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  1. Cycling etc on footpaths has had its risks/benefits pulse taken and probably a swab too, and been found to be asympomatic? However people running towards the goal of true value, say the study is flawed because they are wearing blinkers. And they are so right.

    But the study shows results that are equivalent to the way that our country is being run; pick your fine detail to concentrate on and assess that, and that only. And the cynical will look for the money component as being paramount; not good and fair provision for citizens who need to walk and who find peace and pleasure in being able to get around in the open air, at their own pace without danger of hurt or fright, not being living obstacles for cyclists to weave around or jingle warnings at which mean ‘Look out I am coming through so move away’.

    This RNZ story and image is an important example of how decisions and outcomes are monitored and assessed in NZ. Even the letters RNZ are meaningless and worthless like so many things in this country. It’s job is to do with Radio first and foremost, even if the dopes and dupes in gummint and admin drop tele into it. RNZ is not informative, it could be Railways NZ, Ramset NZ or anything. Perhaps it is a sign that we are going to receive a large amount of amorphous news flouncing onto the stage with all the depth and truth of a polished

    In the image a half-naked sweaty runner could be a risk though he is on foot. He isn’t walking and looks a bit mad like all the keep-fit cohort and the cyclists are riding two abreast, so where is there room for an ordinary citizen to walk as we have been doing to get round for millions of years? The answer will cost money that is at present being spent on super highways which keep big business in the best suits, limos, fun machines, houses, and everything their heart desires. Except now for Covid-19 – WAB.

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