Legal botch up embarrassing but anger should be at the wealthy abusing our collective pandemic generosity


The legal botch up by the Government for not having the right legal provisions in place when they announced lockdown is embarrassing but with the consequences of not being locked down equating to the deaths of tens of thousands, New Zealander’s will quickly forgive.

The use of the Public Health Order gave them the legal cover they needed to tidy this up and it is still important that the check and balance to all of this occurs with a review to ensure the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed because you know, we all had our civil rights curtailed and we do kinda need the Government to be on very strong legal grounds when they do that.

Embarrassing but not as politically fatal as Death Cult Capitalist Matthew Hooton is attempting to present it as.

If you want to be angry at something today however, the jaw dropping abuse of our collective good will by rich pricks should make you incandescent with rage…

Coronavirus: Top law firms repay millions in unneeded wage subsidies

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Three of the country’s largest law firms have paid back the millions of dollars they claimed in government wage subsidies.

Coronavirus: US billionaire’s companies claim nearly $1.3m in wage subsidies to pay luxury resorts and winery staff

A United States billionaire’s luxury New Zealand lodges have received more than $1.2 million in wage subsidies to support them through the coronavirus pandemic.

Julian Robertson, who Forbes estimates to be worth US$4.4 billion (NZ$7.3b), claimed wage subsidies for 187 staff employed across four tourism and hospitality businesses he owns.

Failed courier firm accused of pocketing wage subsidy

A courier company that received more than $70,000 from the government wage subsidy scheme allegedly used the money for business expenses instead of paying staff.

Kiwi Transport Services Limited went into receivership on April 17 and Damien Grant at Waterstone Insolvency was appointed as receiver by Ignite Finance. Kiwi Transport operated under contract to New Zealand Post.

Grant said Kiwi Transport Services director Nitin Nand spent the majority of the wage subsidy payout on bills and business expenses, while 10 staff had not received anything.

…our collective generosity with these wage subsidies was to ensure vulnerable workers weren’t dumped onto the street, what we saw was the wealthy and ideologically hypocritical stampede towards money that was never supposed to be used or abused by them…

Coronavirus: Taxpayers’ Union gives up ‘ideological purity’, accepts $60,000 in taxpayer wage subsidies

The Taxpayers’ Union, a group which highlights what it sees as wasteful Government spending and argues for lower taxes, has been granted more than $60,000 in taxpayer money as part of the COVID-19 wage subsidy.

…if you want to be angry at someone today, don’t let it be at a Government rushing law  during an unprecedented national emergency, let the target of your rage be the wealthy and rich who took money from poorer people that they didn’t need.

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  1. Ah, the blatant hypocrisy of the political right.
    Scoff at people who get government benefits, tell them that they the leeches of society because they need government assistance when times are tough.
    And yet.
    The first to queue up for a government financed bailout when their unsustainable personal financial empires turn to custard.
    They are the real leeches of society.

    • It’s not hypocrisy, generally speaking, it’s simply a case of the Govt literally throwing money out without any obvious care or oversite. You’d be total mug not to not dive in and grab a handful. I’m pretty sure a smart lawyer could probably put up a good case that any Company management that didn’t dive on in for some free money was legally negligent in their duties.

      Some leeches are on a benefit, some are employed, some are employers and some are even Govt Ministers and MP’s. To pick on one but not the rest is the work of tribal drones trolling, it is not the work of someone who genuinely wants better for ALL NZers.

      • Hypocrisy confused with morality and ignoring the stated Govt intention which over rides all subsequent detail.
        Pricks we should not excuse nor leave unpunished.

  2. While I think it is enlightening how the government wage subsidy is helping corporate welfare the most, at least those law corporates paid it back.

    Unlike some that prey on the boozy livers, bring in underpaid workers here but some liquor stores were apparently deemed essential services….

    Coronavirus: Wealthy liquor store barons claim $550k Covid-19 wage subsidy

    (Maybe like Talleys who seem to get tiny fines even when decapitating workers, having boiler explosions and have multiple deaths, donate well to all the political parties, not to mention no cameras to report overfishing and by catch levels).

    It is hard to fathom how some liquor and tobacco industries were deemed essential services so clearly a lot of lobbying in government, and also why were socially harmful industries (both to consumers and their own workers allowed to claim the wage subsidy for socially harmful business. Was there that little thought put into the scheme?

  3. Ahh like when the Laborites stole 25% of The unemployment and sickness benefit to Increase their own wages 35 years ago you mean.
    But hey they have given it back for awhile so we should show gratitude to our benevolent Socialist Masters, I dont know about the rest of you but my pitchfork is nice and pointy after sharpening it for so long.
    On another more cheerful note I see Crooked Hillary’s foundation is back under investigation for crimes against children, and General Flynn has been exonerated Today.
    The worm turns slowly

    • And the Deep State is alive and well and now operative in NZ! Neo-liberals still infect and affect our public service. Someone has leaked an email from the PM’s office to Beehive staff following release of the Covid-19 papers. Traitorous rat-bags!

  4. Some of the wealthy and those who spend their lives railing against socialism are complaining about a dog up the road peeing on a lamp post while at the same time they’re shitting on us.

  5. It’ll be interesting to see how Robertson handles timely fraud investigations in the aftermath of C/19. At the moment the Monkeys are all crowded around the Money Puzzle Barrel trying to get their hands in and out without losing any of their own fingers. Let the Name & Shame begin!

  6. I fully agree be angry with exploitative capitalists A-holes, but this is not an excuse for a Govt that prides itself on honesty, kindness, openness and transparency acting the complete opposite. The first class, we expect bad behaviour. The Govt OTOH have prided themselves on values they are not living up to at all.

  7. Yes and Hosking goes into that category. The reality is that even if there were no deaths and our country was running smoothly, he would still moan because we have a Labour government. He is ideology right wing driven. Whether you are right or left leaning, you should be open for debate. Hosking has histrionic disorder so at least has an excuse. Others would just call him a cock, not the useful thing but the thing that just sits there doing nothing and pretty much useless.

    • “Whether you are right or left leaning, you should be open for debate. ”

      Good to know Bert. Funny how many bloggers on here, including commentators can’t actually deal with that simple founding statement of any functioning democracy.
      Lesson for you all there. It’s the LEFT shutting down debate. NOT the RIGHT!

      • Seems like a bit of a stalking going on there Rosco.
        Actually I saw this posted elsewhere and I thought this summed up our response to covid beautifully.

        “I know it’s getting really tough. But how privileged are we in NZ, that we have time to spend discussing court action against the lockdown, or debating every strange attack-line Simon Bridges comes up with.

        Compared to the experience in other countries where they’re watching family & neighbours be buried in mass graves or dumped in the back of refrigerator trucks by forklifts.

        Communities are watching everyone’s grandparents in rest homes get wiped out. There are lockdowns that were put in way too late or lockdowns that are being extended indefinitely because the virus is out of control.

        Sweden, Singapore and parts of the USA tried to stay open for business, even the UK did at first. Now they can’t see an end, to the health and economic damage.

        Australia has jumped back up to 25 cases a day for the last four days, and they have 22x the number of people signing up for unemployment benefits, compared to us, despite only having 5x our population.

        Honestly I feel like we are on some alternate universe at times. I’m sure so many other countries would be desperate to have what we have right now. I can’t imagine how hard it is around the world, it’s overwhelming watching the news.

        Mike Hosking said another tone deaf thing yesterday – “Here, with a death toll laughably small and no new cases, we see as severe a lock down as anywhere. And for what?”

        “It’s what happens when as a politician you haven’t run anything.” He said.

        Does he actually read what he says?

        You don’t have an economy without the health of its people. I really hope we get through this soon, and we will, but don’t pretend our success is an overreaction.

        We could be somewhere really different right now, I think we were all pretty anxious a month ago about how bad it was going to get and I’m so thankful we are heading cautiously in the right direction.

        And 21 lives is still 21 real people’s lives. Even though it’s small. We have a lot to be thankful for but those 21 families will not feel like their loss was laughably small at all.”

        As for you Rosco…
        “Lesson for you all there. It’s the LEFT shutting down debate. NOT the RIGHT!”
        That statement is seriously open for debate, so I thank you. I’ll start by your complete arrogant dismissal of my mental health employment.

        • So on average 100 people die every day in NZ Bert. Where was your empathy for them and their Whanau?
          Your right 21 lives matter to those who knew them and loved them I dont dispute that.
          But I refuse to acquiesce to selective empathy, when it suits a certain political narrative.
          My brothers father in law died in hospital, alone, during this fucking bullshit, as have many others. I have never seen or will see any politician talk about those mortalities in the same patronising language that is served to the nation at a 1 PM press conference.
          Fact. Human born, human die, deal with it its reality.

          • Thank you for reply.
            Fact. Human born,human die, very insightful!
            My empathy is with every person’/whanau, tangata whaiora,whom loses a loved one.
            But you use your own patronising language when I would argue most N.Z’s. wait for the 1pm briefing to know where as a country we stand during this pandemic. Yes a pandemic, not the norm but a pandemic.
            What are your suggestions, do you have any, what is YOUR alternative? I hear a lot of complaints, something sitting on the sidelines is so very easy to do.

            • Hi Bert.
              Like I said Bert its reality, some are mature enough to deal with it, some are not.
              To any government we are a IRD number, to think for a second they care about any of us on an individual basis is delusional, in my opinion.
              But Bert, are you telling me, you actually and truthfully feel for every person who loses a loved one, in NZ perhaps worldwide, everyday, even though you had no idea who they were? I shall anoint you Saint Bert from now on.

              As approximately 17.6 million die every year, just from respiratory illness, 50 million every year, jeez it must be fun in your house at dinner time, fella.
              Just attempt to subdue that uncontrollable adulation for the government, as not everyone is going to agree with what they have done and are lot dont and are pissed off, rightly so, dont attempt to deny them that right,when it affects their families livelihood.
              In answer to your question, yes personally I think they took the wrong action. I would like to know what advice and from who did they base their decision on, which they refuse to release. We do know that one of the major contributors Rodney Jones is a economist based in Hongkong, who predicted only a 2% hit to GDP, he is a fair way off I would say Bert, so I wouldn’t rely on him to balance my wee girls piggy bank.
              Which leads to, what would the governments action be if that model had been presented as 10, 15 20 %?
              Keep up the great work Bert, as I reckon you may busy in your chosen vocation for the foreseeable future.

              • Geez thanks Pedro, lots to digest there. The one thing I can agree on is that not everyone will agree with what they have done and are lot don’t and are pissed off, rightly so. .
                I certainly wont deny anyone a point of view as I had the same view of the appalling governance of 9 years of National particularly given a number of potentially corrupt actions Nationals ministers were involved in. Many people suffered under National which also affected their families livelihood. Corruption is where I draw the line. And yes I do feel empathy for anyone loosing a loved one. Try it, it will make you a better person.

              • Well Pedro, yes people are born and die as a matter of course but having empathy for fellow humans of all ages is not automatic for some.
                Many agree that 7 billion is far too many people for this finite planet but how we reduce population and maintain our empathy for others, seems to be a complex problem, but one we need to find a humane solution to.

                We had Polio in NZ a few decades ago, measles is still rampant although nearly dealt to until the immunity levels fell and then it bounced back. TB was quite prevalent in NZ but measures were taken to treat it and prevent the spread of it.

                Covid19 is another virus but a new one with little known about its long term impact. Apart from lung damage also the circulatory system is affected with various conditions such as clotting and other complications being identified.

                We are dealing with a nasty virus in terms of its infection rate and significant toll on vulnerable folk and others.

                Does NZ care or not. You suggest the govt doesn’t care and that we are just an IRD number.

                Politicians have families and friends too, and need to show those who don’t care and consider lockdown as an inconvenience, that they do their part in caring for the wider society that we all belong to.
                Hence the enforcement on those who ignore the guidelines and potentially put others at risk who are doing what is asked of them.
                If more people cared, and sought to do their bit in caring for others, perhaps the growing inequity in NZ would reverse.
                The Health care budget has not caught up with inflation and we have less public hospital beds per capita than what we had decades ago. We import more Doctors and nurses because we are not training our own in sufficient numbers

                A country like Cuba with only a little more than twice our population and a lower average wage than NZ, trains doctors and nurses with free entry to their 22 universities and has the highest number of doctors per capita globally as well as exporting doctors to many countries in need.

                Lets do something constructive and demand change to evolve a more caring society.
                Empathy for others comes with a personal responsibility, not just hollow words that we hear from some politicians.

                NZ Health knew a long time ago that a pandemic was likely and we have had real warnings with several such as SARS. Ebola and a number of highly contagious flues, but the vehicle for spreading these being air travel, has been kept operating so costing many lives and billions of dollars.

                But NZ has failed to prepare for a pandemic with Health being underfunded..

                At last we have seen a stop put to travel as a right regardless of how it affects others.

                The employment market can be adjusted to suit a more caring and effective society. We need to explore better models but that won’t suit those who are running off shore owned corporations or investor driven employment structures.

                As a result of Covid19 we may well hold higher ground to implement some of the necessary changes as a blueprint for future govt.

                GDP is a very poor measure of a real economy that cares for peoples basic family needs.

          • Pedro;
            I had to respond to this hash comment here; “My brothers father in law died in hospital, alone, during this fucking bullshit, as have many others.”
            The bothers father in law was a senior I take it?

            The only bullshit we hear is the ‘lack of the statistics of the amount of seniors that are dying in greater numbers than any other age bracket during this pandemic’.

            This shows that no-one really cares about the seniors.

            • Hi Cleangreen, nice to hear from you.

              Correct, you’ve been paying attention. Many seniors become invisible citizens to most in society apart from their immediate family even then that’s not always the case.

            • And yes he was a senior who died in hospital alone, unable to be visited by any of his family.

              • Tough shit Pedro. Every country did the same. Blame the fucking Chinese Govt instead of ours.

          • Condolences Pedro.
            Closing down contacts to reduce disease is a no brainer but of course doesn’t suit everone who feels they will be immune to the disease affecting them or their family or friends.

            NZ is well ahead of others in implementing an effective control of covid19.
            Any lesser approach would produce slower results or as we have seen in Sweden, an open ended spread of infection and increasing number of deaths particularly of elderly.
            Herd immunity is unsubstantiated for this virus at this point.

        • My point to you Bert is this:(yes I was making one)
          IF YOU DO WORK in mental health then I suggest you set a better example on this site communicating with others who may have a different point of view on politics, life, whatever.. in general..
          It’s seems a large percentage of you ‘regular’ commentators on here just like to insult & bully people who have NO political bias or membership to any political party.
          So, I can more than play that game IF people so wish to play it.
          I would RATHER though… have a good free civil debate & maybe a laugh at the same time..
          Ive never voted… National, I backed Bernie & then Tulsi in these last two US elections….but it would appear on this site having a different point of view from the “extreme Left” just brings on the Troll brigade.
          This is why the LEFT worldwide is alienating more & more people. You guys fail to see any extreme political view point can be destructive to all of us.

          I will be here till the election giving my god damn point of view whether people like it or not. I trust YOU & others will do the same.
          Maybe some of you could learn to play the ball better & not the man/woman

            • Nice to see your passion Ross, however I’d argue Ada that “beautiful” is a little over the top.

              So given I’m in fact in mental health Ross, are you labeling what I should and shouldn’t be saying, after all am I not allowed an opinion like you? Like you, I will respond with a different viewpoint if I see something I disagree with, however look internally because you may also be missing the fact you are also playing the man.
              I’ll give you an example of why I’m content with the people first approach. For 9 years in mental health/ nursing/ teaching, a National government failed to increase incomes to match inflation through the much vaunted “rockstar economy”. What benefits did every man, woman and child benefit from during the rockstar economy years? We saw increases in suicide, people living in streets, cars etc. So who benefited, please tell me? Someone, somewhere did. And where were, as Pedro pointed out government ministers acting on behalf of the people and peoples lives?
              So while there are people who disagree with the way this pandemic has been handled, I would argue again that the long game will benefit us more than the “want now” brigade.
              And Pedro, the government has tried to minimised the loss of life, are you saying they were wrong to do so?
              Now Ada was that beautiful or not?

          • Second Ada.
            I don’t know what is going on with this blog, to me it all seemed to start with the boomer comments and a bit of boomer tribalism appearing.
            And now the rabid comments appear to be by coming from those most at risk of Covid-19.
            The left is tearing itself apart at exponential rates when there is no greater need or time for rational discourse.
            And stop censoring comments unless they are unnecessarily abusive or inflammatory.

            • “The left is tearing itself apart at exponential rates when there is no greater need or time for rational discourse.”

              Care to elaborate? I’m sure it was Bridges that was under attack from his own party?

          • If you are American you need to just shut up. Why are you going on about Bernie and Gabbie —Blahh Blahh. If this is AI it is really bad. Americans have not a clue about a Parliamentary system. Hey I have an idea- How about New Zealand men reach down between their legs and grab their own balls and discover what they are for? Yeah how about that.

            • Angie Marino

              If you are a New Zealander, you may be better advised to self silence, rather than trying to silence others.

              I don’t know why obscene women are more revolting than obscene men – it’s an interesting conundrum – but your suggesting that men be governed by their testicles is nuts – pun intended.

              Some men do fairly well using those things called brains – the Vienna Boys’ Choir sure as hell couldn’t have carried us all to heaven by “grabbing their own balls”, nor Stanley Aylett have lead the first medical corps into Belsen clutching at his gonads – so hush.

              • Snow.
                I am confused as to what the “hush” is about.
                Both Angie and yourself have explored comments concerning gonads in spite of your remarks about “obscene women” then surely by your own description you risk joining their ranks.
                NZ has a relevant history of socialism through the 1930 – 40s, the remnants of which we enjoy today. The USA seem to retreat from the word “socialism” and few Americans I have met do not have a comfortable relationship with Socialism nor understand what Communism means in spite it being quite a strong movement in the USA at one point.
                The reaction of the monied brigade brought about McCarthyism, a sad moment for many free thinking US citizens. Strong elements of that disease still pervade redneck comment.

                So perhaps what Angie is referring to is the Kiwi does not take to well to US opinion being that which attempt to overide that of a population already colonised by US TV and filling our kids heads with crap that US folk take for granted.

                Bernie is a very meek and mild “socialist ” pushes for simple socialist solution concerning funding of health, education along with modification of other institutions of Govt, but seems to accept many things Kiwis would hold as repugnant. I am disappointed he crumpled under the obvious pressure and corruption offered to him.
                He has lost my limited respect.

                So all opinions appear to be welcome in TDB but Kiwis are normally shy and retiring in politics and Angie may just be encouraging them to speak out using language they will understand. If that is her way so be it.
                Censorship is not invited.

          • Ross do you see it as extreme that some rich countries do not have a free to all health system.

    • bert – “Others would just call him a cock”. False equivalence. Les coqs sont magnifique. Try another c word and let Marama know that her linguistic efforts were not en vane – oops – in vain.

    • Hoskins is a shock jock, he is highly paid to wind people up. Judging by how often he gets mentioned, it seems like multiple times an hour, on TDB alone it proves he is excelling at his job.

      He goes after the Govt, it is an easy target for any shock jock. Sure he could also go after the Nats, he has a few times, but he doesn’t need to as you throw about the same number of barbs at Simon than 30% of NZ does combined. It could easily be a case of your hate ridden comments about Simon are that prolific Hoskins just can’t find a gap in them all to get into for a stab of his own.

  8. Profit driven capitalists, committing fraud during a time of a deadly pandemic, taking public cash they are not entitled to, to enrich themselves, is far worse than government taking action to legally or illegally save lives. It is criminal behaviour, of the worst possible kind!

    • Hows it fraud? EVERY business was encouraged to apply for the sake of their employees. Every single business was FORCED to close illegally, but still expected to have to absorbed business costs with no income…
      Not only that, EVERY business is FORCED to take a 30% hit to even justify the wage subsidy
      That 30% hit may still be coming.
      You don’t own a business do you Mary! Because IF you did you would have an actual clue.

      • Ross, believe me, I do have a clue, having had my own business in the past. It was a small enterprise, which did reasonably well, but despite that fact it still wasn’t easy. It was a hard slog in good times, so it must be a nightmare during this crisis! In this present situation we find ourselves, my sympathy lies with small business owners and workers.

        Fraud in the situation I am referring to, is obtaining money under false pretenses. In one word, dishonesty! Look it up on Google.

    • Labour is the present major party in the coalition govt and the govt holds 52% of Air NZ after private enterprise failing to run it post privatisation of NAC.

    • The tourism “industry” brought in money but at a cost to NZ and its environment.

      It may well be very much reduced tourist number and cost to NZ in the future.

    • Ross the bright side is that the less travel we do and particularly the less air travel we do then the better it is for the planet and our grandkids.

      Its tough both ways but better we look after mother earth and organise accordingly.

  9. Speaking of dodgy and illegal, where we at with Jamie Lee Ross and Bridges dodgy Chinese donations and won’t Maureen Pugh and David Carter be pleased to see the end of Bridges.

      • @ Ada “Yeah, whataboutery…..” Your absence of any profundity of thought, counterbalanced with sloppy grammar, adds a meaningless dimension to an issue which those of us not tucked away safely in back-wood boondocks, are attempting to respond to in a responsible way. Grow up.

        There’s a real world out here, Ada, with major things happening. Not a time for the trivialising of silly minnows in the shallows. Shame on you.

        • Karla,
          I can be as profound as anyone who dribbles out their thoughts on TDB, but all it gets is abuse in return. Your comment is a fine example.

          The regular commenters on TDB are incredibly embittered individuals.

          • @ Ada – Life is beautiful – and more beauty is being revealed in the lockdown – but there are some for whom it is a challenge, and that is something which it behoves us all to try and respect.

            There are some wonderful people out here extending themselves to help others, and should any anywhere be embittered, that is not necessarily something for which they should be condemned, because there but for fortune, go you or I.

          • “I can be as profound as anyone who dribbles out their thoughts on TDB”

            Yes agreed , you certainly can talk dribble as good as anyone.

          • Ada ” The regular commenters on TDB are incredibly embittered individuals.”

            Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why some people may appear to be bitter ?

            Why are you focusing on the singer, not the song ?

            In fact some people here, like Countryboy, offer brilliant comment and analysis of contemporary New Zealand society.

            I would like to see Countryboy published in book form – and not self-funded like some desperate right-wing commentator incredibly embittered because they believe themselves to be an unrecognised genius when they are simply ordinary prejudice and ignorance.

            Countryboy is Barry Crump with a brain and a conscience – he’d be a best seller – but more importantly, like many here, he has grass roots experience of social justice issues which may have by passed you.

            Many have worked in management and/or run their own businesses, and they know that bad things happen to good people, often through no fault of their own, but because of how societal systems are structured.

            I took a case of exploited workers to the Labour Dept and the ERA, which we won, but the dismaying thing for me was not that the workers were ’embittered’, but how readily they accepted their lot and thought that nothing could be done about it, when something could be done, and was.

            I see children living in cars and garages and I don’t get embittered, I get angry. I get angry that some people’s kids can’t play sport because their parents can’t afford the gear and think savaloy water soup is a decent meal.

            When one bread winner can no longer support a family, and two bread winners can barely support a family, then it is time to be asking “Where is the conscience of the rich ?”

  10. Bert I have told you before you are not doing yourself any favour listening to Hoskings . He may run down this government but I do not know anyone in my circle of friends who likes him and he certainly does not speak for any of those that lean towards National. Look forward to some interesting exchange of views over the next 5 months and may the best man or woman in your case win the day. Which ever way it goes I hope it is a decisive win with no input from Winston. We cannot go forward with no true direction.

  11. Its just labours usual half arsed attempts at doing something and leaving it up to ‘Cinders’ to spend a bit of her capital to pass it by everyone on the tv.

    Thats how shallow & dim Labour think we all are. Fuck’m!

    The ‘clusters’ are adding up and theres an election heading their way. They had better get the ‘Cinder Dust’ calculation and budget right …

  12. I’m from the right but you have to be fair. The speed that this Government has had to respond to everything and everybody has been almost overwhelming. Yes they appear to have fucked up but I’m not worrying to much and most won’t. However there are many inconsistencies on how they, the Government are trying to navigate their way through this complicated situation. I will extrapolate if required but the people are not impressed when their neighbour gets better treatment. National would do no better but I fear for a government that can’t satisfy the majority of the population. The lovely smile and plea for kindness has about a week to run. If this coalition can get through this they will be the greatest government I have experienced being 69. But winning the next election isn’t winning, they will have to survive the following three years to be effective.

    • ” I’m from the right but you have to be fair. ”
      Do you now? There are an infinite number of ways to interpret that sentence.
      Heard of the word ‘oxymoron’?
      Let me help you out with it?
      oxymoron |ˌɒksɪˈmɔːrɒn|
      a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g. faith unfaithful kept him falsely true).

      In my reality The Right Wing are cheap boring crooks without class and wear silly ties and when the shit hits the fan they either run like fuck with someone else’s money, any one else’s money, or they, as in your case, feign sincerity while no doubt sharpening the daggers of today for the backs of tomorrow.
      Again, in my version of reality one is either a right wing arsehole OR a human being and this should be of comfort to you @ New View because it’s clear that, as of this moment, you arseholes are winning the race. Albeit a race to extinction. So, well done. Yay. Go you, right wingers.
      But don’t you find it interesting, that when a real and bonafide crisis is occurring, it’s the Left wing that sorts things out? I.e. Bailing out private enterprise with social-ist taxes?
      No matter how clumsy and faltering at the beginning? It’s always the Left’s money, expertise and humanism that saves the day while it’s always the right wing that’s fucked things up with their selfish greed?
      Don’t you find that… fascinating? There must be great conflict going on in your thinky-thinky thing? To know that you’re right… but to know that you’re wrong…

  13. Interesting comment by Sir Roger Douglas in a article in Stuff 5/5/20 said “ There is never one more socialist than a wealthy capitalist in a time of crisis “ !

    • @ MB?
      Are you sure you want to go around quoting the roger?
      The roger creates crisis. That, is what the roger does. The roger IS a crisis. The roger is a criminal. roger should be in prison. The roger is a traitor and an exploitative animal abuser. The roger has lured AO/NZ down into a dungeon and has it trussed up by its wrists and ankles while water-boarding it with his toxic excretions. The roger is neoliberalism incarnate and neoliberalism has derailed AO/NZ and you’re here quoting his pig farmer wisdom?
      There’s an interesting photograph of the roger standing, smiling like a sadistic abuser with a fresh victim only just tied up. Behind him are pens of his pigs with standing room only waiting for a merciful death in a windowless shed.
      I knew people like you existed but I’ve never encountered one before…? A defender and admirer of The roger…? Fascinating…! While I’m no God botherer I feel as if I’m in the presence of a great evil…

        • douglarse, a rich man with a pocket filled by corruption from off shore fellow criminals, while he wore a labour fleece. If there is a hell then he will have a place to rot in.

    • This situation has been going on for years it seems . I am sure other stories like this will crop up as I have said before there will be people signing on at WINZ who are a cut above the normal applicants. There will be people who were business owners and CEO’s who know their way around dealing with the smart arses that work at WINZ as so called public servants. I was forced on the benefit in the 80’s and had a running battle to get my dues and thought then it would be a tough place to deal with if English was your second language or you poorly educated. They did not tell me of any extras I was due and when I sorted it out my benefit increased by nearly $7000 an increase of 25 percent .

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