Political Caption Competition


TODD: “I even wrote a book as a 10-year-old that saw me elected vice president, become president upon the very unfortunate death of the then-president and then go on to serve 13 consecutive terms.”

SIMON: “Who the fuck are you champ? Oh, you’re one of my MPs. Don’t tell that weird little story where you usurp the democratic process, snake your way into leadership and then just rule like an autocratic king until you die. It creeps people out dick.”


  1. You idiot Todd!
    Oi said: “Party minion? How’s a lifetime as a mindless hack!?”
    Not: “In my opinion now’s time to knife my spineless back!”

  2. Townie versus Countree. Put on your gloves you slimy little townie in your suit, you’re dealing with a Swanndri-*type he-man practical, pragmatic farmer here who will bulldoze over everyone opposing so quickly no squeaks will ever reach the Press and the Peeps.

    * Swanndri – Swanndri has been outsourcing its production to China since 2005. While the packaging and postage reinforces the NZ connection, the labelling says “Final construction in China to Swanndri NZ standards”, thus the manufacturer no longer qualifies for Buy NZ Made.


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