Political Caption Competition


Once this image may have shocked, or even amused. Now it’s just another day under Trump.


  1. Can everybody see my signature? Its great, but i can make it better, in fact I going to make it fantastic, the greatest signature that’s ever been created…..believe me
    Trump 2020

  2. `He’s on target so far …. 33 million people have lost their jobs, thats 20% of the US workforce.
    US debt is at $26 trillion.
    All he has to do now is destroy the Military! Which he’s on target to do by turning it into a Protection Racket. Guns for Hire, or R.I.C.O. otherwise known as American Foreign Policy.

    Scorched Earth is C19.

  3. “I can sign my own name, that makes me biggly smart, but alas I’m thirsty, wheres the Janola”

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