New Zealand government silent on deals with Israel


Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa is accusing the New Zealand government of developing a back-door policy entanglement with the State of Israel.

PSNA says it only discovered that New Zealand had actually signed a Technical, Innovation, Research and Development Agreement with Israel through a Facebook post by the Israeli Embassy.

National Chair, John Minto, says New Zealand Minister, Megan Woods signed the Agreement on 5 March, but kept it totally quiet at the time.

“Normally a major bilateral deal would involve photo opportunities at Parliament and press releases.  On this occasion, with the Israelis, nothing.”

John Minto says he concludes that the government is embarrassed about an increasing set of agreements with Israel.

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“They know that they shouldn’t be doing deals when Israel is poised to illegally annex major parts of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”

“They know they should be breaking off agreements with Israel at this time – not signing new ones.”

John Minto says the previous government delayed signing the New Zealand-Israel Film Coproduction Agreement until 2015, because it thought that signing the Agreement while Israel was attacking Gaza the previous year was ‘not a good look.’

“The current government has never criticised Israeli actions.  Not even in 2018 when Israeli snipers were gunning down unarmed Palestinian protesters through the Israeli blockade fence around Gaza.  And now not when the Israeli government is ready to steal more Palestinian land.”

Respect for international law and the most basic human rights demands New Zealand suspend all bi-lateral agreements with Israel until the threat of annexation is lifted.


  1. Israel develops numerous products/inventions that help mankind….now when was the last time an Islamic nation was leading the world in developing leading edge technology that helps everyone?
    Islam stopped being ‘innotive’ and world leading centuries ago and let their religion take over from the science and arts and culture!

    • If you were truly being sincer you would know the last time Islam made genuine contributions to science and the humanities was just before Israelis started denying that they coveted dearly Islamic land.

    • You only need to read the death list from the Christchurch mosque’s to see that Islamic people make valuable contributions to society. While putting religious powers in charge of civil government is a human rights disaster the dark ages told us that so there is nothing new to learn there.
      What Israel is doing to the Palestinians & the way they keep violating previous agreements is wrong & should not be ignored just because some people make money from doing business with them.

    • what’s your bs comment got to do with the facts that the Israeli govt is committing genocide against the Palestinians and its apartheid you know apartheid aye, like what happened in Sth Africa denying people of another race their civil rights? who gives a fuck about Israel products when they are murdering people and stealing their land. Fuck what planet do some of you people live on??

  2. I think you mean innovative’
    And, would you like to be specific about these Israeli products? They still do not excuse what the fascist Israeli state is doing to the Palestinians. Or our own government turning a blind eye.

  3. Very disturbing news John. Thanks for exposing it.
    Oh how I wish it weren’t true!

    But what can we do?
    Paid advertising in newspapers might be the only outlet.

    As for IM RIGHT ‘s remarks , Israel leads the world in its development of techniques & weapons for oppression , including drones, battle-tested on Gazans and other Palestinians.
    Israeli police even training America police..already over ‘militarized’ ! (exposed by Jewish Voice for Peace)
    New Zealand should be openly opposing, not quietly supporting, such a cruel inhumane regime.
    The Palestinians don’t call for an ‘Islamic’ state..some Palestinians are religious..some are Christian or Muslim..some are secular. Palestinians want to live..want a world of justice , of freedom for all of humanity.

    • “The Palestinians don’t call for an ‘Islamic’ state..some Palestinians are religious..some are Christian or Muslim..some are secular. Palestinians want to live..want a world of justice , of freedom for all of humanity”
      Then why did they vote for Hezbollah and Hamas to run the region? Both Islamic terrorist organisations and Hezbollah, funded by Iran, who have a mandate to wipe Israel off the map…yes, what a fantastic way to show the world you want peace, and freedom/justice PFFT!
      Do you really think Iran listens to the people of Palestine’s needs/wants? There is just one goal/reason for Hezbollah being there and that is to be closer to Israel and fire hundreds of, Iranian paid for, rockets at them a month. the Palestinian people are ‘useful idiots’ when it comes to Iranian propaganda and Hezbollah attacks.

        • @ im right and gaby are good examples of those who should be monitored very closely while taking what they say with a grain of salt.
          Liars putting a logical fallacy spin on their dangerous and covert agendas is nothing new.
          While there are those few who worry about Chinese infiltration and interference in our politics it’ll be the psychopathic zionists who will, if given half a chance, be the ones driving us AO/NZ’ers off our Islands.
          We AO/NZ’ers should be very, very concerned.
          And megan woods should be sacked immediately and a by-election should be called for.
          The fact that, that won’t happen could be an indication of how far into our politics the zionists may have infected us.
          I’m starting to get an understanding of why our government is allowing foreign banksters to take $6 billion dollars out of our economy in net profits annually while allowing our domestic real estate ‘values’ to be jacked up artificially.
          Is it because our government is all bought and paid for? Is the mortgages we pay simply rent to our new owners?
          A $2 million dollar house in, say, Ponsonby isn’t home ownership… it’s enslavement and that, by and of itself, should be an example of just how independent we no longer are.
          megan woods wouldn’t have acted alone either. Who/what are her alliances here and abroad? Who’s pulling her strings? Who’s lining her pockets?
          ( Aside from the obvious murderous, war criminal israeli’s of course )
          When one adds the word ‘secret’ to the word ‘politician’ the gloves can come off as far as I’m concerned.

      • To be perfectly honest with I would be worried about all that to if America was spread so thin it couldn’t protect my own squad goals over other people’s land.

      • IM
        Either you are a troll for Zionists or misguided as to what matters.
        People can vote for who they like .
        Isreal votes for a man who openly states intention to steal more land in spite of many UN resolutions condemning what Isreal has bone since Nakba.

        “Mowing the Lawns” = genocide
        It is the Zionist who have attacked the Palestinians not the other way around.
        Megan Woods will carry the shame of her stupidity.

        What is the source of pressure on the Govt to do this. Business NZ, The shameless Jewish Council or the USA

      • Are you a total idiot? That doesnt need answering. Israel invades Lebanon in the 1980s supported by the USA. No one bats an eyelid in the West. Israel commits war crimes on other peoples territories. It is Hezbollah that learns how to fight for their lives and eventually forces the invading Israeli army to retreat with their tail firmly covering their exposed butts. And then you wonder why Hezbollah has such mana amongst the oppressed people of that region?!? That can only be because you are a complete dickhead!! Israeli snipers target kids!! Hezbollah gives hope that these cowards can be persuaded to cease and desist. All occupied people have the right to use force against the occupier in international law dickhead. Even when lapdog nations designate them terrorists. Think ANC.

  4. Shocking.

    Although it is hardly a surprise that NZ’s human rights opinions are now surpassed by bovine, trade deals that tend to help other nations right wing/totalitarian/big business politics while subjugating the locals human rights (in both countries).

    Wake up wokies!

    While you are trying to get more of the world’s exploiters into NZ to take over Israeli style, take a minute to consider what the end result for yourself is going to be, once there are more exploiters in a nation to vote policy that suits them, they find the locals an inconvenience?

  5. Israel gives all its citizens a vote including 1.5 million Arabs, and there are Arab members of the Knesset. So in fact Israel is NOT an apartheid state, it is a liberal democracy. Unlike Gaza and the West Bank who haven’t had elections in decades.

    So what are the parallels with South Africa?

    1/ There is terrorist insurgency along their borders

    2/ There is a radical, leftist element in the West urging their destruction. I urge these people to go visit the corrupt, inept shambles that is South Africa today and reconsider.

    • You kind of cancel out your opinions there. So apartheid sa is better than what they have now and by extension apartheid Israel will be better that what would replace it?!? There is indeed terrorism insurgency conducted along the borders by Israeli snipes maiming and killing unarmed Paestinians.
      When the Palestinians do have elections they are only “allowed” to vote according to the dictates of the West.

      ” US President George W Bush said the poll was a “wake-up call” for the Palestian leadership, but he hoped Mr Abbas would stay in power.

      He said the US would not deal with Hamas unless it renounced its call to destroy Israel.

      Hamas is an aware and mature movement… open to the international arena
      Hamas official Ismail Haniya

      But Hamas co-founder Mahmoud Zahhar refused to renounce violence.

      “We are not playing terrorism or violence. We are under occupation,” he told BBC World TV.

      “The Israelis are continuing their aggression against our people, killing, detention, demolition and in order to stop these processes, we run effective self defence by all means, including using guns.” ”
      Including guns is the correct approach for repelling invaders bent on genocide and is sanctioned under international law. If the Israelis dont like it the solution is simple. Remove all illegal settlements and blockades of Palestinian people and territory.

  6. I’m buggered if I can understand why people feed the hasbara trolls. They always lie & never engage with whatever issue is under discussion. They only serve to poison minds with their racist zionist ideology by avoiding issues at hand whilst spread truckloads of BS about irrelevancies, trying to appear reasonable in the face of Palestinian people of all faiths being subjected to murder rape, pillage and theft as a continuous zionist driven policy since 1947.
    They call other who oppose their inhumane actions “terrorists” while never acknowledging the bombing of the King David hotel which caused the death of UK servicemen and civilians – insult to injury, the leader of that attack was later made Prime Minister of Israel.
    Nor the deliberate attack on an amerikan communications vessel USS Liberty resulting in the death of many US Servicemen. Insult there was the attempt to blackmail then President Johnson with the usual zionist smear, smear that he was an anti-semite simply because he pointed out the egregious nature of this attack on an unarmed US Navy vessel to Newsweek magazine. No truth no honour, that is apartheid israel, aka occupied Palestine.
    Lying propagandists should never be fed.

  7. John’s headline could have been “New Zealand government and New Zealand media silent on deals with Israel”


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