BREAKING: TVNZ POLL Labour – 6.30pm Livestream hot take on TDB


Shocker on the rocker – TVNZ Poll

Labour – 59%

National – 29%

Green – 4.7%

NZF – 3%

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ACT – 2%


TOP – 1%

Join Right wing commentator and Fairfax columnist Damien Grant and Daily Blog Editor Martyn Bradbury from Damien’s Libertarian compound live at 6.30pm tonight for hot takes on the TVNZ Poll and what its ramifications will be for the Election.

Watch live on The Daily Blog or Waterstones Facebook Page.


  1. Two in a row!
    There goes the excuse of it “just being a rogue poll”.
    Mike Hosking must be throwing up by now.
    Reckon that’s curtains for Simon.

  2. One more! Then we’ll know that they’re rigged! 😉

    I guess it looks like a National, Labour Coalition Government come September 2020!

  3. With all the influence(and of course effluence that goes with it)that the NZ National Party has over the main stream NZ media I am sure very soon National will wheel out its Number One Supporter Mike Hosking to write his usual rubbish in the tabloid NZ Herald about how bad the Coalition government has handled COVID-19.
    National are coming across as crashing in a train-wreck because of the temper tantrums of its current leader and deputy leader.
    No-one likes sore losers who behave like kids in a school-yard temper tantrum escapade by blaming others like Bridges has done.
    But equally no-one likes MPs who abuse situations like the COVID-19 eg traipsing around the country on the NZ taxpayers expense whilst telling their very electorate to “Stay Home/Save Lives”.
    It does look like Karmic Payback is now hitting National badly and deservedly so.
    But whomever is the new leader after tomorrow night(22.5.20)must know NZers don’t like being treated like trash anymore. The time of the National Party abuse of NZers has ended. Arrogance should NOT HAVE ANY PLACE in politics and self-serving attitudes and actions when it comes to the NZ National Party.

  4. Jacinda only has to worry about her Co party’s. Particularly NZF
    Winston already said with out Simon he would look at National.

    • I dont think the Gen Y,Z and M’s know what to do now that theyve ostracized themselves?

      They got suckered into the Alt Right bs and it killed them off and as usual, the middle class swingers have swapped partners again.


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