Dear Matthew Hooton – did you really destroy your RNZ & NZ Herald career for this???



How bad was Muller in the House yesterday?

I mean, after his train wreck first week, look at how he started Parliament this week, just watch how he trips over himself, falls over, gets up, slips over again, tried to get up a second time, falls backwards on his arse and ends up wagging his finger while Jacinda towers over him laughing…

Question 1 – Todd Muller to the Prime Minister from New Zealand Parliament on Vimeo.

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…come on folks. Even the most tribal National Party loving fan looks at that poor performance and knows in their heart if hearts that when Muller goes up against Jacinda in those election debates, she will crucify him.

Come on, Muller has a glass jaw that is made of the most fragile glass ever made.

Why on earth did Hooton help this clown become the leader?

Why has he destroyed a career at RNZ and NZ Herald for this meaningless political fart?

The desperation that drove this coup has no value other than naked self preservation, as such it is politically hollow without value.

Muller symbolises that hollowness.

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  1. Sad but true….

    Perhaps election oblivion is the best option to get rid of all these middle management numpties that have infected center right politics for the past 20 years. Unfortunately I expect the ‘gap’ will narrow come election time and then the delusion that is the current National HQ will argue they were right all along and it was just ‘Covid’s fault’ that they lost.

    There appears little effort going into to National’s policy ideas and this shows in question time. Indeed they appear to be matching Labour in opposition. This is why Collins shines relative to her peers in that she usually puts in the hard work and has a comprehensive argument. Perhaps Muller can try and find the same place that Labour puts Kelvin, Phil and Ian – out of the way with plenty of toys to keep them busy……

  2. Muller may save a few bits of furniture in September though, he has a lot of appeal in certain farming sectors.
    The party will get a good rinse with the Lux and put on a Goldie glow next year.

  3. Hooton is a cockroach and isn’t going anywhere. Once Muller is cast back into political oblivion in September, Hooton will slide back to Radio NZ and the Herald exactly as if none of this ever even happened. Will he have any credibility now he’s declared his hand? The words Hooton and credibility have never gone together anyway so no change there.

  4. Hooton would do what any self-respecting right-wing journeyman would do – do it for money!
    For the political right there are only two things that matter: power and the amount of cash in your bank account.
    And when the well in which they are sitting runs dry, they get out and go to another well that looks full.

    • Well Mike you seem to have all people and MP’s from the right depicted as greedy money grubbing capitalists with no morals. The other side of that coin is all the coalition MP’s and ministers that are either invisible incompetent or have stuffed up, or not achieved anything much in the last three years. How should we describe them? Not greedy but useless maybe. Never just there for the money of course. Incompetent but won’t go, but not a pig at the trough of course. Seems to me Mike that MP’s from both sides of the house could be described in the way you do. Of course the businesses people from the left never do anything just for the money.

  5. Mr Hooton’s media gigs have been the longest running public conflicts of interest by a reactionary Nat operative for way too many years.

    Yes, Maserati Mike Hosking, simpering Farrar, Whale, etc. are as bent-buuuut-Mathew was on RNZ, ostensibly at least, public media. Our esteemed TDB Editor was banned for life from Radio NZ, while Hooton got free reign and unwarranted credibility from middle class listeners by his presence.

    As for Mr Muller, “Soymun’s” plodding replacement…keep the pressure on I say till he is defeated. He is a boring non event-but hundreds of thousands are going to vote Nat regardless of that.

  6. Muller was only ever a seat-warmer until Luxon arrives. Unfortunately for him, he was the last person to realise it.

  7. Todd Muller is a ‘stool pigeon’ for the next leader who will swoop into National leadership after Todd Muller crashes National at the election.

    Even our family who is ‘anti-National’ as anyone in the hemisphere; – got a letter from Todd Muller asking for money for his election??? We are stunned at the thought of receiving the emailed letter!!

    Mr Matthew Hooten; – please don’t waste your time on this looser.

  8. If level 1 is Todds goal, what is he going to do after the next 6 days have passed? The more I see of Todd, the less I hear from Amy, Nikki and the Bish. Crusher very vocal this week while feeding her supporters some red meat about being offended by Maoris and what Maoris say or something along those lines. Is Todd being hung out to dry by his team? 2nd coup quietly underway? Or has he muzzled the underlings? Laugh of the day was David Seymour running crying to Newshub (again). ‘Trevor is so mean to me’. I thought he might be maturing but appears to be regressing back to being a figure of ridicule. Facebook post full of anti vaxxers and conspiracy nuts….a growth industry in NZ? Still refuses to engage about sexual abuse at young ACT or, more topically, Nationals CCP money for influence problem. I was thinking about having to campaign for Goldsmith (also very quiet) to win Epsom, but won’t bother. I sense a self destruct moment coming soon. Prediction of ACT vote in election (for what it’s worth) 1.8%. My reasoning is that every issue he takes on seems to alienate some of his new supporters. Calling for clean water bill to be put on hold has upset a few of the environmentally minded. His call for mass arrests of protesters got the ‘free speech’ supporters pissed off (hence his statement 6 hours later saying he supports the protest). Euthanasia is supported but not abortion. Supporting legalising cannabis has the law and order brigade pissed off. Crying about Trevor gets the hard men pissed off (nobody likes a cry baby) and the constant calling out of (or causing) micro aggression in parliaments debating chamber is just pissing everyone off. Sooner or later his supporters will compare notes and realise they are being played. I’m hoping sooner.


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