Political Caption Competition


American Police open fire on a dangerous homeless protester in a wheelchair because  dangerous homeless protestors in wheelchairs are the greatest danger to heavily armed Police.


  1. Look it’s just an advertisement for the Force that was being enacted in front of a bluescreen, no big deal.

  2. Well if it wasn’t me, Joe further along was going to retaliate, so I thought I’d do this one. We call it ‘retaliate’ because we regard all people who enter an area we have demarcated as out of bounds as menacing.

  3. This is the caption for this image.
    …A photographer who claims he witnessed the event, Kirk Tsonos, shared images of the aftermath to his Facebook page.
    “As we were being boxed in on Broadway & 5th Street to be arrested, LAPD decided that a completely unarmed homeless man in a wheelchair that had NOTHING to do with our protest was somehow a threat,” he wrote.
    “They proceeded to inappropriately shoot ‘non-lethal’ rounds directly at his face.”
    “The last image is exceptionally heart-breaking for me as you can visibly see the homeless man writhing in pain, screaming, as he spews blood from his face moments after getting shot,” Tsonos added.
    Another set of photos show the man bleeding from a large wound above his eye.

    The LAPD has said it uses foam projectiles, not rubber bullets, and it will investigate any allegations of misconduct by its officers.,, https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2020/06/los-angeles-police-shoot-homeless-man-in-wheelchair-in-face-with-projectiles-during-protest.html

  4. Whatever you do, Dont, I repeat Dont, shoot him in the legs…the bastard won’t feel it..

  5. We were rehearsing a modern snappier version of the musical West Side Story and the idiots had loaded hard projectile bullets. It was meant to be a co-ordinated dance crowd manouvre but it was just so spoiled – it’s heart-breaking to think of all that wasted rehearsal time after it took such effort and budget to get organised,.

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