Political Caption Competition

A WINZ meeting

Green Party AGM


        • Wild Katipo Yet we still need the Greens, even if it’s the historical example of Sue Bradford in our minds, trying so splendidly to curb the violence inflicted upon children, and still vilified by bullying perpetrators determined to keep their brutality legal. A voice crying in the wilderness, but one I will forever admire.

        • They’ve got no concept of research costs. They just publish wacked out ideas with out taking a majority along with them and just keep yelling but the Green Party is great! Turn Labour left! Blah blah blah. They’ve got no concept of or will to use political power in fact green ideology totally rejects the use of power! Just a bunch of dumb arses

  1. I am informed this is from Game of Thrones when the Queen was paraded bare through the town by woke religious puritans.
    So who is going to be paraded after our country’s finances are left bare and unscrutinised because of some mix-up that the supreme authority is supposed to just accept, she’ll be right, it’ll work out okay, sorry about the balls-up.
    “Some of the most expensive decisions ever made by a New Zealand government will receive no scrutiny from its economic watchdog after Cabinet suspended Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA), due to Covid-19.”

    “This was laid bare last week when Parliament passed the wrong tax law by accident, bringing into force a multi-billion dollar loan scheme without so much as a select committee to scrutinise it. ”

    “The Government had intended to pass a different tax law, but a mix up at the Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO) meant a different tax law was tabled and passed through all stages under urgency before the mix up was noticed by financial website interest.co.nz. An urgent Cabinet meeting had to be held to retrospectively approve the bill.”
    Someone’s head needs to roll. Ask the WINZ computer to deal with it, it will act without fear or favour!

  2. “And it would have been one thing, all of these suitors agreed, to have been rejected for a reason, but to be passed over simply because one was, in some vague way, not good enough—that was an unequivocal blow.”

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