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    Covid-19 might be the saving of the fiords pristine waters. The word cruises turns into crises with the removal of one letter ‘u’.

    All you who want to do a Sweeney Todd on NZ through excessive tourist numbers using our natural heritage for your personal gain can go and jump off a bridge from a dodgy rope, or sail in the air up up and away in a hot air balloon with a dodgy businessman. I know we love meat pies but we don’t want our country to end up in them, figuratively.

    Is this nasty nitpicking? Grind a poor bugger into the dirt because for not providing solutions to suit moneyed people? Or not.

    I question many of the NZ managers in charge of organising expensive, dud tech developments, remember Incis? But the developers are working with ethereal things that turn apparent reality around. and in the case of this new Coronavirus couldn’t guarantee their predictions. Isn’t this like the Italians jailing some of their earthquake specialists because they were out on their predictions. Purveyors of science seem often to get shafted, for instance Galileo – and he invented the telescope didn’t he?

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