MEDIA WATCH: Nikki Kaye’s extraordinary claim that National’s white front bench was a ‘moral obligation’


Ummmmm. What on earth is she doing?

Nikki Kaye explains how National’s ‘moral obligation’ to win the election led to its Māori-free front bench

National has a “moral obligation” to win the upcoming election, says deputy leader Nikki Kaye – and that’s why they chose the controversial front bench they did.

Ok, firstly – BULLSHIT!

The attempt here by Kaye is to claim the all white Cabinet was meritocracy, BUT IF that were true IF, then why was Nikki’s first attempt to answer this was to claim Paul Goldsmith was Māori???

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The truth is far more banal than dreams of white supremacy however, remember this coup was triggered by terrified back benchers looking at the polls and realising they were about to be made unemployed. This desperation mixed with Muller’s misplaced tall man self belief and these wretches knifed each other to get high party list rankings.

It isn’t naked racism we see in this front bench, it’s naked selfishness.

For a Party with supporters who say things like this online…

…you would think National would see diversity as a necessary medicine to cure the deep seated racism of its rump voting base, but they didn’t decide to do that with this coup because they were all too busy saving themselves.

National may not be a racist Party, but they sure as Christ are a selfish one and listening to Kaye’s self serving nonsense that an all white front bench is a moral necessity is just intellectually embarrassing.

I believe National are headed for a 2002 level result. This is 2020, but National are voting like it’s still 1950.

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  1. Maybe she meant “Moral Majority” obligation? That would keep her straight with God & Country with Liberty and Wealth for all their believers… Have they announced their new National Cryptocurrency yet, or is that only available to White Front Belchers??

  2. This is much worse than it looks.

    Apart from the absurdity of a social wrecking machine like the National Party claiming to be guided by any sort of moral obligation, it is a blatantly racist statement.

    Kaye’s stating that the exclusion of non-whites from the Nat’s front bench is in the best interests of NZ is plain ignorant and should be advanced to the Race Relations Commissioner as it implies that non-whites are inferior to whites – mischievous and untrue.

    Of all the weeks to plunge us back into 20thC prejudices, Nikki is surely killing two birds with one stone by also giving a neat little portrayal of dumb blonde – a joke category – and rightly so.

  3. Nikki Kaye is like a trickster “looks good up front but wretched in the shade.
    She for years looked like “the soft side” of the Nasty Party but since she joined “dirty dozen” she looks and sounds shifty.

    • I had an exchange with Kaye a few years back. She made an utterance which was patently untrue. I wrote to question her on it and got a ‘non-answer’ from her so I asked again only to get another similar response. Even then she was seen to be one of our future leaders.

      She showed she was in a cynical, political, opportunist gutter with little regard for truth. Chucking round words like ‘moral obligation’ makes me spew.

  4. I think the natzo’s have had their day. I think they’re done for.

    Labour’s smart enough to know when a tide of change is flowing in. I don’t think labour are any different to the natzo’s except perhaps that they could be even more cunning. They will know when the timing’s right to deploy different control and exploitation tactics when the audience is becoming ever more educated in the wily ways of the average narcissistic sociopath politician.
    The easiest way to find a well intentioned politician with our best interests at heart would be to reduce their salaries by 75%.

    nikki kay? No one gives a fuck what you think.

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