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  1. This is such deceptive title compared to the actual text of the Vance interview with Shaw!

    “While NZ First will position themselves as a ‘handbrake’ on radical reform, the Greens election campaign will centre on pushing the Government to go “further and faster”.

    “There are things that we could have done in the last two-and-a-half years that we have been prevented from doing together,” Shaw says. “If I have a frustration with Labour, it’s that they could have spent more political capital than they have”.”

    But the main thing I got from the article was the reminder of the pro-lifer nutter who fractured Shaw’s eyesocket last year. It was the day before the Christchurch shootings, so had slipped my mind. That was a bit of a surprise because it had been the female GP MPs getting the death threats.

    His response at the time was very; “keep calm and carry on”, but there is a bit in the Vance interview that reads a bit like a description of PTSD triggered by similar body language:

    “Over his shoulder, there was a guy who was acting quite erratically. [Dave] asked me a question, and God knows what it was. I couldn’t form a coherent sentence.”

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