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  1. For those who think that hospitals without patients due to the PAL protocols are not busy, this is a valuable peek behind the curtain (which confirms some personal communications I have had with health professionals at the SDHB):

    Should these practical issues have been dealt with already? Probably. But after a decade of Key’s National government’s neglect, Dunedin hospital is happy just to have; operating theatres which don’t leak when it rains, and; access routes to respiratory clinics that aren’t full of asbestos dust.

  2. I am playing CD made to remember Princess Diana.
    The words of this from Shakespeare sonnet18 ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’. Really nice. Good to
    hold in the mind, restful, sweet and a little sad, but healing.
    Could we treasure each other as being special, having something special to be honoured, and in feeling that about others, each of us receiving this approbation would strive to be the person perceived, to be in reality and in heart and soul and strength and integrity, that good person. Wouldn’t it be good! This would not prevent us seeing the person as a whole with faults, but would bring awareness of the whole person.

    A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step – why not start today in your way to be kind and strong. A good positive thing for each of us!

  3. Love this tweet in response to Simon wanting to challenge the legality of Jacinda’s lock-down
    Hayden Donnell
    May 7
    ‘If it turns out Jacinda had illegally kept me alive, I will never forgive her’

  4. This from Keith Rankin from Scoop is something to think about:
    He muses on how money is used and negative interest etc.

    When can we have a discussion on how we can make our own NZ money. This would be only able to be traded between people willing to do so in this country. We would need the Kiwi dollars as our input into internationally acceptable currency. I have been involved in local trading with Green Dollars and learned some of the problems that can arise when there are not set rules of engagement, and differing understandings of what this
    money is and isn’t. The tax dept would not like too much trading in it, it would have the same effect as an underground or black market. But there are different ways of using it, such as people would be issued every month with some and have to spend it within that month. There could be awards for the notes with the highest numbers of users in the month, demonstrating how the money had bolstered the economy. The notes would be coloured differently and not be acceptable after their expiry date, this to keep the local economy going.

    There have been academics that have looked at such a system, but probably they have mostly died out by now, the shocks from neolib have overlaid progressive ideas.

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