Political Caption Competition


Privilege never looked so beige and undeserved.


  1. Appearance is all. Why is Nikki dressed in mainly black? In an earlier photo I thought I was looking at Hannah Tamaki for a sec; she looks good in black. And why don’t they all have their hands in the same place?
    I thought they were a team. I notice Gerry Brownlee’s are to his back and wonder if he is holding anything.

    • I agree Greywarbler – the divisions in this “team” are palpable.
      The Collins faction.
      The Mitchelll faction.
      And now the Bridges faction.

      Tad Moller and Nikki the Knife have their work cut out.

  2. Like any team in politics some are more equal then others. Kaye is beside Muller but Collins is standing forward of her
    Kaye is a puppet a figurehead who will be in the background. Collins is the kingmaker and will get what she wants

  3. “And now that I’ve successfully knifed Simon Bridges, I intend to make the most of my opportunity to be a pompous, self-important tosser until Luxon knifes me in six months time.”

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