All you need to know about Amerika


In a week where the President openly threatens the use of the military against his own population and opens fire on protestors to clear a path for an obscene photo op, after 40million are made unemployed, after 100000+ needless deaths because of the Covid19 virus, after protests erupt in over 400 cities, after police brutality to suppress those protests against police brutality –

After all that, the stock market surges over 1000 points this week.

The military industrial quasi fascist white supremacist capitalist state of Amerika founded on the genocide of Native Indians and built on the backs of black slavery, drinks the blood fruits of the Union for a corporate oligarchy and first family plutocracy while selling an illusion of the pursuit of happiness to armed civilians too frightened of their neighbours to ever revolt.

We are watching the unravelling of a failed state.

That’s all you need to know about Amerika.

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  1. The indigenous people who assisted the settlers in the first few years of the establishment of colonies soon came to regret it.

    What was the land of the free and home of the brave soon became the land of the slaves and home of the cowards -cowards who just happened to have better weapons than the people they subjugated or just plain murdered.

    Thank goodness some moral people leaked nuclear technology to the USSR shortly after the end of WW2, otherwise the whole world might have become land of the debt slaves and home of the obese morons, a blend of ‘Brave New World’ and ‘1984’, peopled by lazy, overweight, self-entitled morons.

    And thank goodness there are many Americans who have seen beyond the façade of War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery espoused by their corporate masters and the opportunists who work the system, and have seen the ugly thing that lurks in the shadows. What is more, the good Americans are prepared to challenge the fascist state yet again.

    The late 1960s revolution petered out because most people were too well fed and too comfortable; not this time round.

    The problem for NZ is that the international financial system and the Internet are entirely dominated by America, and therefore, when America goes under any nation intimately linked to it goes under too.

    At least NZ is only up America’s arse as far as its ankles, whereas Australia is up America’s arse as far as its toe nails.

  2. “At least NZ is only up America’s arse as far as its ankles, whereas Australia is up America’s arse as far as its toe nails.”
    Giggle giggle gee thanks for that giggle Afewknowthetruth brought to us by goggle.

  3. We don’t have choices when it comes to foreign policy we just do as were told and we are a trading nation remember.
    As for the land of the free ( for only a minority) is a failed state dying slowly of a thousand cuts.
    They are trapped by the establishment they have created based on greed , corruption , cruelty and fear.
    And the most depressing thing is they are faced with only two choices in November if they want to take part in having a vote , more anarchy or slightly less with someone who is clearly unfit for the responsibilities of the office and will do nothing to tackle the underlying rot that pervades every section of society and is willing to take the money to keep it that way.

    • Mosa, I don’t see a choice nor do most in the US. Both parties stand for corporate corruption, was, murder on a global scale conducted by puppet POTUS cheer leaders who don’t give a fuck about anyone but their MSM owing sponsors.
      Bernie was a faint hope but got bought out. They would rather publicly shoot him than let a glimmer of hope live.

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