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    This is Australian politics and male hegemony unmasked. And even if the PM was male, and so there wasn’t the deep sexism apparent, there is still a fixed anti-NZ idea in the minds of Australian politicians.

    We should keep this in mind and think on how we manage this close neighbour; in a very wary manner. Just because it suits the wealthy to have easy access between the two countries, and perhaps a home in each one, it doesn’t mean that the proximity means satisfactory integration. Pick and choose. Note that police here and there run joint projects already. We are not a state, try to make our own way, but being self-reliant in most things will be better for our citizens than being regarded as an easy bet.

  2. Meanwhile the UK’s vegetables are rotting in the fields as there are no foreign workers to pick them.
    “We are desperately short of people to pick our fruit and vegetables. The UK has always, I’m afraid to say, relied on cheap labour from eastern Europe.
    “They work harder for lower wages, they’re better at it and we British are not too keen to be out doing back breaking work in Lincolnshire pulling cabbages out of the ground.”
    To rally the nation Prince Charles has called for a ‘Pick for Britain’ effort, echoing the ‘Dig for Britain’ slogan of World War II
    “Apparently quite a few people have signed up to find out about it, but once they see how hard the work is, and how hard the conditions are and how low the pay is, they tend to melt into the background and we’re missing the Romanians and Bulgarians very much..

    The rich are key tappers and technocats. The poor don’t like to dirt close up, and are thinking of joining the Monty Python Anarchist group if they have to toil in all weathers for peanuts. This applies to all countries who are talking austerity to the many while benefitting themselves as people fitting the role of the elegant wealthy.

    Raise the wages you mopheads like Boorish Johnson. This is work real people do, not just rant and shout about theoretical numbers in a chamber like a refitted Bedlam (thinking of when shares are whooping high and low).


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