After an appalling TV interview & tone deaf white party list, Todd Muller rolls over on his MAGA hat

Todd Muller is David Shearer without the guitar or fishing rod.

Who would have thunk that a middle management PR lobbyist from Fonterra could captivate the mainstream media so easily?

After Muller the National Party should just run a Dairy Cow as leader and see if the NZ Herald gives it a guest editorial.

Muller mania however seems to have managed to trip up over itself so many times that Matthew Hooton must be on suicide watch.

Put aside the appalling TV interview last night on Q+A and their tone deaf white Party list, the only thing that made Muller mildly interesting was his political geekness in owning a MAGA hat but he’s just wimped out and dumped it…

Todd Muller won’t be bringing Trump hat to new office

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National leader Todd Muller won’t be bringing his controversial “Make America Great Again” hat to his new office.

The hat was the centre of Muller’s first controversy as National leader when it was seen on display in a photograph of his Parliament office and mentioned in a profile of Muller published on The Spinoff.

Muller will now be moving to the much more salubrious office of the Leader of the Opposition.

“I’ve packed it up in a box when I left the office and it will stay in the box,” Muller said.

…nothing screams mediocrity quite like a timid fear of offending the easily triggered.

The only thing whiter than this snowflake is the National Party List!

The only thing Muller has managed since rolling Simon Bridges is to make Simon Bridges look good.

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    • To right, it’s part of his personality and he’s just packed it up in a box, moved on to fabricate a more palatable version.sorry I’ve had a look and it’s not for me.

  1. Nothing wrong with ‘Making Ardern Go Away!’

    Then maybe they can get on with the grown up stuff instead of cos-play in front of the camera every day.

  2. Help me out here everyone.
    Why must appointments be made on race or colour? Why must there be a quota? What if the people are the best for their positions. Surely Kelvin Davis is a good example here? Martyn, are you seriously telling me he is ranked up there for his amazing competence?

    • So why is Brownlee or even Nick Smith so highly ranked other than Bridges stating Brownlee would throw bricks at him if Brownlee didn’t get what he wanted. Brownlee is a buffoon and makes Davis look outstanding.

    • Todd Muller has spoken of National being a broad church, which sounds good in a media clip, but people are going to check if that holds up to scrutiny. Muller probably meant that more in an urban vs rural and conservative vs liberal sense, but demographics are always used to judge how representative a party is, and whose vote they are chasing. And rival parties like to highlight the differences to their own favour.

      If you think back to the private conversations of Jami-Lee Ross and Simon Bridges, we heard the relative merits of Indians, Chinese and Filipinos. When Kurako resigned, NZ got its first Filipino MP. Findlayson’s replacement was framed as the party’s first female Pacific MP.

      And it seems that National is trying to court the female vote. Three out of the top four being women is an intentional counter to Ardern.

      When parties have diversity, they champion it. When they don’t, they champion merit. It’s up to the voter how much of it matters.

      The problem for Muller is that he has to manage the inner-factions of the party, rewarding his supporters but also buying off his rivals and protecting his own back. So maybe this isn’t his dream team at all, but the best compromise for him to secure power. If his backers within caucus are predominantly white, than so shall the face of the party.

      As for Kelvin Davis, his promotion was at a time when Labour were aiming to acquire all the Maori seats, and to counter the male+female, Pakeha+Maori pairing of English and Bennett. Whether is mattered or not to Maori voters, it was probably Labour’s intent to have Davis influence their vote.

  3. Another train wreck interview with Muller on RNZ this morning. Explaining is losing. I’m sure the National party will come up with even better fodder for the media by the end of the day. Day 6 of Mullers reign and Mark Richardson is pissed off so all good in the world.

    • I have just viewed Muller’s interview with John Campbell.
      Muller was clearly rattled – again! Raising eyebrows heavenward occasionally and putting on the stern Headmaster’s face from time to time and insisting on speaking – electioneering – over John’s questions.
      But here’s the nub: Muller must have had an economic plan which he would have presented to the caucus that elected him. If he didn’t and the caucus elected him because (1) he was the only one to put his name forward and (2) they were so utterly desperate to get rid of Bridges, it simply shows the incompetency of the National caucus (hardly the “phenomenal” team that is regularly touted by Muller). I suspect it’s a bit of both because he obviously never had an economic plan as he said in the Campbell interview that Amy Adams is writing it right now!
      John Campbell was right to ask the question over and over. Muller’s exasperation was not of Campbell’ making but of his own making.
      Politics is not a game of tiddly-winks, Todd!

      • Agreed what an AWFUL interview, yet again. He ignored the point of the question and went to the ‘rote remark’. It looked so obvious and so ‘I’ll just ignore what you say and talk VAGUELY about what I want to say’.
        He came across as uninformed, aloof, just wanting to follow FIXED line of conversation. A bit like an ‘out of depth’ person reciting remarks he was asked to remember when he’s struggling….see Bull Durham…..
        This guy is an absolute walking disaster and someone (Hoots) needs to tell him how BAD he comes across and coach him.
        He’s defensive and looks like a stunned mullet.
        As people have said….’and they rolled Simon Bridges (who I really dislike) for THIS’ !
        Man the ChiNatz are REALLY really desperate.

  4. Wokedom aside, MAGA lids represent some very bad stuff indeed. Black Americans are still being murdered for things like–jogging while being black. A whole reactionary layer of Americans take encouragement from Trump’s merch. MAGA hat wearers can break C19 lockdowns, and open carry military weapons into State Government buildings with no sanction.

    The major concern about Todd Conehead should be that someone that seriously thinks they could be NZ Prime Minister even owns one, yet alone displays it! As ex Nat MP Tau Henare said this morning, Mr Muller’s front bench would be better suited to the Keith Holyoake era.

    The irony is some Natfans will likely think Todd is gutless for hiding his hat, and be celebrating no Maareeees.


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