Political Caption Competition


American Police lend a hand to elderly protestor.


  1. a police officer fears for his life in the face of vicious assault by a man of some unknown white haired race

  2. The old guy staggered backwards after being shoved then fell on his back hitting his head.
    He lay there unconscious with significant blood running out of his right ear.
    He’s now in an intensive care unit in a critical condition.
    The cops argued he tripped.
    You can see it here…
    I think the rest of the world should boycott the U$A by never traveling there and by ceasing all trading with them/it until a solution is found to the mafia strangle hold it has over the USA and its citizens.
    I say build a wall around the U$A to keep the bastards in.
    Ooo! Look !? A little red dot…?

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