Ngāti Paul Goldsmith??? A lighter shade of beige


Nikki Kaye wrongly describes Paul Goldsmith as Māori as pressure over National’s diversity grows

New deputy National leader Nikki Kaye described front bench MP Paul Goldsmith as Māori when defending the diversity of the party’s new front bench.

But this was news to Goldsmith, who told journalists minutes later that while he had Māori connections his family had “Māori connections” but he was not Māori himself.

National’s new leaders were criticised by some Labour MPs after unveiling their new 14-member front bench on Monday – which only features one non-white MP: Paula Bennett at rank 13.

When the best you have to defend the white loaf of bread and gallon of milk the National Party top dozen represents is ‘But Paul Goldsmith is a Māori’, you know you are in trouble.

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I mean, Paul Goldsmith puts the cracker into caucasian.

Paul Goldsmith is so white he’s pink volcanic salt on bruschetta with artisan bread while Creed plays in the background white.

Folks, come on.

Let’s just be brutally honest here. The reason the top dozen are a lighter shade of beige is because what the National Party cares most about is white ambition.

Remember, this coup was driven out of desperation and fear by Backbenchers who saw themselves losing their jobs, this isn’t a great re-prioritising of National values or new policies, this is self interest masquerading as leadership and nothing says ‘me first me first  me first’ quite like the National Party.

That their top dozen are all ambitious white people is as unsurprising as learning Trumps home library is an empty shelf littered with old KFC buckets.

Now we shouldn’t blame National for being honest, but we should punish them at the ballot box, because surely the strength of modern New Zealand is in its diversity, is in its broad representation and in its multiculturalism.

A vote for National is a vote for the selfishness of naked ambition.

It’s a vote in the year 2020 for the NZ of 1950.

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    • You are on very shakey ground Denny. Muller is trying this approach that National is more competent, but the blunders today, Kaye, Willis (calling Muller Simon Bridges) and McLays attempt to attack Kelvin Davis which fell flatter than a pancake makes them look bloody stupid

      • Denny has it about right Ann. Tell me about all the competent things this Government has done excluding a good job with Covid. I just can’t remember much. And when I say Covid that doesn’t include the recovery which hasn’t got off the ground yet. Let’s have a chat in 12months. Assuming a labour coalition gets back in.

        • It’s late so I’m not going to any research but off the top of my head:

          -Increase bright line test to 5 years
          -Doubled state house building
          -Winter Energy payment
          -Reverse National tax changes and increased WFF and Accommodation Supplements
          -Increase benefit $25 and change the annual benefit increases to average wage increases rather than CPI
          -Delegate recognition and time in the Employment Relations Act
          -New employees of a unionised workplace on the collective for first 30 days
          -Minor industrial action e.g. “work to rule” doesn’t result in wage deductions
          -Removed abortion from the Crimes Act
          -Pike River
          -Significant minimum wage increases
          -Settled multiple pay equity claims, with Teacher Aides the latest (today 27/5)

  1. Yes I guess that is a true representation of National, as they are so white at the top arent they?

    I am very interested in finding out about Paul Goldsmith’s work history and his education.

    He seems to be ‘a well spoken man’ almost bristling with some arrogance with no appearance of being “a working man” here.

    I watched Winston attacking him one day during Q+A accusing Goldsmith as being a spoilt brat that came straight out of ‘Auckland Grammar School’ and into Parliament, as a speech writer so it may be time to check on this mans REAL work history now. He has only written some biography’s for some past MP’s. I dont call that REAL work as we poor had to do, so he is another upper class parliamentary member with the “Born to rule” ideology.

  2. The Nact Party is as exciting as day old cold porridge left in the pot

    …do we want 9 more years of the Jonkey Nacts?…do we want the CCP holding our purse strings?

    ….HELL NO!

  3. One has to wonder what this “political Junket” was all about.. Who was involved, and how much the crustless loaf identifies with uncle Donny… But then, if this guy turns out to be a sad joke, then they should get Clem onboard.. I hear he copyrighted his groundbreaking “She’s A Pretty Communist” meme..

  4. Is this a pseudo-Pocahontas situation, where Goldsmith is projected as a Maori by a third-party (Nikki Kaye) instead of by himself?

    • DX5 The more I look at Nikki, the more I think that she is Maori – or possibly Micronesian – and this was just the warm-up – Hannah Tamaki hair colour – but it is v complicated – they all need to get their stories straight.

      Goldsmith could be in a bit of a pickle here – a member of the Friends of Israel parliamentary cabal- and hence once even referred to as Goldstein- and he may find it hard to be all things to all people – he’s only a Nat pollie – and they don’t always represent all the people – just a few here – and over there.

  5. Frankly, we shouldn’t give a fuck what skin color they are, all brown, black, yellow, or white, Maori, Pakeha, whatever as long as they are the best people for the job.

    Think about it. If you had to go in for major surgery, you would want the best fricken surgeon, and his ethnicity or gender blah blah blah would be totally irrelevant. And if it was relevant you would be a fucking idiot.

    • Mark: “Frankly, we shouldn’t give a fuck what skin color they are, all brown, black, yellow, or white, Maori, Pakeha, whatever as long as they are the best people for the job.”

      Exactly. Appointing people on the basis of the Natz’ front bench needing to conform to that overused notion of “diversity” is pointless and silly. It’s just tokenism of the most egregious sort.

      The much more pointful ideal of “merit” is what ought to be driving selections for any front bench, whether or not it’s an opposition party.

  6. Wow I generally vote people on their competence (lacking or not) not who their parents are. I must be a complete nut job?

  7. lol lol lol……….National promoting them as more competent than Labour making themselves look bloody stupid in the last 24 hours. Todd,s disastrous interview on Q and A. Nikki howler about Ngati Goldsmith, McLay getting serious egg on face when attacking Kelvin Davis and Nicola Willis looking positively ditzy on National news referring to Muller as Simon Bridges. BTW Paula looked gleeful when asked about the Maori issue………….Hilarious if they tried the old election slogan of A Brighter Future again. Ha ha ha ha ha

  8. That Paul Goldsmith is the whitest of white dudes in the building, much less downtown Wellington, is bloody funny but irrelevant.

    The real story here is there are clearly some rather unhappy pussy cats in Nationals caucus and by day 2, regardless of the threats to keep them in line, they are are leaking like a sieve.

    • Knarf, I thought Goldsmith was absolutely appropriate and deserved credit. Since then Collins and indeed Seymour have behaved like muppets. It’s not like Seymours front bench is culturally diverse!


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