Sooooo, war with China? Discuss…


There is a genuine problem with our geopolitical future.

Our Political Masters are the Americans. They control our mass surveillance intelligence apparatus and enjoy total cultural indoctrination of our media and arts.

Our Economic Overlords however are China and they see us as their future farm in the South Pacific.

The tensions between China and America are now reaching a boiling point and at some stage NZ is going to have to choose.

Claims that a new research paper suggests the virus was spliced together in a Chinese lab are incendiary if true

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Sir Richard says a scientific paper published this week by a Norwegian-British research team suggests key elements of Covid-19’s genetic sequences were “inserted” and may not have evolved naturally.

He said: “It raises the issue, if China ever were to admit responsibility, does it pay reparations?

“I think it will make every country in the world rethink how it treats its relationship with China.”

Sir Richard suggested scientists may have been conducting secret gene-splicing experiments on bat coronaviruses when Covid-19 somehow escaped through a lapse in biosecurity.

“It’s a risky business if you make a mistake,” he said.

Sir Richard said he’s read peer-reviewed research produced by top academics at St George’s Hospital at the University of London and Norwegian virologists.

The paper claims that there are ‘inserted sections’ in the DNA of the virus, and warns that current efforts to develop a vaccine are doomed – because the virus has been misunderstood.

…if there is any truth that the Covid19 virus accidentally escaped from a Chinese research lab, the backlash will be global and ferocious.

We are already seeing a crack down in Hong Kong with new draconian security legislation  and a ratcheting up of Chinese military engagements in the South China Sea…

U.S. military commander says China pushing territorial claims under cover of coronavirus

China is using the coronavirus as a cover to push territorial claims in the South China Sea through a surge in naval activity meant to intimidate other countries that claim the waters, the commander of U.S. Forces in Japan said on Friday.

There has been a surge of activity by China in the South China Sea with navy ships, coast guard vessels and a naval militia of fishing boats in harassing vessels in waters claimed by Beijing, said Lieutenant General Kevin Schneider.

“Through the course of the COVID crisis we saw a surge of maritime activity,” he told Reuters in a phone interview. He said Beijing had also increased its activity in the East China Sea, where it has a territorial dispute with Japan.

…NZ doesn’t want to be under the control of America or China, plotting a way through looming conflict between China and the US will take all the skill of our political leadership.

It’s something I could see Jacinda doing diplomatically, it is not however something I could see Muller achieving.


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  1. The first thing we can learn from this is that the British and Norwegian Prime Ministers should have had a massive grip on there research trams and who can make public statements right now.

    Particularly for us we need to be asking the question “can Labour replace Mr Peters and Mr Marks and Foreign Minister and Defence Minister?” For me that’s a no. It’s been suggested that Andrew Little could take up the foreign ministry portfolio but then you’re diminishing the specialisation requirements of a foreign minister right now by over working Andrew Little.

    And who’s going to be Defence minister? Kiri Tapu Allen? Maybe, Tamati Coffe? No, Golriz? don’t be silly. Right now we need people in the foreign ministry and defence ministry with a deep understanding and wealth of skills, knowledge, and deep relationships in those areas. We don’t really want to be healing at the moment from a change of leadership of those ministries right now and Labour should have been grooming bloody replacements ages a fucking go.

    • Despite all this talk about the Labour Party being able to govern alone, the sensible thing to do politically is to keep NZF and the Greens close for future elections when they will depend on them again. – This is basically what John Key did with the Maori Party in their first term.
      If that common sense scenario happens then you get the ministers you want in those roles.

  2. I have said it before and I will say I again. New Zealand needs to carve out its own path with our interests and those of our Pasifika neighbours first and foremost.

    We need to keep China and America at arms length.

    • Well I think if New Zealand had a policy that cut America and the Middle East adrift then we wouldn’t have to worry to much about power projection beyond New Zealand’s search and rescue zone which stretches from the South Pole to Hawaii anyway. But we wouldn’t really have to buy frigates and could instead run a fleet of gun boat corvettes which would be about the same as an ANZAC interms of capability and a couple of light fighter jet wings based on the FA-50 which is made in Korea. Like when you say keep them at arms length do you mean push them away with words or push them away with geo political clout?

  3. i read something about china being ready to launch a digital chinese dollar for international trade as an alternative to the US dollar. other countries that wanted to start trading their oil in Euro dollars or other than US dollars go invaded or threats of. Iraq, Iran, Venezuela. america trying to protect its economic power that comes from US dollar being so central to global trade. i believe that they wouldnt be able to enforce sanctions if they lost that power.
    more of the same colonisation mentality. it used to be justified by the assumption that indigenous peoples were sub-human and so dispossessing them of their country is not a sin.
    now its justified by the assumption that communist or islamic states are inferior and thus can be overthrown.

  4. America has a LOT more nukes but might not choose to use them to save us in the event China moves in to the pacific to protect their “investments”, especially if NZ are acting like a bunch of woke fuckwits as presently.
    By Australia, America and Chinas actions I’m picking the yanks have Australia’s back.
    I hope so.
    We’ve hidden behind the skirts of the UN (America) for so long we think we are safe when America backs out.
    Trump is pursuing an isolationist stance but at least he’s confronted China, Obama allowed China to steal technology, invade and fortify the spratleys and operate outside the nuclear proliferation treaty, whatever Trumps many failings.
    Woe betide the world order if senile Biden is elected, The new Han empire will rule.

    The alternative for NZ to sucking up to America now is self explanatory in a Han supremacy concentration campy organ harvesty sort of way.

    • The number of nukes being many times sufficient to completely destroy the earth and all human and animal life, has become irrelevant . It is the speed of delivery to the targets that matter that is what matters now. And at the moment the US is in a distant second place.

      D J S

      • The United States has a bunch of ICBMs ready to go, of their 6000 plus nuclear weapons.
        China, tolerated as a non signatory of the nuclear non proliferation treaty busy developing more by Obama, has only a few hundred wants more,and may have developed hypersonic technology (ICBMs are hypersonic of course) but that’s small bickies if your massive city dwelling population is then exterminated in retaliation.
        Supposedly China would only strike second but does anyone believe them?

        Russia being the worlds most nuclear armed nation might be the wild card, they have some unusual weapons like their nuclear torpedo, and hypersonics.
        Mr Obama also did nothing as Russia violated its nuclear treaty obligations getting ahead in technology.

        Dangerous times ahead when Sabre rattling is backed by nuclear weapons again but here we are.

        • Om the topic of lies and withdrawing from treaties the form of theUSA is quite bad. Not one further inch east! Now who said that? And that is back in the days when the US was considered trustworthy! As for now you’d have to be a little naive to think that the US would follow through on anything they agreed to. It would be nice if someone proclaiming the lieing of the Chinese wrt the Corona virus could supply some references to back up what they say. It is obvious that they live in an echo chamber of their own prejudices where these things are accepted. Seems that at a minimum the WHO has to be in on the Chinese l”lies” since they have been full of praise for their effort.You may not want to believe China but many see them as far more reliable than Trumps Amerika

          • I think the rest of the planet have seen for themselves spikeyboy.
            I get that your job is running interference for your 50c an hour but good luck with that.

  5. Remember when everyone laughed at the orange one when he indicated he had evidence that the virus was man made…
    Remember when the WHO and ‘leading’ scientists swore black and blue than the virus couldn’t be man made…

    Oh dear

    Oh dear oh dear

      • If that particular Chinese story was true Mr Stone then why did the Chinese lie and obfuscate about everything else?
        You would have thought they would be over the moon for international authorities to track the virus back to the states.
        Maybe because it’s hogwash.

        • Yes but I can supply arguments to back my claims whereas you have to fall back on the liar in chief. Because thats where this blame China meme began and from where the new volts are required to shock the zombie back to lofe come from. Trump requires something to hang all his covd19 victims on and he has found that China baiting is the easiest. Because people like you will be inclined to say “at least he stands up to China” because it fits yours and a lot of other peoples prejudices. You can just spray Uighur organ harvest yellow peril stuff without any need to look at how the story evolved and just conveniently forget how well the Chinese responded and how openly as recorded by the WHO. Or are you saying that the WHO is part of the China conspiracy? Which is exactly Trumps line. Please at least answer this question. After that you can indulge in name calling if you like. If you want some history on the origins of the Wuhan lab story you could try going to this link. But then you might have to put aside your prejudices or at least admit the parallels between your thinking and Trumps and his lack of care about facts

  6. At the moment I would say that all this “rumour” is at about the same level as WMD. Amd we all know how that ended. Theres a lot more easily generated enmity towards the “yellow peril” as the two Trump apologists above demonstrate. Interesting how in the time of black lives matter we dont stop to ponder the value of Chinese lives but find it acceptable to talk of confrontation and war to stop the imagined expansion of a state that has only ever looked to secure itself at the periphery and anybody with any historical nous will know that white folks have given them plenty to mull over on that front. The opium wars were also an attempt to “contain” China in an era of similarly non existant expansion. The US has tentacles the same colour as ours so we think they arent suffocating. Hello?? Anyone been watching? And you want to thank Trump for his adding Chinese to his list of enemies? Cause Trump will just keep adding them cause for every one he adds there will be A FTT or Kcco who goes “at least Trump is standing up to (insert target) ” and pretty soon he’ll have enough support to just do as he pleases. This is how fascism works.

    • One of your Chinese apologists on here some months back got angry and let the mask slip, used a racist label and declared the West was going to get what was coming to it.
      At least he was honest about his motivations for a change.

      Trump is a train wreck but an unpredictable train wreck which makes him dangerous to friend or foe. I’m no fan.
      I’m also no fan of corrupt American royalty like the Clintons.
      And also even less of a fan of self declared leaders for life that put minorities in concentration camps and abuse them.

      I’d be careful with the fascist label, if you follow history China looks more and more like Germany in 1939.
      But you know that.

  7. If we have to be allied with either we are better off with the US (if you think what is happening in the US at the moment is bad it is also not quite Tiananmen Square). The Chinese have so little regard for human rights they don’t even give it lip service.
    Uigher concentration camps anyone?

  8. Looks like both China and Russia are also responsible for the race riots in USA. I mean, why not? They are responsible for everything else
    “Trump’s National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said Rubio was “spot on,” claiming China and Iran were all involved in fanning the flames of racial resentment. ”

    Also, more arrests of protesters in the very short time they have gone for cf Hong Kong in a whole year and same with deaths of unarmed protesters by US police cf Hong Kong.

    Looks like Trump is really going to need to make the virus thing stick fast on China to have any chance of getting a reason for war. BioWeapon of Mass Destruction (BWMD) 2.0. Dont forget to ask for evidence though!

  9. War isn’t the thing. I just don’t want to be attached to a totalitarianism — that required a lot of spelling for one. The unity of China would have a big up on (all) her neighbours militarily. Dictatorships have their psychoses, which mean they can’t stay within their borders.


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