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  1. On a very happy front that makes me think there is a chance for a better world, Iran sends tankers to Venezuela that have to go through a USA naval blockade. Iran makes it clear that there will be consequences if any of the 4 super tankers are stopped. So the blockade is smashed and a light shines in the dark for Venezuela.

    For some background…

    Thankfully, the answer appears to be no. And why is that? The US military knows that they will get their asses kicked! When Trumpy assasinated the head of the Iranian Military, Iran responded with a precision strike on a US base resulting in some hundred deaths of US soldiers. The US took this and let it stand without retaliation recognising that Iran had the capability for serious harm if provoked further.

    Why is Iran helping Venezuela? Venezuela has the largest known reserves of oil. So long as they remain out of the cutches of the US Trump cant set fire to the Middle East. Why has Venezuela run out of petrol then?

    The beginning of the resistance in Venezuela was Chavez. For a great long read of the original failed coup in Venezuela…


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