Jacinda destroys Simon Bridges in Parliament & how does the Leader of the Opposition negotiate with a virus?


After destroying Duncan Garner on Monday with this devastating response to Dunc’s death cult capitalism…

“Duncan, do you for a moment question the fact that I do not have concern about the employment of New Zealanders? It’s why we have the wage subsidy, it’s why we put in the small business loan scheme last week, it’s why we worked with the banks on the business guarantee scheme, it’s why we have put through $3 billion of tax changes to get cash flow into business. I am desperately concerned about peoples employment, I’m also desperately concerned about their lives. Our job is to make sure that we do the best thing for both and it just so happens our strategy is focused on both. The sooner we win the fight agains the virus the sooner we get our economy back up and running but I do not want to make hasty decisions that lead to a yo-yoing between levels. So I am going to listen to the evidence and the advice and the data.”

…Jacinda followed that up Tuesday with a beat down on Simon Bridges in the House when he tried to play the same game…

“That member may have the luxury of sitting on that side of the House, not bearing the consequences of a wrong move, but we do not. We have to factor in the livelihoods of every New Zealander,”


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The PM is on fire and is showing a confidence in defending her record that just highlights how hard it will be to defeat her at the election.

Bridges isn’t connecting with his watered down death cult capitalism with his demand for ‘daily’ refection on lowering us to Level 2 because the gestation period of this bloody virus is 14 days! The Leader of the Opposition can’t negotiate with the virus on a day to day basis, we have to wait the full 14 days because that on average is what the virus can incubate for.

Bridges can demand daily reflections to level 2 all he likes, unfortunately for him, the virus (like the majority of NZ), doesn’t listen to the Leader of the National Party.

Jacinda is beating this plague the way she is beating right wing media broadcasters and politicians.

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  1. What it comes down to is that Simon is prepared to gamble with Kiwi lives, and Jacinda isn’t.

  2. It’s 12 to 18 months before we get a vaccine.
    There’s a long way to go yet.
    Bridges gives me no sense that he appreciates how long this will play out.

  3. True Bert,
    Looking at the picture at Simon Bridges he looks like a beaten man already now.,

    “A walking dead man walking” eh?

  4. This kind of zero sum debate is simple politics. In this case Ardern is dealing with right and wrong. The law and particularly Bridges practice of it deals with “winning and losing”. What’s legal is not the point. What’s right is the issue and they are sadly two different things.

  5. Her words have no actual meaning. But thanks to dumbing down of education people dont get it.
    Just a typical leftist Word Salad.
    Ho Ho Ho
    This is all just a game.
    People have NO choice.
    I’ve observer past 4 decades how meaningless “voting” is.

    • Audrey ,its people with your attitude and mind set that make the job more difficult you make no constructive suggestion or observation ,why not?

  6. Hey where did Simon Bridges wakeup from” For goodness sake why Media goons continue to give this free TV time beats me honestly’..Simple Simon is honestly a lost cause’..Goodbye Little man’..And fin yourself another hole to hide in Please”

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