The Liberal Agenda – Black Lives Matter – March for Solidarity – 3.30pm Aotea Square



  1. What time is the march to the Chinese embassy in support of the people from Hong Kong and the Uighurs?

    • Honestly! You organise it mate, don’t wait for other and criticise those who are doing something about something happening in the world!

    • Much easier to protest when there are no serious consequences — like losing NZ’s prime trade partner. Or actually protesting about NZ issues and alienating your neighbours that you have to barbecue with.

      • So which protests have you ever actually been on. ‘Much easier to protest’ what nonsense one still has to take the time and make the effort. I have been on hundreds of protests in my life and will continue to do so. I owe it to my conscience and future generations to work for a better, fairer society.

      • +1 Garbonza

        There is nothing wrong with this protest (if they keep to under 100 gathering which seems unlikely) but more the absence of other protests in NZ, about things getting worse for many here and our overseas partners minorities (Uighurs) and what NZ woke and government has to say about it, which is zero….

        • Nope, constitutional law supersedes emergency powers. The only way the government stops people from protesting constitutional violations is if the make they enforce or make the necessary changes to the constitution. Mother fucker it should be Jacinda calling Trump not us.

    • I agree, We should be protesting in support of the people of Hong Kong but only 100 of us at a time.

      Seems to me the American protesters are showing very little regard for their fellow americans considering they are in the middle of a pandemic. Maybe the youth feel invulnirable and don’t give a toss about spreading the virus.

        • And if this reignites the pandemic in NZ I suppose you won’t be asking our medical profession to save you. Sadly, they don’t have the right to refuse.

          This is drawing the attention away from Hong Kong, where this type of police behavior is normal.

          • Evidence of Honk Kong Police brutality would be interesting.
            It is the Police who are being attacked by organised gangs led from UK and USA.

        • And if this reignites the pandemic in NZ I suppose you won’t be asking our medical profession to save you. Sadly, they don’t have the right to refuse.

          This is drawing the attention away from Hong Kong, where this type of police behavior is normal.

          • To me the corona virus seems light years ago. We will have to cross that bridge when it comes. The emergency powers was enacted under the civil defence act and the protesters are protesting constitutional violations. The cops went to far and started messing with mass surveillance technology and arming police and the government doesn’t get to do that under the cover of a public health crises. The death of George Floyd just awakened the beast. Police thought they had all the power, even parliament thinks it’s the highest court but today that authority was challenged.

      • Hong Kong
        Yes we should protest about the US interference in Hong Kong. They have used NED in many regimes they have wanted to disrupt, funded by congress and managed by the CIA.
        Before China took back Hong Kong there was no democracy in Hong Kong just UK rule without local representation and Indians employed by the UK to administrate and keep order.
        Now they have some democracy and unfortunately the USA in there interfering creating chaos that the Hong Kong resident don’t want.
        It is unwise to base understanding on Western propaganda ex USA.

      • thanks for ‘the other side of the story’ links John W …

        The Usa has a long history of encouraging and aiding extremists ,,, while in modern times no one has killed and harmed more Muslims than the Usa

        “FALSE FLAG Ronald Reagan Dedicates Space Shuttle Launch To Taliban-Mujahedin Freedom Fighters”

  2. How about we focus on NZ. F America’s drama. Their race issues have been baked into the cake since inception.

    Not our circus, not our monkeys.

    • China and America are still the most wealthy nations in the world, I want there investments. Need I remind you that we are still in the middle of a pandemic? We require there aid, simple as that. What we don’t want is half arsed PPE from China or America using aid agencies to fund political opponents of parties they don’t like. Simple. Oh and by the way, policing will change globally and that includes China.

      The Wuhan Virus has effectively forced the entire western world to blockade itself and its exposed every incompetent aspect of the every system on the planet. Even our own Pink Haired Scientist Suzy what’s her name was going around in January telling everyone not to close the boarders and I’m like what fucking credentials did she have to manage bio security at the boarder because that was a terrible idea.

      Yknow we could say oh but neoliberalism and budget cuts have thruster the young idealistic 30 somethings with no fucking experience into rolls they should never have been speaking about on the radio circuit but I will tell you they didn’t have to accept an interview. Nope I’m totally glad Jacinda, Robertson and Winston are at the helm. They’re just the right people at the right time and they’re just going to have to lift another gear if you can believe that.

      • I agreed Sam on all but one point if you don’t mind
        “The Wuhan Virus has effectively forced the entire western world to blockade itself”
        The (SARS‑CoV‑2) virus that produces covid19 has yet to be traced to its source and the infection found in some world communities has not come from Wuhan or China.
        The “Wuhan Virus” or “Cinese Virus” is what Trump calls it as a propaganda ploy to mask his hopeless response, using generated bad feeling against China to bolster his election chances.

        Time will tell when eventually the source of the virus is eventually established by science not politicians.

        I don’t care personally where it started but hard evidence needs to be agreed upon by independent agencies with internationally regarded virologists. That has not happened yet. Most countries are sharing their genome data and samples but the USA does not seem willing to do so.

        • Yeah, well, the scientific advice from associate professor Siouxsie Wiles on her first RNZ checkpoint interview about this subject back in January to keep the boarders open was stupidly bad advice. Like I said at the time we should have closed the boarders when Martyn said which was as soon as China closed it’s boarders. When this is over the origins of the virus won’t be the only thing being looked at.

          • Yes we had warning and some very bad advice.
            Business NZ did not want to close borders and I believe it took precious time for the govt to offer a package deal to them before level 4 lockdown. It could have happened days earlier.
            The Banks got 31 billion to play with in the finance market and less than 10% of that will trickle into circulation in NZ.

            • “Bad advice?” I mean bad advice might lose you a million dollar. Stupid fucking bad advice is telling people to walk around the streets with a machine gun firing in every which way direction!

              It took the entire Global Economy to close down for 3 months to end the woke social justice worrier online freedom fighter. If you’re an investor, business owner, worker or just struggling you need to unfollow the woke online social justice warriors and stop listening to beneficiary porn. They (people like Weka, an author at the standard) are cancer. This is all the proof you need.

    • Zack how about you do something about something you want publicity for, do it now, don’t criticise others who have got off their arse.

      We follow the great US of A I am sure you know that and police already target those with brown skin in this country. That is public knowledge.

      • What happened in the US was wrong – the culprit has been arrested and charged – the riots that are taking place now having nothing to do with his memory – they are wanton acts of violence and looting perpetrated by mostly young people of all colours – to the majority of these people its a bit of fun and a chance to rebel – a number of mayors in cities that have been affected called this out from an early stage – by all means demonstrate if you wish but make sure you hold all countries to account for their atrocities towards minority groups – Rohinga – Uighurs – Cantonese in Hong Kong – Dalits in India – to do otherwise is hypocritical – racism comes in every colour – it is not just a black and white thing you are trying to make it out to be

        • Your ideals are good, but the reality is really bad. As a commenter you do not have the power to make New Zealand do what you want it to do. The negro has been turned upside down and inside out and now the negro should be treated just like everyone else. Negro don’t have a history of violence or murder, they are the ones being murdered. All around the world people have had enough, you’re either on the negro’s side or your with the police it’s that simple. Uighurs – Cantonese or who ever, you’re either on team human race or you’re a supporter of global police practices. Like I said I didn’t start this, a very long series of constitutional violations started the revolution.

          • Agreed Sam.
            Its not a one off event captured on video that the protesting is about.
            The frustration and inhumane cruelty by US mainly white administration over generations, has built up and so it should.
            All earlier major efforts to express the need for change have been crushed.
            Violence is mainly instigated when suppressing the rightful protest.
            The rioting is separate to looting.

  3. I see there is almost full scale war between the fascists who are in control of America (they have been in control since before the term was popularized by Mussolini) and the anti-fascists, and that Trumps says Antifa will be declared a ‘terrorist organization’.’

    Meanwhile police have driven at protesters:

    At least no one gets dragged around the streets behind a car until they die an agonising death these days. Well, not that we know of.

  4. “Mysterious Brick Piles Appear Throughout Major Protest Cities”

    The spirit of rebellion wants to rear it’s ugly head. Where did these brick piles come from?

  5. About the protest “A spokesman for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declined to comment on the protests or on the death of George Floyd.”

    Why not….they had a lot to say about Hong Kong….where the police are far more civilized, particularly given the provocations.

      • It took six months of organised mahem before China sent in some troops to clean up the streets and help with protecting Police.
        Now a Law against such terrorism is underway, a law supported by the majority in Hong Kong.

    • Why would a prime minister whose just spent two months telling everyone to social distance and who shut down the country , a move which has cost thousands of jobs, destroyed small business and ruined funerals, weddings , stranded people and is still refusing to lower restrictions endorse a mass breach of the very rules she’s set that have caused untold destructions to peoples lives ? What a blow to her authority that would be and if she did endorse it she’d get crucified by the left for not endorsing it enough. Naaaa fam best the pm stays out of it.

  6. 4000 at the Auckland protest alone!

    It’s like the Covid19 pandemic never existed and the sacrifices made were a waste of time.

    • A house nigger is someone who aggressively keeps the rest of the niggers in line. Nazi concentration camps would do similar making Jews keep there own people in line. Don’t be one of them okay?

      • This virus doesn’t care whose having a good ol’ protest, in fact it thanks you.

        But for everyone else who stayed locked down for 5 weeks plus , along with the economic carnage, protesting crap for something that happened in deep USA, just fucked people off.

        • Well XRAY, I’v got a different reaction to what happened to George Floyd. Completely unacceptable what happened. It’s not the way that a guy can kneel on a mans neck for 9 minutes and my reaction ought to be my safety and security is more important. No the only way I claim that the protest could have been headed off at the pass is if The Orime Minister calls an emergency UN meeting to give instructions to the Whitehouse on how to follow there own rules what’s written in the constitution.

          • Delusional! This is how todays education & msn has dumbed people down ..Go on a march because of an event in USA. Police brutality is a common occurence!


            • Iv no idea why what you’re going on about?

              First of all the freedom to protest is there specifically to constrain the power of what governments and corporate power can do.

              What you’re talking about is marching to confrol what landlords can do on there own land. Do you see how you are getting your concepts confused?


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