MEDIA WATCH: Jacinda destroys Duncan Garner



Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Jacinda destroyed Duncan Garner on The AM Show this morning.

Death Cult Capitalists have been screaming that the slaves go back to work and have had the audacity of holding up the success of our lockdown as evidence that there was no health threat to the public in the first place.

Duncan tried that line of nonsense with the Prime Minister and she destroyed him…

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“Duncan, do you for a moment question the fact that I do not have concern about the employment of New Zealanders? It’s why we have the wage subsidy, it’s why we put in the small business loan scheme last week, it’s why we worked with the banks on the business guarantee scheme, it’s why we have put through $3 billion of tax changes to get cash flow into business. I am desperately concerned about peoples employment, I’m also desperately concerned about their lives. Our job is to make sure that we do the best thing for both and it just so happens our strategy is focused on both. The sooner we win the fight agains the virus the sooner we get our economy back up and running but I do not want to make hasty decisions that lead to a yo-yoing between levels. So I am going to listen to the evidence and the advice and the data.”


Game. Over. Duncan.

Jacinda is fast becoming unstoppable.

I think the chances of Labour having an outright majority at the election are a real possibility.

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  1. Refreshing to get proper informed replies from a NZ Prime Minister compared to thd last poor excuse of one. I mean, being comfortable with everything, or going away to look into it didn’t inspire much confidence. Especially by the time John had a chance to look into it, he had forgotten what it was anyway.

  2. Duncan of the great intellectuals of our time? Tried to read his last opinion piece and my eyes started hurting. Did this guy pass his school cert English?

    • why would you even try to read Garners articles? You already know the substance of what he writes.
      Sorry, did I say substance?

      • Rodel, I take it you don’t read anything you don’t agree with, or try not to. Thats living with blinkers on or believing what ever someone else that says that happens to be opposite to what you believe is retarded. Like those who come up with the Hosking jokes. I thought that debate between JA and Garner was a draw. He pushed the case for business being expanded with a very low new case level which half the country wants and half doesn’t. Fair enough. JA spouted all the stuff she was doing for business which clearly isn’t enough. Loans for small business is hardly the same as the wage handout which should be going to the employees. It’s a philosophical difference not a right Wrong difference. Too many here sling shit at people like Garner , Obrien and Hosking with added remarks on their intelligence. They are bright, just don’t think like you. I suspect Martyn wrote this article not really thinking it game set and match to JA and the Government. He’s just hoping it is.

  3. And she says it all without smarmy, gotcha, patronising comments, and all the while retains her dignity, composure and values.
    Pity Garner and Richardson cannot perform with even just a little of her style and panache.
    But I won’t hold out any hope for that… it’s way, way beyond them. Ever. Sad.

    • As VV says, Adern speaks ‘…. without smarmy, gotcha, patronising comments, and all the while retains her dignity, composure and values. ‘

      The only time I have ever detected a hint of rancour was when she finished answering one of the opposition leaders inane questions with the words, “It’s quite simple Simon.” On Mallard’s intervention she was forced to withdraw and apologise albeit with tongue in cheek.

      Duncan seems to be obsessed with how fast he can talk and not with the substance of his narrative or his questions unlike Kim Hill whose interviewing technique is deliberate and incisive.
      In his glib word desperation to be a provocateur, and I guess that’s his morning job, he confuses quantity and quality.

      VV refers to Adern’s ’style and panache.’ Couldn’t have described it better myself. The only other thing I’d add is that her narrative invariably includes evidence and facts.

  4. Dunc conveniently forgets that this pandemic is by definition – global. Even if the ports were open, there ain’t no one coming anytime soon.

  5. Shame on you Martyn Bradbury!
    You must be among those who are lying as they breath, in front of the people, even if the evidences are totally different or other wise.
    Actually Mr Bradbury, Garner demolished Arden and this is obviously.
    Hopefully, Garner will come back asking different questions to Arden, such as:
    – Who imposed Arden to borrow money internationally to be able to pay the wage subsidy and at what interest rate?
    – Why Arden accepted to this procedure since the businesses never asked for this subsidy but for keeping the economy alive?
    – Why Arden did not create from the beginning some lock down premises for different levels of quarantine / isolation / treatment, somewhere close to each international airport and NOT proceed to lock down the economy? The fund allocation for these premises would never touch the level of subsidy.
    – Why Arden continue to speak about the second wave of subsidy / loan instead of accepting to open up the economy and contain who ever will be new infected in those Facilities?

    And the questions can go on. It is a fact, Arden is no different from Macron, B Johnson, Giuseppe Conte, Justin Trudeau, etc. Only she has an easier smaller country to destroy.

    • Labour has a history of paying down debt to historically-low levels. Lucky there are record low-interest rates to borrow from during this time.

    • The truth is is that the ad hoc set of corona policy that we’ve seen flying through in the past 4 months should have been implemented years ago. We should have had an extra 1500 hospital beds built in the past 12 years but it was all differed for future generations to mull over. We talk about an extremely complex constellation of taxes that should have been put in years ago and we’ve had tax working group after tax working and hardly any of the regulations get implemented.

      Your John Keys and other right wing commentators and elite spokespeople have there own sets of policies that they would like to see implemented like tax cuts and budget cuts but we have a left wing government and they will always lean towards bailing out the many and not the few. Sorry not sorry.

    • And why is Jacinda Ardern seen around the world as the one person crushing this virus?
      Too hard to ask Dunc?

      • By who? The Guardian? CNN? The Washington Times? Weren’t the same ones that said that female leaders have been the most effective in dealing with Covid 19 (which turned out false)…no, there no agenda there at all. (Sarcasm)

        • Or, I wasn’t here, I was not advised, the information given to me from the civil service was inaccurate and the media did nothing for nine years of National apathy . A donkey could have preformed better than Key.

        • I’ll play your silly little game,from respected US magazine The Atlantic.

          In an article headlined: “New Zealand’s Prime Minister may be the most effective leader on the planet”, the magazine highlights Ardern’s empathetic response to the crisis as a key driver of her popularity and our successful efforts towards eliminating the virus.”

          Now BG, what is your area of expertise to dismiss this, waiting, waiting, waiting?

    • AC
      “Garner demolished Arden and this is obviously.”
      What words are you hanging on for this “obviously” to be apparent.

  6. The only broadcaster that I have heard in this country who has had any intelligent discourse with Jacinda Ardern is Kim Hill. There is to date no one in this country that she cannot eclipse. Jacinda Ardern the student has well surpassed her mentor.

    And the journey has just begun.

  7. National Party and their trolls are very worried.

    For two and a half years they have been spouting off how bad the coalition Government is as they desperately try and sow seeds that the Government will implode and the sky is falling.

    At first, they said the coalition would not last 3 months..they very generously increased that to six months. Then when those adamant claims fell on their arse, they confidently said it would be an early election within a year. As these time markers came and went, they were confronted by the reality. Not only would the Government run the full 3 year electoral cycle, they would likely get at least a second term. Their nightmare had arrived.

    The trolls have hated seeing Ardern’s popularity increase in the same way the rest of us would hate eating a bucket of cold vomit. The recent poll showing National had dropped below 30% was their wake up call. I visit a few blogs and websites and have noticed a considerable increase in very familiar anti Government / Ardern input recently from the usual suspects. TVNZ running consecutive lead stories in their 6pm news bulletin where the Government was painted in a bad light. Only people interviewed were vested interest haters happy to totally exaggerate the flu vaccine situation repeatedly describing it as chaos and farcical disorganization and lying etc. No mention of the actual pandemic we are in, difficulty with sourcing or the record number of flu vaccines already given.

    Tova O’Brien stepped up her very personal crusade against David Clark. The only thing missing was her pitchfork. Duncan Slime Garner slid out demanding his resignation. Stuff run Damien Grant opinion pieces masquerading as lead news stories that are clearly interference on behalf of the National Party. The first was how well qualified Simon Bridges is to tear down Ardern and even advocates disciplinary action against Nick Smith for daring to speak out against Bridges.

    Alongside that is another bucket of shit on behalf of the National Party where they state anyone who disapproves of the absolutely pathetic Tova O’Brien crusade against David Clark and her obvious contempt for Ardern are just “trolls”. Clearly going into bat for O’Brien and attempting to negate any totally justified negative feedback she has been receiving via the truckload.

    Yesterday, they started a crusade against what they describe as a “no show” by tourism minister Kelvin Davis. This is a very capably minister who works very hard behind the scenes. No mention of course of how Pullya Benefit has vanished off the radar. Which Government minister will be next target as the media crusade against the Government ramps up? This is not a water on a stone campaign. It’s a fire hose on a stone.

    We can look forward to much more of the same as vested interest NZ media run their daily campaign against the Government heading into the election.

    National Party supporters have stepped up their hatred and contempt campaign against Ardern. That non stop campaign was on hold during the lockdown as even blind Freddy could see Ardern’s performance as a leader was magnificent. Now, they have crawled out from under their rocks with their hatred of Ardern in full view again. Along with that comes their usual total misrepresentations of reality.

    Now, more than ever, National and their supporters are being confronted by reality. The new tactic is to request an election day delay. They are saying the reason for this delay they seek is the referendums etc but we all know that’s bullshit. National will lose in September. Bridges is viewed by a growing number with total contempt. Ardern is liked and respected. Yes, that’s personality politics which National will hate at this time as their runner in the race is hopeless. They were however very happy win previous elections based on the perception of many that John Key was personable and charming. Turned out to be anything but.

    My message to the Government. If the roles were reversed, National would not delay election day for 5 minutes let alone weeks or months.

    Stay on course and send the latrine rodent party into oblivion. Hopefully, they will come back a half decent party rid of many of their present nauseating MP’s.

    • If anyone needed any more evidence of Bridges agenda and that is one of power, look no further than his ” go to level 2 immediately “,The economy is tanking” mantra.
      At no stage has Bridges spoken about people’s lives. The people are the voters. Do the voters truly believe Bridges has their best interests at heart? Of course not, Bridges has his own interest at heart.
      Perhaps Bridges needs a dose of covid for a reality check, it certainly brought Boris down to earth.

    • I don’t know that Damien Grant would do anything for the National Party, to be honest. Grant seems to be a self-absorbed troll who simply enjoys rarking up lefties because it makes him giggle. His columns are essentially exercises in calculated button-pushing. “What can I say that’s really going to get them going?” He appears to value individual rights above all else, including his individual right to terrorise his neighbours with fireworks… you know, just because he can. He’s not shy about putting the boot into the government, but that’s done out of pure self-interest, not because he’s unswervingly loyal to the Blue Team. That’s more Mike Hosking’s gig. I could be wrong, but that’s the impression I get of the man.

    • Jacinda popularity has nothing to do with wall to wall media attention? Cricky even Scomo is flying popularity for the same reason.

      We’ll see how popular when unemployment is 15% and remember a week is a long in politics.

  8. Poor Duncan, I know him personally but that was a pretty good come back I have to admit.

  9. Not entirely related but is a media watch issue. Another spiteful bit of news from TV3. The UK correspondent reporting on a British minister resigning because he broke lock-down rules by visiting a ‘lover’. Fair enough to report it but the reporter goes on to say “It’s not known if he’s related to David Clark.” Steven Joyce, Farrar, Hoskings and Garner would have relished that.
    Give the quality of such snide gotcha journalism it’s no wonder TV3 is going bankrupt.

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