Te Ao with MOANA – “Something is seriously wrong with the decision making of Government” Professor Jane Kelsey


Emergency powers need proper scrutiny. We don’t have that here.

Professor Jane Kelsey says its taken a long time for the police and government to regain trust after the Urewera raids.

They’ve recognised that collaboration is the way to go with the checkpoints.

Now we’ve got a sledgehammer that’s tone deaf to the lessons that should have been learnt.

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  1. Yes Jane
    And the “End of Life bill”and voting is another bitter pill to many elders now sick and stricken with Coovid 19 and now may loose their derision to live is cut by a doctors ticking a box, is yet another example of Labour’s loss of human ‘sensitivity”.

  2. As history shows, check points are a very dangerous precedence to set.
    The dawn of a new precedence is the dawn of a new control-normal.
    A new AO/NZ normal is now the spectre of check points.
    Re c-19, our government had to act fast while damning the torpedoes to head off a worst case c-19 scenario, that is true, but since when is our government worried about we, the people? After all. We’ve had child poverty and homelessness to name just two of the many sick abstractions of a wealthy country, for generations.
    Our gubbimint, like the natzo’s are only worried about the money. Our gubbimint hasn’t even started chasing down hideous little roger douglas for fucks sake and as for jonky? That shiny little gristle is still on the loose after wasting our money while fiddling with a vulnerable persons hair at her work place while humiliating her in front of her customers and work mates? How did he get away with that? Harvey Weinstein is in prison while jonky got on with life as a stiff little dick at ANZ? How did he swing that one?
    Is Labour more interested in creating a check-point normal to protect off shore jonky clones seeping into our society and our culture?
    I reckon labour and national are the same thing but different therefore who have we been sold out to?
    400 ‘mericans have 2.9 trillion dollars between them so I guess it could be any one of them.
    “…visualisation of the ultra-rich…”
    I think we AO/NZ’ers need a political reboot because the ones we’ve got can’t be trusted but Christ knows how that could be achieved.
    Here’s an idea… How about compulsory voting? See how full engagement works for the health of our politics?
    We MUST pay tax. We MUST enrol on the electoral role. We MUST pay ACC levies. We MUST pay rates. We MUST register and WOF our motor vehicles. We MUST have licenses to operate vehicles on public roads. We MUST register our dog mates. We MUST have gun licenses. We MUST register births, deaths and marriages but we can please ourselves whether we vote or not which is the very foundations of all of the above.
    What the fuck ? Springs to mind.
    The B grade advertising agency that is neo liberalism knows how important market spread stat’s and spending demographics is in swaying public opinion so they wouldn’t dare allow us to insist people vote to maintain our fragile democracy, a democracy that was free of check points.
    Suddenly OUR wealth might be ours and [they’d] be fucked?
    ( Dear God…? Pop your headphones on and listen? Roger douglas and his minions? Have them die in prison after their court cases ? Please? I don’t ask for much. )

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