Waatea News Column: Are Labour looking at a historic win?


The Newshub Political Poll last night is as unprecedented as the pandemic itself.

No one in the MMP era has ever reached 56.5%, it allows for a majority where Labour could form a Government without the Greens or NZ First.

The stunning result, if repeated in the TVNZ Poll, could spell the end of Simon Bridges as Leader of National as a coup against him could be on the cards.

The simple fact is that the people of New Zealand feel that they have been protected and looked after by Jacinda, that her Leadership has made the self-sacrifice of lockdown worth something. That sense of shared sacrifice has created a political loyalty that sees the Prime Minister with 58.5% in the preferred PM stakes.

A majority Government for Labour would be a unique result but it would also bring unique responsibilities. Labour have been able to point to NZ First as a brake peddle on real Māori aspiration and welfare changes if Labour were the majority they couldn’t blame anyone else for a lack of progress.

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This Election could reset NZ.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. “if Labour were the majority they couldn’t blame anyone else for a lack of progress.”

    The lack of progress is because they are incompetent. More so than any Government since Muldoon and the wrecking ball that he took to our economy.
    Whilst you might be able to blame Winnie for MANY things, the total fuck ups that are KiwiBuild, Free Fees, etc are Labour’s alone.
    They have demonstrated precious little ability to convert aspiration into reality.

  2. Yep Jacinda is the gift that keeps on giving, and we need Laour to onour all her pledges she made to us all before the election with three more years.

    It would be wise for her to have NZF and the Greens available as partners if she needs them during the toppling of Simon Bridges next week.

    If Nikki Kaye wins next week to take National to the election, she is a far more ‘likable soul’ than the other probable so far being placed as Todd Mulller is a nasty type as we have seen in past attacks by National MP’s in Parliament.

  3. Martyn.

    Nikki Kaye vs Todd Mulller are the two who have put their hands up, – to place Bridges so we await the vote next week when the coup begins.

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