6.30pm LIVE tonight – ‘The Waterstone Election 2020 Commentary Podcast – hot take reaction to TVNZ Poll’


At 6pm tonight, TVNZ release their first Poll since the Budget. It follows Newshubs bombshell Poll earlier this week that showed a massive collapse of National with Labour winning a majority.

That Newshub Poll has since sparked a leadership coup within the National Party.

Join Right wing commentator and Fairfax columnist Damien Grant and Daily Blog Editor Martyn Bradbury from Damien’s Libertarian compound live at 6.30pm tonight for hot takes on the TVNZ Poll and what its ramifications will be for the Election.

Watch live on The Daily Blog or Waterstones Facebook Page.


  1. “When the Fourth Labour Government was elected. These changes included more private business models within government, a reduction in universal payments such as child benefits and an increase in targeted benefits, set at low rates and designed to only be a ‘safety net’.

    The goal of this macro-economic restructuring was to create more efficiency. The result was a rise in income inequality, which was indicative of other sweeping changes towards punitive, and profit seeking, policy models within health and welfare”.

    So what has changed?

  2. NZF will always be there as the soft National vote will back them to keep the handbrake on all other parties like ACT wanted to do but never could.

    Great show Bomber keep these podcasts up please.

  3. Good commentary. The overall impression I get is National are buggered. I have felt that since the exodus of Key. Since then Joyce, English, Ryall, Findlayson, Coleman etc have gone. The brains trust left and National were left to pick up the pieces with Bridges, Bennett, Brownlee and Smith. They have no substance. Not only do they require leadership but they need a cleanout. If Bennett is 2 i C then your party is buggered.

  4. I’m looking at the standard, I’m looking at kiwi blog, I’m reading MSM. These bitches are saying the same tired old busted shit they was saying in December. Yknow oh Labour is polling to high! Even at the standard Yknow they’re just falling over themselves to bring Jacinda down and I claim it’s because Jacinda’s leadership makes all these thotties feel inadequate. Yknow ever since Jacinda rose up to labour leader the same old tired busted people was saying the same shit of she to young and yeah bitches, it’s because you’re old. Yknow take a seat, if 59% is to high for you try an asthma pump because we just have to go higher.


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