CTU makes righteous call on migrant workers 


CTU calls for emergency benefit access for temporary workers

The Council of Trade Unions wants people on temporary working visas who have lost their job to have access to emergency benefits.

Its economist Andrea Black said the government had the power to provide emergency benefits for immigrants who have been made redundant, by activating the provisions in existing legislation.

“The legislative framework for caring for these people already exists. We call on the government to enable this to happen,” Black said.

She says there are a significant number of people on temporary working visas who are unable to leave the country.

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We can’t entice migrant workers here, have them exploited by unscrupulous bosses and then tell them to piss off back home.

That is cruel and nasty.

We should offer an immediate amnesty to all migrant workers in NZ to become permanent residents and make Union membership compulsory for those workers BUT right after that amnesty, we must close all immigration until a vaccine is widely available.

Employers will need to use the existing work force here if they want to expand, this would end the bullshit games of companies claiming no NZer wants to be a burger king manager or booze seller so we need to import those workers.

You either pay proper wages to attract someone to your job or you don’t get an employee.

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  1. Shouldn’t the employers that bought migrants into NZ be responsible for their workers after they deemed the NZ workers too lazy and drugged out to employ in their low wage ponzi’s. After all they benefited from the $50k that the person paid to them and often underpaid them to boot.

    Also the migrant workers lobby (nor unions), don’t seem to be interested in putting their hands in their own pockets to support their own nationals and members, probably because NZ’s favourite migrant increasingly seems to be an exploiter!

    Maybe they could ask Harjit and Sheen Singh to put some cash into give-a-little for the cause. I hear they are doing well, off the backs of NZ boozy livers and underpaid labourers.

    I have said for years NZ is importing in poverty and some of the low wage unions are more collaborators with employers lowering wages and conditions than a watchdog to them. I also said that they should make the employer paid a bond of $50k for every work visas to the NZ government so if the job ‘disappears’ then the bond is used to pay NZ to repatriate the worker back to their home and pay their wages due. Nor should they be allowed to get over love interests and aged parents when they are not full NZ citizens.

    Clearly the bond was needed because the shit has hit the fan, but instead of any self reflection, the unions, seem to be more interested in giving employers a free ride by bringing in scab labour and then dumping the cheap unskilled labour on the state whenever it’s convenient.

    No wonder we can’t afford hospital beds anymore, the money is all going to the middle class rich from Asia paying $50k to get a fake job here and go on NZ welfare and pay off the unions.

    What is the long term prognosis – well hundreds of thousands more on our welfare system, on our social housing register, on our health and education, who should be on their own countries welfare system is clearly going to bankrupt NZ and make things a lot more difficult going forward for NZ’s own poor.

    While the unions are lobbying for more of Asia’s middle class sucking out NZ’s welfare system from their McMansions and bringing more overseas love interests and aged parents over, nobody seems very interested in the growing poverty and hardship in NZ.

    It’s election year, and I don’t think the rest of the country facing hardship are going to be impressed with COL giving away NZ’s future (Bad enough reading the headlines of the exploitative liquor barons with $550,000 NZ hard earned taxes, wage subsidy in their pockets as they build their hideous McMansions https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/121359471/coronavirus-wealthy-liqour-store-barons-claim-550k-covid19-wage-subsidy) when it is very clear they were supposed to be TEMP on the visas, not sucking off NZ’ welfare teat after being jettisoned by another exploitative employer.

    We need to spend welfare on those who need it in NZ not other people’s nationals who can get on give-a-little to get their flight home and go back to their own communities in their own countries!

    NZ’s gentrified woke lefties, are completely out of touch with who needs the help and what a nationality is supposed to provide to it’s citizens!

    NZ is so busy giving welfare to other citizens it seems to leave it’s own under the bus and the results are horrifying going forward for those neglected NZ children as they hit the streets and jails and are abused again and again from our system in NZ that not only fails them, but doesn’t even acknowledge them while spending our taxes on another free Kiwibuild or free years tertiary to another foreign national who has been in NZ a few years!


    Child who has lived in van has message for PM

    Auckland teen was kidnapped and tortured, court hears

    Another sad story of another teenager in care that in stead of being protected and rehabilitated ends up in prison for a decade over a fake rape allegation from another ‘troubled’ youth.

    Something is wrong in NZ and I hope the woke left stop to think about their own children future which is not exactly bright and getting dimmer and dimmer the more NZ imports in poverty and corruption.

    • One could be forgiven that you don’t particularly like certain people at times @ Save NZ.
      Actuallty there are status-seeking, arrogant, opportunist arseholes everywhere – including among our own “NZ” population.
      All those nasty people coming over here taking all our jobs is OUR problem – in terms of policy, enforcement and governance – and that we’ve allowed it to happen.
      The fact that we’ve relied on ‘foreigners’ and foreign labour to wipe our geriatric bums, or pick fruit, or sell liquor, or prop up tertiary institutions and turn them into businesses. No excuse to treat them appallingly, and since we have, not to try and rectify it.
      I recall a comment of yours a while back, to the effect that when “we didn’t have expectations or a sense of entitlement when “we” did/do our big OE”. We did and we do.
      There is a common enemy, and you should know what it is – and its to do with neo-liberalism.

      WE (lil ‘ole yea/nah NuZull that punches above its weight’) have allowed exploitation to occur, NOT just our indigenous, but our immigrants as well. It is hardly the immigrants fault that no-one has been prepared to wipe bums or pick fruit for a pittance, or that certain skills have been allowed to be transferred to them (such as with Kikifruit. Its one thing to pick it or work in a packhouse, quite another when it comes to things like pruning and grafting and sustainability and product development).
      WE did it and allowed it to happen. Its not a question of being woke – in fact quite the opposite. If We’re wanting to be treated and interact with one another decently, it seems a little hypocritical if we expect to treat the “OTHERS” by a different standard – usually just for economic reasons.
      Check out what I said on yesterday’s Open Mike (6ht May) re the 2 Singhs. Arseholes! and both products of what’s been going on over the past 3 or 4 decades. It is not unique to those from the 3rd World. In most cases the from the 3rd World have a better understanding of the effects of colonialism and the past few decades than most of our own population.
      It’s in OUR hands and it doesn’t have to mean shitting on THEM simply because we’ve taken the easy options in neglecting the training and education, health and societal needs of NZers, signed up to the lowest common demoninator and ideaology/religion of the neo-liberal. It’s where we go from here that matters and how we fix it.
      If that makes me “woke” then so be it but it’d be a complete bloody mischaracterisation

      • The trouble is OnceWasTim, “we” did NOT allow this to happen. It just happened right under our noses weather we liked it or not.

        • Well that’d be part of the reason I can no longer vote Labour after a lifetime – even given JA’s efforts. It’s also why I think we’ll probably have to see things get worse before they get better because of Joe Blogg’s antipathy and preparedness to just sit back and watch it all happen. Although there are signs Labour is getting the message – but its taken a pandemic and possibly a realisation certain senior public servants have been bulshitting and pushing back against their ministers (behind their backs).
          There’s still even one firmly ensconced who was responsible for all that demographic profiling shit, and who has just shown ‘its’ (his/her) true colours over visa processing that wasn’t timely enough to allow someone to be with their dying parent.
          Status quo as the emergency legislation may be – at least it’s a concession that INZ (especially under MBIE) is not fit for purpose. It took a while.
          It’s possible however that people might have to start naming names with evidential examples before the political class wake the fuck up – which would be quite sad and Bridges-like

      • OnceWasTim, The point is, NZ arseholes aren’t holed up on mass in India/China/UK telling their bovine governments to give NZ Nationals free money, welfare and citizenship 24/7 so that NZ can send their national’s there to India, China, UK for their entire families be supported cockoo style….

        In addition judging by the constant exploitation stories every day in NZ and through the courts, the types of migrants NZ loves to attract, are exploiter arseholes and worse who keep the exploitation going while the woke cheer them on and generally try to make a few dollars on the side with immigration advisory services.

        • There are apparently close to a million NZers overseas – whether they’ve hooked up with ‘locals’, PR’d or dual passported, or whether it’s some ugly geriatricked dial-a-bride who wants him/her home, or whether they’re just someon on their OE who’s become stuck, and finds themselve trapped without access to a feed.
          And yes, they do moan like hell now that times are tough. Let us leave!, I wanna go “home”! Wha wha – the Peruvians, or the Brazillians or the fucking Scandinavians are doing nothing for us!!!! The Australians are and have been treating us like shit and we’ve paid our taxes and get nothing for it. Get us/me outta here!
          Yes they have a right to expect better – SO does the immigrant who is stuck in NZ, and often brought here under false pretences by a system we should have been managing better
          ‘And that isn’t actually the point anyway.

          • My brother in law is a telecoms engineer – he works for a company that sub-contacts to Chorus – he was NZ trained and has over 40 years experience – the company he works for had to settle for a lower paying contact and his wages where reduced by $20,000 pa – all due to Chorus using cheap unskilled migrant labor contracted through there own proxy company – rort upon rort has been uncovered with this system and still the unions and the government have done nothing to stop it – message to the unions – we pay our subs for you to look after our best interests not migrant workers who knowingly let themselves be exploited with the sole aim of obtaining permanent residency – it is the same in the construction industry – enough – jobs for Kiwis not economic migrants – the companies that brought these people here are responsible for their welfare not the tax payer – if they have no work they leave the country – simple – the visa states temporary and that is what it means

    • By they Way @ savenz, (aside from wondering whether your “Shouldn’t the employers that bought migrants into NZ be responsible for their workers” is a freudian slip), we’re often in agreement.
      But like Fidel Castros and Marcs, and leftie Spinoff spinners and a few politicians both Labour and Green is they campaign and protest the EFFECTS rather than the fucking CAUSE. Uphill.Shit.Push much?

    • …’ Shouldn’t the employers that bought migrants into NZ be responsible for their workers after they deemed the NZ workers too lazy and drugged out to employ in their low wage ponzi’s. After all they benefited from the $50k that the person paid to them and often underpaid them to boot’…


      Good points straight off the bat .

      As usual, savenz.

  2. Exactery!
    You have to ponder where the policy not to provide support came from too.

    Then there’s the question of international students – another area where people are regarded merely as economic units to have as much screwed out of them as possible, and then tipped out as soon as possible in order for the next round.

    Word was getting around anyway prior to Covid that NZ wasn’t nirvana. We have ourselves to blame

    • Not us, … but the neo liberals we allowed.

      And the lies they consistently fed us to cover up their acts of pecuniary gain they bled from us. It is sometimes hard to detect lies until after the fact. Its called hindsight. I view this tragic period as a magnificent opportunity to rectify 35 years of lies, theft and abuse of the NZ public.

  3. Government has already paid out $10.5 billion to more than 420,000 employers through the wage subsidy scheme. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/money/2020/05/coronavirus-top-law-firms-repay-millions-in-unneeded-wage-subsidies.html?fbclid=IwAR2GLkgZC5sDXIQDfwFbwxJl73cl9VuHrsR8RYVNJLheC-sX0JKitlLpIME

    $10.5 billion and just for 12 weeks of wage top ups. Now we are expected to pay years or even a life time of benefits to those who are not NZ citizens on the backs of a clear TEMP permit. How much is that if it’s 10 billion just for a few weeks of wages.

    I’ve worked overseas and NEVER expected the government to give me benefits and citizenship, because I’m not an entitled arsehole with a massive propanda lobby machine behind me.

    It’s absolutely disgusting for unions to even suggest NZ should divert taxes into this murky area of NZ exploitation, that has been expanded by the unions braying for more of it, that is driving poverty across the country for native NZer’s and the unions seem to be another arm of the migrant worker lobby group, not actually operating as a union of old that increases a nations wages and conditions.

    Where is the social housing coming from as well as the hospital beds and welfare payments, because after another 18% year on year expansion of temp permits, the social housing list has expanded even further just like the food banks and hard ship grants, before Covid!

    • save NZ “I’ve worked overseas and NEVER expected the government to give me benefits and citizenship, because I’m not an entitled arsehole with a massive propanda lobby machine behind me. ”

      I’ve worked in a professional capacity overseas – as opposed to being a barmaid, or a broom pusher – and paid taxes, and and received health benefits, not through being a lowlife- as implied by you – nor by having some massive lobby machine- as implied by you. It is simply the way that civilised societies function.

      • Snow White, I also paid taxes overseas and did not have a dead end job as you seem to think, but again that did not entitle me to instant benefits and citizenship and bringing my family over…. in fact when there is a down turn the countries tighten up the visas and stop giving them out and the governments encourage the employers to employ local unemployed people instead… migrant labour is temp labour for the most part and when you go to another country you should respect both it’s government rules and the people who live there, not be an entitled arsehole constantly banging on how you need benefits from others, while saying how invaluable you are.

        • savenz I simply do not know how accurate all your claims about foreign nationals bringing in their relatives are.

          I have one long-term Chinese friend in Auckland who was unable to bring his widowed mother to New Zealand. When she was terminally ill, he and his wife took turns in taking time off work to return to Beijing to care for her, until she finally died. Both, in fact, could have supported her here in New Zealand.

          Contrary to what you constantly suggest, many immigrants make a high value contribution to NZ eg in the nursing and medical professions. My excellent gynecologist is Sri Lankan – working in a teaching hospital – and I have yet to hear him “banging on” about how invaluable his job is: that is self-evident.

          I am about to enrol with a white English GP – colour irrelevant. My dental practice has an Indian woman partner and I think it highly unlikely that she would be turfed out if a white Kiwi dentist were to become available; such is barbaric.

  4. Come on, they are temporary migrants – as in, you know, temporary. It’s not the state’s role to support these people. When their job finishes for whatever reason, they either get another one or go home. That’s how it works in other countries, and it should be the same here. As for overseas students, we have no obligation to provide state support to them.
    It’s time the wokies took their heads out of their arses and realised that our almost totally uncontrolled immigration has massively impacted this country for the worse. Most of these workers are not skilled, have driven down wages, and have placed a huge burden on the state and deprived NZ’ers of real jobs. Oh wait, that’s the whole neoliberal point of it – cheap disposable slave wage workers that you can shove off onto the state to support at the drop of a hat.
    Shame about NZ kids entering the workforce though. And productivity. And the health system. And congestion. And housing…

    • You mean as in they’re temporary migrants (or as some are prone to characterise it as “economic migrants” or “economic refugees”, but Wha Wha Wha Mummy when Australia is being mean to me.
      We should correctly protest the Okker situation, but let’s be consistent – especially when many of those temporary workers have been brought here under false pretences that we shouldn’t have allowed to happen in the first place.
      Ah but that’s different I suppose

  5. I notice they want all immegrants to be forced to join a union this is called feathering your nest. The union seem to spend a lot of time protesting about social issues not related to their members directly. Those union members who die at Pike River did not get much support from their union who allowed them to work in an unsafe mine. At a time when employers are struggling to survive all the union seems to be doing is trying to get more money rather than secure jobs .

    • @Trevor Sennitt, the unions are dong the right wingers jobs for them, by destroying the NZ unions reputations from the inside out, as they want more and more temp workers into NZ and onto the welfare system here.

      Ever work out why China and India don’t have unions? And whats gonna happen when China and Indian nationals are NZ’s biggest workforce here and in government, propped up by NZ taxpayers, as some of our unions and migrant workers lobby groups are aiming for?

      Work it out. Even the most migrant filled areas of Auckland refuse to vote for their own nationals standing in the electorate! The only way they can get them into NZ politics is for them to pay to get in on list MP seats.

      Their own nationals who in some sense of self preservation, don’t want NZ to turn into the country they are escaping from full of corrupt unions, employers and local and central governments, that is why they don’t vote for the Melissa Lee’s and Parmjeet Parmar and Jian Yang’s…

    • …’ Those union members who die at Pike River did not get much support from their union who allowed them to work in an unsafe mine’…


      Fair enough perspective, however one must take into account the hostile anti union approach by the globalist traitor John Key and his odious Dirty Politics cabinet. I seem to remember him pandering to Warner Brothers and using that to lay waste to other union’s via legislation as a pretext, – and justifying and invading a certain German / Finnish man and his family using our Police in an American style operation , – and denying that same German / Finnish person his basic civil rights, – and thus trampling on the civil rights of ALL New Zealanders in the process.

      Kim Dotcom is a champion of civil rights whether we like it or not and should be apologized to and given full citizenship, – and snakes like John Key should be put before a Royal Commission of Inquiry for JUST WHAT HAPPENED and WHO was involved in all of that. If we can afford John Keys out of control immigration settings, then surely we can afford to have him as a resident of HMNZ’S jails,- after of course, – WE HAVE RECOMPENSED OURSELVES AND SUBSIDIZED HIS LONG STAY with his dodgy gains via things like creating tax havens on NZ soil which even the IMF warned him about…

  6. 100% Martyn

    A lot of those migrant workers are PI people who rely on the work to support families back in the islands.

    Does this fit well with Jacinda’s previous virtue signalling / fishing trips to the islands last year?

  7. I’ve got say I agree 100% with you Martyn. Because to do otherwise, is just plain cruel and nasty as you say.

    And we should be thinking of ourselves as above anything else.

    BUT , – after that? – all gloves off regards the neo liberal hangover / leftovers such as unbridled cheap immigrant labour settings pouring in from overseas by the hideous globalist traitor John Key and his (thankfully) defunct government.

  8. New Zealand NEVER needed migrants for jobs.

    Here’s the perfect analogy to drive this point home:
    If your family is struggling to make ends meet,
    is it Virtuous , or RIGHT , to invite guests to come and stay whom you’ll need to provide for at the expense of , and detriment of your own family?
    There can only be one answer.

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