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  1. This is worth the watch, though it dates from over a month ago. Made in response to Eric Garner’s (strangled by policeman while repeatedly saying; “I can’t breathe”, 5 years ago now) killer being fired but state declining to press any charges. The video game review format is unusual for Renegade Cut, as they are usually more focused on film. It works in context though; periodically giving us a chance to ease back, and absorb the often grim reality behind the fiction. Also well referenced, which I appreciate.

    For those in Dunedin – there is a solidarity protest gathering (not March) in the Octagon at 3pm today.

  2. Magic (read ‘stupid’) radio has resurrected John Banks on talk back. Affectionately called ‘Banksy’ by his redneck fans. Defends Trump because he’s not a slippery politician who spins the truth but ‘tells it like it is’. FFS The reality is that like Trump, Banks is a dumb person who got lucky and rich so they have something in common. Dunning -Kruger syndrome. I remember Banks using Trump type nicknames for his mayoralty opponent Dick Hubbard, referring to him on his talk back platform as ‘the dick’. Hubbard to his credit didn’t retaliate by calling Banks ‘the john’. (i.e. toilet or urinal). I would have but then I’d be falling into the same bottom feeder category as Banks.Anyway in that election Hubbard p*ssed all over Banks.
    Just worried that commercial radio in New Zealand is happy to use nasty people like Banks and Hoskings who emulate the fools on Fox news .

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