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  1. Another example of why Stuff don’t deserve any response to their begging for money.
    They highlight a story of how an Ad on Australian TV was withdrawn because it showed a man holding a small child opening a fridge door to show a lady sitting inside and then closing the door, and the Australian advertising standards authority considered it to be in bad taste because it promoted fridges as a child’s hiding place.
    Well so what?
    The man holding the child was none other than Clarke Gayford, Jacinda Adern’s partner – that’s why it was so important.
    Would Stuff have even bothered to run this if it had been some other person?
    Of course they wouldn’t.
    But they couldn’t resist the urge to do the nudge nudge wink wink insinuation on Jacinda via Clarke, even though both he and the child (who WASN’T their daughter) were working as actors and it was totally nothing to do with Jacinda.
    If this is the high calibration of journalism that Stuff is proud of, then we REALLY ought to be worried about the future of journalism.

    • I looked this up to see what you were talking about. Here is the link –

      And I agree the advert should be withdrawn and changed as it gives a good message. Just silly creatives for putting that fridge piece in. It was a clever idea but dears you have to remember that outside your bubble, there is real life happening. Try and be aware of it will you please. And grow up, take notice of what sort of problems are out there, and dangers, and lovely little kids and adventurous bigger ones. Years ago a young boy had heard the story of a man who hanged himself and wondered what it would be like; he was curious. He made the loop and put up the rope and stood on a stool which fell over. It only takes a second for something to fall over, and that little time was the death of him. Be thoughtful and kind to each other. And please consider and respect our PM and family and their important status and responsibilities when you have your next bright idea.

      I think that ‘stuff’ would have been responsible enough to run this item even if it didn’t have our PM’s stalwart partner in it. It was both an important safety point, and newsworthy in itself.

  2. From my book of insulting quotations: On The English.
    The English instinctively admire any man who has no talent and is modest about it.
    James Agate, British theatre critic, Ego, 1935-48

    Sheep with a nasty side. Cyril Connolly, quoted by Gavin Ewart in Quarto, 1980

    The English think that incompetence is the same thing as sincerity.
    Quentin Crisp, British writer, in the New York Times, 1977

    (And smart-alec over-burdened with wit – about New Zealand,)
    Clement Freud, British writer, when asked if he liked the country
    “I find it hard to say, because when I was there it seemed to be shut.”

  3. Trivia – A new piece of information to include in your next quiz night – I would rate it 9/10 for rarity.
    The Shiltron formation in battles –
    A schiltron (also spelled sheltron, sceld-trome, schiltrom, or shiltron) is a compact body of troops forming a battle array, shield wall or phalanx. The term is most often associated with Scottish pike formations during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. Schiltron – Wikipedia

    Might come in useful this century. In the meantime I suggest take an interest in medieval fighting.
    See Bludgeon –

  4. OMG. Sigh. Please treat this man well, he meant well, he is concerned about wellness at every level!
    Doctor who raised concerns over PPE shortage admitted to mental hospital
    On 3 April, Dr Rao, who works at a government hospital, told media that doctors weren’t being given adequate protective gowns and masks.
    He said he had just been asked to leave a meeting with officials where he had raised these concerns.
    “We are told to use the same mask for 15 days before asking for a fresh mask. How can we treat patients risking our lives?” he asked local television reporters in a clip that soon went viral.

    The government ordered an inquiry, but also suspended Dr Rao. By going public instead of filing a formal complaint, officials said, he had damaged the morale of other health care workers.

    What PM Modhi says – Apr.26/20

  5. Today we now ask Government for service on ‘rail’ as a safe traveling service needed as a result of a lack of these services since Covid 19 virus has arrived in NZ.
    CEAC Supports Forest & Bird’s Complaint Showing MBIE Lack Of Democracy.
    Friday, 22 May 2020, 2:13 pm
    Press Release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre
    CEAC voiced complaints of ‘MBIE secrecy and their lack of democracy’ since 2014 after CEAC was ‘locked out’ of ‘inclusion in planning for a transport study’ designed to restore rail to Gisborne.
    Minister of Transport Steven Joyce “redirected the funding” in 2011 of most of the Gisborne rail maintenance for Auckland rail causing washouts of our rail during rain storms and closure in May 2012.
    CEAC is encouraged by Forest and Bird raising the issue about the lack of democracy in this “Steven Joyce” inspired mega agency MBIE, which was termed at the time as “The Ministry of Everything”.
    CEAC supports Forest and Bird as we are concerned that these ‘Mega agencies’ that National’s Minister Joyce planned are too large and unwieldy and are clearly losing control of serious issues that the public raises today.
    Steven Joyce was rewarded then around 2011-12 by his Government and was then called “The Minster of Everything”.
    We are yet to learn from our mistakes- here is another example; so we strongly urge Government -get these oversized agencies like NZTA and MBIE broken down to manageable operations again as they were the past to help save the ‘health and wellbeing’ of our environment and citizens.


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