Why do National supporters think Muller will be more attractive to newly unemployed NZers?

Todd Muller is David Shearer without the guitar or fishing rod.

National apologists are trying to gloss over Muller’s train wreck first week with a curious claim that with the economy tanking, the newly unemployed and those frightened by the chills of economic meltdown will magically turn to Todd Muller to protect them from the worst depression on record.

Why would the economically frightened turn to bloody Todd Muller in their time of need?

If you’ve seen Todd in action, why the hell would you trust that gallon of full cream milk to look after you?

Muller has all the false confidence of a tall man, he’s David Shearer without the guitar and seems incapable of explaining why he stabbed the last leader in the back and taken over the Party.

He’s like a confused Pirate squawking, ‘Poly is a cracker’.

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This isn’t just a left wing tribal bias in describing the train wreckery of Muller, I love how the most caustic reviews of his leadership are actually right wing pundits who are furious at his incompetence & embarrassingly weak media performances!

Hoping economic downturn will suddenly attract voters to Muller just seems delusional!

3 consecutive opinion polls give Labour 50%+.

This is unprecedented in MMP politics & represents a sea change in the psychology of the electorate.

A chunk of voters have permanently decamped from National after watching Jacinda’s incredible handling of the pandemic and feel she’s earned their vote.

Gratitude = loyalty and that’s why Labour have every chance in just over 100 days of being elected with a majority for the first time in MMP history.

It’s ok to cry Hoots.

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  1. Muller is just a patsy to take the big loss National knew was coming in election imo. The whole leadership “challenge” was solely to protect Simon Bridges’ legacy. Losing an election, especially with this projected magnitude, is perma-death for leadership aspirations (including future). The John Key groomed Simon to run the country. That would have been wasted in 2020, with no coming back later. With Muller at the helm, Simon is given a second chance he likely would never have gotten otherwise.

    • Not so sure Nitrium. Poor old Simon doesn’t really have a “legacy” as such worth protecting.
      Taking an Occams razor approach, I think pure political expediency was at play here, nothing more.
      A lot of snouts-at-the-trough were under threat, and they responded in the only meaningful way they could to try and reverse their fortunes.
      If Simon was the apprentice, then Key seems to have found a new pet, in the form of Luxon. A bit like Darth Sidious replacing Count Dooku with Anakin Skywalker, for any Star Wars fans out there 😉

    • Yep Nitrium youv’e got it right;

      Todd Mulller is dreaming if he thinks the poor elders and unemployed are both going to support him with his old National policies of “kick em down when they are weak”.
      He would only put the boot in when anyone puts up a hand wanting help.

    • I do remember seeing the traitor Key blowing out his arse about Luxon being the best fit for leadership of the corporate raiding party.. There is no “new pet” smell about this one.. His shadow hangs over the whole party, as they all know how much they are in thrall to the Heavy mob that put Key into the pilots seat in the first place.. These convoluted theories over who’s got a plan, and who’s the patsy, are just so much bullshit.. Self interest, and obsession with money/power, and who gets the ambassador/directorships after doing time assisting the rape of our money by their patrons.. Unless Luxon shows himself to be less electable than Judith Collins(cousin of Barnabas), then it’s a given that he will be the true “apprentice”..

  2. The economic sh*t sandwich will hit post the end of the wage subsidy.

    The NZ middle class is incredibly shallow, selfish and self entitled. When you take away their job security and their income – the health related elation will turn into economic anger.

    I’d be interested if Bomber still thinks Jacinda will still have the same support if unemployment reaches 25%? The economists have well and truely undercooked the downside risk to the NZ

  3. ” he’s David Shearer without the guitar ”
    I would argue Bomber that Muller is not even in David Shearers league considering his work in the United Nations peace keeping mission in South Sudan and his contribution of 20 years working for the UN, managing the provision of aid to countries including Somalia, Rwanda, Liberia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Iraq.
    I would rather sit down and have a meal with David than Muller any day of the week.
    He is an exceptional New Zealander even the NZ Herald agrees.

    • Mosa Absolutely. Shearer’s impressive work in tragically troubled countries is something of which we can be incredibly proud – and not allow any Nat jerk to fool us into thinking that he did likewise in Iraq.

  4. Just do re-hash your headline there:
    Why does this Jacinda supporter think Labour will be more attractive to newly unemployed NZers?
    Because it won’t come September. All her BS will be forgotten. Already we can see the control freak that Jacinda is, what with her going against advice to already be in Level 1 by now. Her team is already starting the leaking! Her famous words are always: “I will act on advice”. Yeah right…what she means is : I will prolong this shit as long as I can so it looks even better at the UN.
    Also, her rules don’t apply to her and her cronies, cleary. As long as us dumb suckers obey and comply.
    Get ready for a lot of disappointment mate…

    • The leaks could come from anyone with access to the papers, there is no certainty that a labour party MP did the leaking.

    • “Acting on advice” is being prepared to listen to someone else opinion, not that of a “control freak”.
      Sadly, if Bridges was prepared to listen to advice, which he wasn’t, National wouldn’t be the shambles it is.
      Yes the disappointment mate will be yours in September.

  5. Muller’s badgering of Ardern during question time was very telling. He was like a feeble poodle biting at a person’s heels and because that person was too polite to kick it away, the poodle just kept biting. It was nauseating to witness Muller’s attempts to play “gotcha”. It was the only ammunition in Muller’s gun and they were all blanks.

    National’s 10k job start is worthless dog shit. The problem with it is the absence of any substance. Second problem is that it’s all pro business as per usual with National. It’s short term when long term job retention should be the only goal and the big one of course is that it’s wide open to widespread rorts.

    That doesn’t stop Muller bleating about it like a stuck pig. Why? Because that’s all he has. As soon as he stops wanking on about it, he’s back to what he is. An arrogant entitled National Party leader with no policies. No wonder he won’t listen to reason and move on.


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