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  1. Isn’t this good. Ashley Bloomfield has stood throughout the Covid-19 turbulence, the face of reason, practicality, explaining the goals of control and why and calming our fears and frustration to good effect. I would like a tote bag and a tshirt. I hope The Print Room co-owner Jon Thom, of Dunedin says they will do another run at a price that covers their costs – they have done so well for wellbeing.

    $140,000!. There are others terribly stretched, perhaps we could look at that group and ensure that there is a reliable, honest hub for whoever receives funds . These are essential for those that the government admin aren’t able to see, hear, or talk to – Three Monkeys stuff! A needy group are the foreigners here whose plans and visas don’t match the new reality. The situation and rules have changed, but they are still people who we should care about, not just forms, or bytes of responsive points to electricity on discs.

  2. Let’s have some flashmobs in stores where they want to attract customers. ‘Today be around …. at about 11 am and hear something very Kiwi, country, romantic, great rap etc.’
    The Russians did a great job with their show in the supermarket singing an old folk song Kalinka and dancing.

    FGS  Do the cost-benefit on our justice and prison practices you bean-counters under callous, cold and hypocritical neo lib!     It is not efficient or effective.     You are just following USA practices of bunging people with problems into prison which takes them out of unemployment statistics and puts them in limbo where they have to limbo under a very low stick to get to a place where they can make a success of being alive.  
    And the USA get many benefits from loading up their prisons with poor people.   They reduce crime stats for a time, they reduce unemployment stats which make the economy seem in better shape, they have taken voting rights from prisoners (as NZ also has) which reduces the democratic opportunity of the strugglers to get fairer treatment from government, and they use prison labour for low remuneration so undercut legitimate businesses following employment laws with minimum wage levels.   A nasty soup is being made of all these Oliver Twist unfortunates.

    Yet in Germany there is a downward move in prison population.  –   Incarceration rate in Germany 2008-2019     Published by Daniel Clark, May 7, 2020
    Worldwide updates –

    It takes a Terry Waite* with strong faith and a good philosophy and background to spend years incarcerated and emerge a functioning human being able to go forward in wellness of mind, body and outlook.   (Terry was imprisoned by some Arab militants and held incommunicado with occasional nasty treatment, for many years.)

    And those with callous attitudes in government and administration have already lost part of their humanness.    *Terry says that negative direction will progress the longer they continue in their practices.    
    The terrible thing about terrorism is that ultimately it destroys those who practice it.
    Slowly but surely, as they try to extinguish life in others, the light within them dies.   Terry Waite

    But also the country has become deficient then in allowing such behaviour and then to continue it when it is noticed and criticised by people just using their common sense, and backed by informed workers as well as academics.    It is to the detriment of all of us that we keep these prisons going as they are.    We are becoming shallow people with no real care for each other;   not as individuals, or as part of a herd.    We don’t have natural instincts for good care of ourselves or others it seems, our ways are all learned by our clever brains but without teaching and modelling of good thinking and behaviour we are lost.
    This man rose above prison negatives.    He had the ability to study and did.    Not everybody can study, can read even.    But they could learn if they were presented with their new reality and future, in new ways that enabled their learning, to suit their approach to life and their brain.   And thereby hangs a chance, why not offer it?

  4. The USA is a frightening place. So powerful and so full of BS that it must be hard to find blood in their veins.
    Pretending to be religious, especially Christian, they view it as a brand, and look to make money from selling it.
    Taking away the tax-free status for churches would help keep the phony preachers and religious entrepreneurs in place. It would be best if they paid something like the FTT. even about 1% on each $ they get. Then a suitable tax based on being a not-for-profit entity, and income tax on their functionaries would cap this huge tax
    avoidance scam.
    They would think twice about putting up this sort of dangerous nostrum. I thought we still had vestiges of law that we could bring to bear on someone who offered potential poison to citizens.

  5. I’ll go off on other matters tomorrow and let others have space for their ideas and concerns!

    Looking at this matter of Northtec (Polytechnic) downsizing is interesting. They do have a mile of tutors and part-time staff and tougher times mean some would have to go. But they are thinking of cutting down on trades – that seems unwise.

    The aim from the top in education seems to make us deeply embedded in tech culture and services to the extent that personal skills are being neglected.
    (Press Release – Tertiary Education Union)
    (NorthTec is the only Northland-based Tertiary Education Institute (TEI) that provides programmes ranging from foundation, certificate, diploma and degree levels)

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