China’s latest attack on Hong Kong will enflame tensions


Todd Muller’s recent flirtation with NZ First which Tracey Martin was playing up on The Nation faces its first test…

New Zealand Government ‘reacts with concern’ as China tightens grip on Hong Kong

Winston Peters says the New Zealand Government has “reacted with concern” at China’s proposed new national security legislation for Hong Kong.

The Chinese Communist Party has started the process to impose the controversial law, which would ban secession, foreign interference, terrorism and all seditious activities aimed at toppling the central government and any external interference in the financial hub.

It marks an escalation in attempts to bring the semi-autonomous territory further under its control and crack down on pro-democracy protestors.

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…while we have been inwardly focused on the pandemic, geopolitical storms have been building between China and America.

Threats that China would invade Taiwan are now alongside this new attack on Hong Kong and occur at a  time when there is increased military tension between China and America in the South China Sea.

Muller is a devotee of our Chinese Overlords while Winston is actively pushing back against China.

The unpredictable element in all of this is Trump and how far he will go to attack an external enemy he blames for the economic downturn that is robbing him of a second term.

China is in expansion mode and wants to challenge America for dominance, whether we like it or not, NZ is gong to get caught in this churn.

The wider public of NZ will recoil at China if they force new violence over Hong Kong while Muller will be singing their praises.

National’s addiction to China could finally cost them in the election if China starts flexing their muscles.

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      • Unless America dismantles the whole Chinese military then Hong Kong and Taiwan will be red by 2040. We can either act like we can change that situation (which we can’t, not even with America on our side) or we can act like it will happen. Either way New Zealand will have to double the Defence recapitalization fund from nzd20 to nzd40 billion and double annual defence spending from nzd3 to nzd6 billion per year. And if we grease Trumps palms with a 20 billion spend up on American jets and frigates he just might do a trade deal with New Zealand.

    • US funded NED is a tool the CIA use and have used in dozens of countries, to create and fund unrest as well as violence. Weapons are also supplied through NED.
      Hong King had little or no democracy under the UK and Hong Kong citizens were treated as third class..
      Now it not only has democracy to a large degree but is no longer drained financially by a colonial power the UK.

      The USA is doing its dirty tricks wishing to get a foot hold in Asia after missing out after WWII and being expelled from China, creating the American wars in both Korea and Vietnam and is now having another go at China.

  1. Boris Johnson to reduce Huawei’s role in Britain’s 5G network in the wake of coronavirus outbreak
    The Prime Minister has instructed officials to draw up plans that would see China’s involvement in the UK’s 5G network reduced to zero

    “In its latest power grab, China on Friday set in motion a controversial national security law for Hong Kong, bypassing its lawmakers, in a move seen as an attempt to stifle the city’s special freedoms. The UK, Australia and Canada released a joint statement condemning the move, saying it undermined the principle of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ under which Hong Kong is guaranteed a high degree of autonomy.

    It came amid escalating fears the socialist superpower is seeking to assert its influence by buying up companies at risk of going bankrupt due to the crisis.

    Mr Johnson flagged new measures to protect British technology in the wake of coronavirus during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

    Asked by Conservative MP Richard Drax if the UK should copy France’s review of defence supply chains, the PM replied: “He is absolutely right to be concerned about investment, to be concerned about the buying up of UK technology by countries that … may have ulterior motives.

    “And we are certainly bringing forward measures to ensure that we protect our technological base and … you’ll be hearing a lot more about that in the next few weeks.”

    Reports later emerged that Mr Johnson wants the UK to be more self-sufficient and less reliant on China for supplies and goods.”

  2. China has aspirations uglier than any other country today.

    Isn’t it time the MSM ask National (which is a devout anti communist political party) why they are so friendly to a rouge communist Government?

    • Is China’s Govt rogue.
      After many countries including the UK and USA colonised China before WWII, then Japan was eventually thrown out, China had to fight hard to get back their sovereignty by removing the USA.

      Now they have it and successfully run a country of 1.4 billion which is not an easy task and never before has such a large population been run by an elected group. That is over four times the population of the USA.

      China has no military bases off shore where as the USA has over 800, China has not surrounded any country with missiles whereas the USA has surrounded China and Russia, two countries who have never invaded the USA nor attempted to.

      The USA is run by a small group of billionaires and bankers, and has an appalling record of creating wars and installing puppet govts across Europe, the Middle East, South America and beyond.

      The USA is the Rogue Govt and that is recognised internationally.

      NZ is stupid allowing Chinese or any other nationality, to buy land here and businesses unless the buyers are NZ citizens with significant residence. We don’t want more Peter Thiels corrupting our country no matter where the come from.

  3. “Winston is actively pushing back against China”

    Winnie is pushing his same racist barrow. I’m not suggesting he is wrong about the Chinese government because he is not.
    However his motivations for pushing this barrow are the same as they have always been, which is to make a play for the xenophobic vote.

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