Party Stormtrooper Hamish Price to be banned from Twitter and the Party?


Isn’t it time for National Party Stormtrooper Hamish Price to be removed from Twitter and the Party?

Here’s his attempt on June 5th to smear Jacinda…

…the actual photo was taken last year in May before the pandemic was even a thing and the young woman who features in the photo, whom we have decided not to identify, is a cancer survivor FFS.

Hamish is pretending the photo was taken during the pandemic, it wasn’t – it’s over a year old and the young woman in question doesn’t deserve to have her life smeared by filthy dirty National Party hate merchants!

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Now the Nats have officially acknowledged that Dirty Politics aficionado and Head of Slytherin House, Matthew Hooton, is formally part of Muller’s coup, shouldn’t they publicly denounce Price and distance themselves from his brand of basic bitch dirty politics now they have such a master like Hooton back in charge?

What is wrong with these National Party people that they lie, manipulate and deceive to get their political smears across?

It’s disgusting, they are disgusting.

PS – Now Hooton has been formally announced, can a journalist ask Hooton or Muller’s Office directly, whether or not Hooton has been recently holding lunch with any other Dirty Politics activists?

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  1. Silly me. I’d not heard of Hamish Price before, so twittered and googled his name .His twitter posts are hilarious but disturbing and led me to a whaleoil post, a virus that I’ve always avoided more than a corona and briefly read about Slater’s and Price’s dirty little infowars. These awful bottom feeder creatures including Hooton are National’s support team. They come across as dumb as Trumperssf. Muller is doomed and is fully unaware of the quality of his friends. He seems to be blissfully unaware of most things political and unaware of what NZ needs..He’s actually employing Hooton FFS. I can’t wait for Nicky Hagar’s next book.

  2. Houten is fair game now. He’s nailed his colors to the mast, (or Todds left cheek), so anyone who wants to can now burrow into his whole life.. Let’s hope he enjoys his 15 minutes of fame..

  3. I have talked to a couple of young men lately who probably get all their ideas from Hamish Price. Unfortunately the wild west colonial boy type is widespread in NZ. Can’t be contained by rules, can’t manage self-restraint by rationality, can’t be slowed down by stopping to think, can’t be a trusted part of a co-operative, harmonious community.

    And this fact must be borne in mind when wondering whether we can transcend our problems and mistakes of political and economic direction up till now. It is important that there is work for them to do that they can concentrate on and earn enough to attempt adult societal integration. Learning by doing is probably their approach, and not to be disparaged, they can get a lot done given the opportunity and challenge, but they must be kept gainfully occupied. And it can’t be left to neolib business’ self-interest.

    And further I want better parenting of these guys and girls,, starting from birth or before. All parents will be able to get child payments when they attend an annual workshop that talks about parenting and role models, and how to manage conflict and guide children into behaviour that enables them to both socialise and be strong, good individuals. And there will be a helpline for when they have problems with their kids, not preaching them tough love or some religious stuff but basic sociology. We can’t be individuals doing what we like at any time, jumping in and out of society as we please, jerking up like hot popcorn.

    I want a thinking government!!! That plans and uses its tax money to provide good bones for our national body, our wellbeing and enterprise. One that doesn’t sort people into pens, those to be fleeced, those to get the works, those to be grazed and watered, those to have their babies taken from them, poor lambs, etc.

  4. I didn’t know Hamish Price was Niki Kaye’s campaign manager.
    How low can you go? Perhaps he advised Kaye that Goldsmith (or whatever his name is) was Maori?

    This from Michael Gibson on Twitter.
    – “National Party operative and former campaign manager for @nikkikaye
    . This isn’t some random nutter running around out there. He’s the @NZNationalParty’s
    Official Nutter (one of several). Report accurately. @mydogslife3”

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