Trump vs Biden – who can lose fastest?


Any educated civil person with basic morals and ethics should and would recoil in disgust from Trump, and part of me just hopes that simple decency defeated at the ballot box…

US president Donald Trump will lose election by landslide, new model predicts

The United States economy has gone from President Donald Trump’s greatest political asset to his biggest weakness, a new study claims.

The economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic will cause Trump to suffer a “historic defeat” in November, a national election model released by Oxford Economics has predicted.

The study predicted Trump would win just 35 per cent of the popular vote, compared to a previous pre-coronavirus prediction that picked the president to win 55 per cent of the vote.

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…but then you look at the barely comprehending Joe Biden and his extraordinary talent to screw up any situation…

Biden regrets saying black voters considering Trump ‘ain’t black’

Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden is in damage limitation mode after saying African Americans “ain’t black” if they even consider voting for President Donald Trump over him.

Gaffe-prone Mr Biden made the remark in an interview on Friday with a prominent black radio host, Charlamagne Tha God, about his outreach to black voters.

Mr Biden later expressed regret for the “cavalier” comment.

The black vote has been key to the Biden candidacy.

…and you truly wonder who can lose this election the fastest.

Trump’s extraordinary incompetence and how it’s exacerbated the American pandemic has been on naked display alongside all the rest of the malicious hatred he vomits up and my fear is that his sudden realisation that he is going to lose will make him erratically dangerous.

Everything is at stake in the US election, including our geopolitical security.

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  1. Models predicted Trump would lose the 2016 election by a landslide. Especially, Nate Silver with his fivethirtyeight scientific prediction model that had never before gotten an election wrong since it’s inception, was widely cited as a gold standard that Trump would lose to Hillary.

    There is a deep-seated hatred of Donald Trump in the US among Democrats, but there is also a blind adoration for him among Republicans. Beware the echo chamber that gladly (but blindly) verifies everything you want to be true. The US has effectively a first-past-the-post winner takes all election system. He’ll lose a few states, but imo he’ll still retain enough to win – especially given that Biden is an incredibly weak opponent that doesn’t exactly instil confidence of being a “strong and capable leader” in anyone.

  2. a national election model released by Oxford Economics

    Are these the modellers who predicted 500,000 deaths in UK?
    If so..their modelling means jack shit

  3. Nitrium: “Models predicted Trump would lose the 2016 election by a landslide.”

    Indeed. And prior to that election, those of us reading online US news and blogsites were picking up signals that the election wasn’t necessarily going to be a shoo-in for Clinton.

    I (and, I later found out, others) contacted RNZ’s news programmes, urging its reporters to look beyond what the US msm was reporting about the possible outcome. We were ignored, of course.

    So: the morning after the election, I contacted Morning Report, wishing them good eating of that great big humble pie I was sure they had in the studio. No surprises that they didn’t read out THAT message.

    This time as last time, I’ll take no notice of prognostications, either on the part of local pundits or of the US msm. They’ll be wrong. And if they’re right, it’ll be chance.

    I must say that a member of this household earnestly hopes that Biden will eventually be elected, because (in their view) Americans in general deserve him. Heh!

    • I to still listen to voice of america (rnz nat) through lack of a viable alternative, but am always aware of the propaganda i am being fed. Am in total agreement with the quoted member of your household.

  4. Meh. Just as in 2016 the Americans have two equally bad options to pick from.
    I guess at least they know what they get with Trump whereas Bidens dementia means that the person they elect won’t resemble the president they have in 2 years time.
    Abstention seems a good option to me.

  5. I’m pleased you’ve realised Biden is vapid as a candidate, Bomber. Some TDB contributors knew already. Historically, a weak showing. Before the Kavanagh debacle, he chaired the senate committee considering Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court nomination, and allowed complainant Anita Hill to be torn to shreds. Thomas’ record as a justice is appalling and more evidence supports Hill’s claims.

    Intercept’s piece on Attorney-General Bill Barr reveal his skillful manipulation of the truth to protect Trump from his critics. When he worked for Bush Snr Barr did the same but Biden endorsed him as A-G. His black vote depends on the false idea that he shared Obama’s record on civil rights. His idiotic comment to a black radio host that you mention Bomber, is likely to damage support from blacks.

    To defeat Trump, the Democrats need to find a plausible candidate. It affects us too, so they better shape up in all our interests. Otherwise Trump will become a president depicted in novels written by both Sinclair Lewis and Philip Roth – a fascist.

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