Political Caption Competition


This weird photo op where he’s walked to a Church and awkwardly held up a Bible looks less like a President attempting to calm a wounded nation and more like the Anti-Christ having his hand burned by touching scripture


  1. “It says in here that the world began on October 22 4004 BC. I defy you helots to tell me that it isn’t true…”

  2. Is that an actual bible, or a readers digest condensed story book? Looks more like readers digest to me.. So these people are gullible enough to believe donny’s had his “moment of clarity”? Don’t go away, I have some genuine Rolex watches you can have for $50..

  3. I hold this Book and am in the Divine Presence. (I can say anything, these rubes have been brought up on colour television, reality shows, and don’t know the difference any more.)

  4. “Thou shalt not commit adultery” come on guys wrong book! I said penthouse not gods house.

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